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Pirate Chain Price Prediction For 2022-30

Pirate Chain

The Pirate Chain has been a thought innovator that vouches for the privatization of transactions. The platform is focused on providing its users with a new way of managing transactions over decentralized platforms while securing their personal information. 

It leverages ARRR data to initiate operations over its ecosystem. If you’re an active investor, we’re sure you must’ve noticed this token making headlines for its collaborations across the crypto industry. Well, chances are that the possibilities of a future might have tempted you to invest in these tokens too. 

In case you did but were confused with the future possibilities of the ARRR token, this is the blog for you! In the following sections, we’ve explored the future possibilities of the token. Let’s get started. 

Pirate Chain (ARRR): At A Glance

Project Name Pirate Chain
Crypto Symbol ARRR
ARRR Market Cap $ 111,257,419
Current Supply 200,000,000
Circulating Supply 193,387,495 ARRR
Current Price (As of July 4th week) $ 0.574553
All-time High Rate $13.03
Official Website

Pirate Chain (ARRR): Overview

Pirate Chain is another one of the thousands of companies that vouches to innovate the crypto industry for the better. Primarily a private-send token, the coin was launched in 2018 with a vision to focus on launching the most decentralized and secured way of transactions.

The Blockchain revolves around a simple concept of privatization where users aren’t provided with an option to go for any other type of transaction. For its operational front, the token operates under a proof protocol under Zk-Snarks or “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge.” This transaction model allows users to maintain complete anonymity during a transaction. However, the two parties participating in a transaction had proof that the transaction or statement was actual without revealing personal data.

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All the addresses utilized by the pirate-themed native token are shielded, providing no third party to access the information like wallet balance or records on previous transactions. Such data is only visible to the user’s wallet. In addition, the ‘asset chain’ formed during the transactions is secured via a delayed proof-of-work algorithm that indexes the Pirate Chain network onto Litecoin and Komodo Blockchains. Therefore, for any hacker to gain access to the Pirate Chain, they must hack these Blockchains successfully.

In addition, Pirate also utilizes Komodo’s dPoW as a safety net, negating over 51% of the attempted attacks on its Blockchain. This implements that the block of transactions is notarized across Bitcoin and Komodo Blockchains. As a result, any attempted Sybil attack against Pirate Chain would result in combined hash rates of Bitcoin, Pirate, and Komodo.

ARRR Token Fundamental Value

ARRR is the crypto token that realizes Pirate Chain’s privacy-based vision into practice. This token’s current cap is 193,392,319 tokens at the time of its listing, with no possible team tokens, ICO, or pre-mining. Furthermore, the token privacy-backed core is often called ‘invisible’ as no metadata is transferred when this token is used for transactions. This way, the token facilitates seamless operations among some major exchanges today. 

However, that’s not all! There’s more than just privatization to the ARRR token. Let’s focus on the fundamental value of the tokens in the following section: 

Quick Resolution Of The Fungibility Issue

ARRR is one of those typical crypto tokens that focuses around providing a seamless and transparent transaction over the Blockchain. The token leverages the elimination of transactions by tagging them with transparent addresses on its Pirate Blockchain. ARRR simplifies Zcash’s “fungibility problem” by fool-proofing private usage. 

Leverages zk-SNARK For No Metadata

The ARRR token has revolutionized the way transactions happen over the Blockchain platform. The token utilizes zk-SNARK technology with its private approach, leaving behind no possible transaction metadata over its Private Chain. Besides, all the outgoing transactions (other than mining and notary transactions) are exchanged with its shielded Sapling addresses that maximize the speed and efficiency of its chain. 

Strong & Acclaimed Privacy Protocol

The ARRR private coin boasts of the different implementation methods it has applied to its token. As per the developers, Private Token uses the most acclaimed and strongest privacy protocols available in the industry. In addition, the Blockchain blocks all the transaction data, including amounts, addresses, and IDs. 

Forked With Komodo Blockchain

ARRR takes a different approach from the traditional trend among privacy coins that launch via a fork from various networks. Instead, the token over Pirate Chain is forked using the Komodo Blockchain, which focuses on empowering Blockchain entrepreneurs. In addition, Pirate Chain further combines the strengths of Zcash and Monero to make it a secure, Proof-of-Work consensus protocol.

Looking at the fundamentals, it’s evident that the ARRR token is very focused on innovating Blockchain with closed transactions. Now that we have an idea of the token’s core fundamentals let’s delve into its history. 

In the following section, we’ll be tracing ARRRs price movement over the years and get a better idea of what the token has to offer for its future. 

ARRR Token Price History & Overview

While the Pirate Chain had launched it’s ARRR token early in 2018, it wasn’t until 22nd May 2019 when CoinMarketCap first listed it on its exchange. At the time of its listing, the ARR token registered a price of $0.09. Following this, the token presented a solid bullish run (a typical scene among newly listed tokens), going all the way up to the $0.3031 mark at the beginning of June 2019.  

However, the run was short-lived as the token again went for a dip, registering its lowest price at the $0.0891 mark around 20th June. Following these were corrections along the run of the ARR token. It was evident that it was entering a bullish phase from here, primarily because of the ongoing government interference with the decentralization concept of the Blockchain. 

