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HODL Token Price Prediction: 2023, 2025, 2030 Forecast

hodl token

The HODL Token is a decentralized Defi platform developed by the Binance community and hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. Earn $BNB just for holding HODL tokens, making it the most ground-breaking mechanism in the BSC ecosystem. Through an expanding network of revenue streams handed out to HODL Token holders, its goal is to be the finest long-term passive income investment in the cryptocurrency industry.

The mission of HODL Token is to ensure that cryptocurrency becomes and remains a mainstream, widely available financial tool. They think the HODL Token community should aid those less fortunate by regularly donating to organizations working to improve their economic standing.

The phenomenal rise of HODL after the token presale finished in May and the token was released on PancakeSwap in June is no fluke.

Though HODL Token has already made significant progress, much more can be done. Additional collaborations, listing on new exchanges, gamification, and creating an NFT marketplace are all priorities for HODL Token over the next several months. Five months ahead of schedule, HODL released its HODL wheel, and they plan to release more games that may be used with and earn more Tokens/BNB in the future. You may win money by taking risks, placing bets, or making predictions about the future value of cryptocurrencies. The developer is expected to release an NFT marketplace based on an “Arts later” concept shortly after.

HODL: Overview

The HODL (HODL) token’s name was inspired by the widespread use of the phrase “HODL” throughout the cryptocurrency industry. The HODL token may be used, and its owners are rewarded with Binance Coin thanks to the Binance Smart Chain.

Regarding Binance Smart Chain DeFi tokens, HODL has been around the longest and offers the biggest rewards. It takes its moniker from a now-famous “HODL” post on the first Bitcoin forum. In a 2013 blog post extolling the virtues of bitcoin keeping, the writer misspelled “hold” while urging investors to never sell their holdings. The term “HODL” has since gained popularity among crypto traders. (And sure, if you had hung onto your tokens, you would have seen tremendous gains, and you still might.)

HODL describes itself as a “yield farming” and “liquidity generation” token. HODL token implements a form of “yield farming,” whereby token holders earn more cryptocurrency through interest payments levied on token sales. Additionally, when sold, a part of the tokens held by investors will be added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, making this token a liquidity-generating token.

While buzzwords like “liquidity generation” and “yield farming” may lure some cryptocurrency investors into buying into HODL, the economics of HODL’s tokenomics are strikingly similar to those of a pyramid scam. The platform rewards the token holders more for keeping their tokens for a longer period.

It’s worth noting that, like SafeMoon, investors will be required to pay capital gains tax on the sale of their HODL tokens. PancakeSwap receives 4% of this tax, while Binance Coin (BNB) token holders receive 4%. The remaining 2% is returned to HODL token holders as a bonus.

SafeMoon’s tokenomics only reward you with SafeMoon tokens. However, HODL tokens may be exchanged for Binance Coin (BNB). Most investors would rather be compensated in BNB than HODL tokens because of BNB’s lower volatility.

HODL Overview
Coin Name HODL
Coin Symbol HODL
USD Price $0.00
Date Released 21-May-21
24h Volume $14,366
Total Supply 729,362,990,000,000

HODL Tokenomics

Tokenomics is the study of the token economy. It involves everything from inventing and maintaining currency to periodically deleting them from circulation. The tokenomics of HODL involve redistributing a fraction of each transaction’s $BNB proceeds to all HODL token holders. The term “BNB pool” refers to this sum of BNB. A percentage of the BNB rewards pool may be yours just for holding $HODL, and the value you receive is tied to the quantity of HODL you hold. Token holders will receive their share of Reflection, equivalent to a negligible share of total transactions, back into their HODL accounts. Each trade contributes a small fraction to the marketing and liquidity pools. A tiny fraction is consumed in the combustion process, resulting in a gradual depletion.

To encourage smaller investors, HODL has created a special pool of rewards for those who hold between 1 million and 2 billion tokens. HODL will automatically reimburse the gas expenses on reward claims. Individuals who invest less money are eligible to get daily compounded returns.

HODL (HODL) History

HODL token is a very new cryptocurrency, just released on May 12 of this year (2021). Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were already well-established would have reduced your risk but investing in new ideas is riskier.

Users who, as the name implies, HODL their tokens in the hopes of receiving periodic payouts in Binance Coin (BNB) have been encouraged to do so. The incentives come from user transaction taxes paid when HODL coins are sold, bought, or transferred. The levy is settled in BNB tokens, and some of the profits are shared among the network’s users.

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The platform allows you to withdraw your daily BNB profits alongside the token. HODL is planning to add gamification and support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its platform shortly. Despite the potential usefulness of these additions, the HODL token’s platform will not support them until the year’s end.

Since the DeFi token’s market worth is still rather small, there is a likely possibility for substantial expansion.

There is no better BNB token for rewards than HODL. To guarantee long-term growth in both price and volume, the HODL token has two-way, auto-triggered buyback mechanisms. Each sale qualifies for the re-investment call function and initiates the token buyback process. The coin uses Fibonacci pools to ensure the long-term viability of the incentive structure. The token was developed with long-term viability in mind, including features like increased reward distribution and market cap stability in the event of a temporary drop in token volume.

CoinMarketCap, Nomics, LunarCRUSH, Blockfolio, BitMart, LBank, Decoin, Poocoin, SafeDEX, and FEGex are all exchanges where you can buy or sell the token now. In addition, HODL Dash, a centralized hub that provides users with complete transparency and insight into their investment and the most recent information about HODL, has been released. CoinGecko, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Crunchbase, and Benzinga are some illustrious media outlets covering the HODL cryptocurrency.

For Retail Investors

When faced with twenty thousand or more cryptocurrency alternatives, knowing where to start is difficult. However, in this article, we have presented the top 10 cryptocurrencies now available for purchase. Furthermore, we have included an in-depth analysis of HODL, explaining why it is a good investment, describing its historical performance, and forecasting its future course.

The HODL coin is not a good investment from a basic point of view. But the token is quite fresh, and the platform will expand with additional features in the next months. The price of the HODL token may rise more if investors start using PancakeSwap as their primary DEX.

HODL may be a good strategy to explore if you are interested in digital currencies. Putting money aside in the currency for the long haul might pay off handsomely. It is expected to reach a new record high within several years.

The HODL price is up 3.71 percent over the past 24 hours, a substantial rise given the coin’s increased trading volume and market size.

HODL is struggling to get acceptance among other cryptocurrency projects. As a percentage of the total, HODL has dropped almost 2.16 percentage points during the past week. Although the currency may have solid underlying support, recent price action suggests it is too risky to be held as an investment for the foreseeable future.

How To Buy & Store HODL 

PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that requires BNB coins to function because it runs on Binance Smart Chain (DEX). You need a Binance account to purchase BNB. Your only option for accessing Binance if your IP address is in the United States is to apply for and utilize

Binance requires users to provide identity proof before creating an account. You’ll need to provide Binance with personal information like your SSN, driver’s license number, and home address.

After getting the green light, you’ll need to buy BNB in whatever quantity you’