The token went ahead with a similar flow throughout June and entered August with a matching entry at $0.08. But things weren’t looking suitable for the token as it continued with a similar run for the latter part of the month, falling to the $0.04 average by the second week. Following this, there was no strong movement from the token, and it settled for the $0.03 mark by the end of August. 

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The following few months also presented a similar trend for the token as it could not move beyond the $0.03 mark. In the next months, we noticed a further downtrend in the price of the ARRR token until it finally closed the year at the $0.02 mark on 31st December 2019.

Following this, the ARRR token had a similar bullish run for the next few months until the end of May. Then, the Pirate Chain started taking a different turn as it announced major collaborations across some premier industries. As a result, the token could finally move ahead of the $0.02 mark and go up to $0.05 on 02nd June 2020. 

However, it wasn’t until 19th August that we finally witnessed a breakthrough for the ARRR coin. Investors of the Pirate Chain noticed a new all-time high at $0.1490, a position that the token was able to manage for the next few months. Interestingly, despite a bullish run around October, the ARRR token registered another all-time high at $0.2022 on 29th November 2020.

So even while the market presented a bullish run for the better parts of 2019-20, ARRR contributed to its investors by hitting price markups of $0.1 and $0.2 for the later years of 2020. But things changed as the market entered a bullish phase in 2021. 

While the token entered the new year at a $0.1978 mark, it was only a matter of time until it skyrocketed to its all-time high in early April 2021. Then, the coin boomed up to $16.62, giving out a booming return to all the early investors of the token. 

Making such an influence on the token were multiple factors. To begin with, the Changelly trading platform listed ARRR and allowed investors to purchase the token with any of its previously listed cryptocurrencies. The Krypto money also noted its privacy coin Monero rallying during that period, making it another potential cause behind the massive surge of the ARRR token. 

Interestingly, the recently boomed price also led to the popularity of its platform. On 23 April, Pirate Chain witnessed a massive surge on its website. However, the run was short-lived as over the following months, the token lost almost 75% of its value before dropping to the $5 mark at the end of June. Stepping into July, things didn’t seem to take a fine turn, too, as the token ended up at the $2 mark in July.

ARRR also noticed a slight rally in its price amidst all the fall over the past few months. The token peaked at $4.61 on 21 August, leading to its fourth halving. In addition, the mining rewards for the token were also reduced from 32 to 16 ARRR per block. 

Overall, the 1st half of 2021 had been a dream run for the ARRR token, especially after it hit the $16 mark. But things took a bearish run after the immense pump, and the token was left trading under $2 by the end of the year before falling below $1 in the new year.

While there was both bull and bear run for the ARRR token, it presented a healthy market for the early investors and was a bit loss-bearing for the entrants who invested after the pump. Overall, the token presented a massive surge of around 10000% for early investors of 2021.

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ARRR Token Price Forecast 

The Pirate Chain has been unique, especially for its particular ‘private approach’ to the nature of the transaction. Since its inception and registration in 2019, the token has had a negative trend. However, post its market performance in early 2020, investors of the token have hopes for another possible boom.  

Therefore, to give you a fair idea of the possibilities for its price, we’ve tried to create a forecast of the project’s future. In the following section, we’ve created two different ARR token profiles based primarily on the Technical and Fundamental aspects. Let’s check it out:

Considering the market run that the token has had in early 2021 and its current market movements for 2022, it’s evident that the coin has lost some potential in terms of its value. The token that marked an overall 10,000% growth in its short run fell to the $1 mark at the beginning of 2022. 

However, that’s not the end of its bullish run! Comparing the current market conditions and the position of the ARRR token, it won’t be wrong to say that we can expect strong movements from the token in the future. But, its current market price is only a fair entry point for investors. 

Any seasoned investor depends on more than just the technical aspect of any budding crypto project. Similarly, we’re sure you can’t overlook the significance of the fundamental view of your investments. After all, it helps you analyze a possible future of the token while calculating future prices

Besides, it’s evident that the price to shoot up if more active collaborations and transactions occur over the Pirate Network. In addition, with ARRR tokens making headlines for offering better services than Monerao, it’s only a matter of time until we witness a better possible future for the token.

Note: Listed above is the ‘speculated’ analysis of the ARRR token. Based on its current and past records, we’ve tried to form an idea of the future market prices for the token. Remember, making 100% accurate calls for any crypto token is nearly impossible. In addition, none of the fundamental or technical predictions suggest a possible future for the tokens. Therefore, these technical analyses’ are only made to give you an idea of whether or not you should proceed with investments in them. Remember, it’s always upon you to make the final decision. 

Now that we have a possible idea of the token’s future. Let’s understand ARRR’s long-term outlook in the price prediction section below.  

ARRR Token Price Prediction

Pirate Chain Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: 14%

After having a huge run for the first half of 2021, the ARRR rallied down to the $1 mark for 2022. The token entered January with a price of $1.06, which went down in the next few weeks before the token ultimately settled around $0.7349 by the end of January. But things were to change for the ARRR token as it was again able to hit the dollar mark on Feb 10, when it registered itself at a spot of $1.54. Following this, the token followed a mostly bullish pattern before closing below a dollar. 

March had been a good month for the Pirate Chain tokens as it benefited from US president Joe Biden’s regulation announcement about cryptos. The news in favor of digital currencies invoked a positive market sentiment, which really worked out for the ARRR token. 

The coin peaked at its new record high for the year at $2.39 on 28 March and continued to keep up with the $2 mark for the remainder of the month. It has since followed a bullish trend until writing in the 4th week of July. 

While the token was a magnum opus for early investors in 2021, it seems to have failed to perform at such a large scale. For most of 2022, the native ARRR privacy coin appears to have been talking a safer route and continues to perform without any massive improvement in its operation.

The Pirate Chain (ARRR) token is the #247 largest crypto with a market cap of $111,839,747. Today, it is traded at $0.57829 USD, marking an increase of 1.82% since 30th July. 

For the remainder of 2022, we’re most optimistic about the run of the token. Considering the price history and market movement, we expect the ARRR token to go mainstream this year. As a result, the token might end up with an average price of $0.94, with its lowest falling to $0.90, while there’s an expected maximum price of $1.03.

Pirate Chain Price Prediction 2023 | Potential ROI: 38%

Things appear positive for the ARRR token for the major parts of 2023. With some time spent in the industry, we expect the Pirate Chain to have introduced new collaborations to its community. In addition, the joint efforts of developers and community investors on the network will increase the tokens’ price. 

As per our research, we expect the token to register a price around the $1.62 mark. However, if the volatility aspects of the market play their part, the predicted average for ARRR would be around $1.37 – 1.42 for 2023.

Pirate Chain Price Prediction 2024 | Potential ROI: 110%

2024 is expected to be a big year for the success of Pirate Chain as by this time, we expect the platform to attract many traders. With its majorly bullish run for this year, we expect the price to revolve around the $2.18 mark.  

However, if there’s some positive news concerning the token, users might also be able to witness the token at $2.42 by 2024. Remember, the price tagline might also vary as we expect another bull trend from the market this year.

Pirate Chain Price Prediction 2025 | Potential ROI: 155%

The year 2025 would be a year of change in the crypto-industry. Besides a global-level acceptance of the crypto tokens, we expect the ARRR token to be the transaction center for almost every level of business. Not to forget, its bullish run over the years might also attract potential investors. 

Overall, there’s a chance that the ARRR token might average around $3.14 by 2025, with it’s maximum going all the way up to $3.71. However, there are equal chances of the market taking a dip after the long bullish run, under which the price might subside to $3.06.

Pirate Chain Price Prediction 2030 | Potential ROI: 1137%

In 2030, we expect the token to have reached its initial all-time high levels! By this year, the ARRR token would be a known investment tool with a possibly large market capitalization. Besides, we also expect the token’s Beenest platform to have upgraded and reached new levels of functionality. 

Overall, all these actions would result in the ARRR token reaching a price tag of around $22.43. In addition, if things go smoothly, the price might also reach a new high of $25.39 by 2030.

Since keeping an idea of all the different prices can be confusing, we’ve curated a table with specific indicators to help you better. First, let’s get an idea of what’s the expected suggestion from the token in the following years: 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 1.03 1.62 2.42 3.71 25.39
Potential ROI 14% 38% 110% 155% 1137%
Type Of Run Bearish Bullish Bullish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Strong Buy  Strong Buy Buy

Considering the price movement for the ARRR token, it’s evident that charting the future of a token is almost impossible. No amount of analysis can help you accurately predict the future of a token. Therefore, the best way is to ensure that you’re investing in the token after extensive research. 

Is Pirate Chain the Best Crypto To Buy Now?

Being an investor in 2022 can be compelling! Given the market conditions, we understand how you want to invest in the ARRR token, especially after it is on its bull run. However, this is where we suggest you wait! The market has bearish sentiment, and the token might fall in the latter half of 2022. 

This is where we suggest you make an entry point as it minimizes risk and the opportunity to generate returns. However, before taking any investment-related move, it’s always a wise move to do your research around the token. Once done, you’re at a better chance of understanding the associated risks. 

Final Verdict

With this, we’ve come to the end of our comprehensive review on the price run for the ARRR token. Looking at the core fundamentals and the current price movements for the token, it will be a profitable investment in the long run. However, since it’s the crypto market, we suggest all investors focus on their research before investing in any token. 


Is the ARRR token a wise investment?

There’s a 50/50 chance! While the fundamentals of the token make it a great investment for the long term, the market is unpredictable. Therefore, ensure that you’ve adequately researched and invested per your expertise.

Will the Pirate Chain token cross the $1 mark?

Yes, the ARRR token can go beyond the $1 mark. However, that won’t happen anytime soon, and we might have to wait for another decade (per the current market movements) to witness such a movement.

Should I invest in ARRR tokens in 2022?

It depends on your style of investment. If you’re a long-term investor, go for it! However, if you’re a day trader, we suggest you do your research.

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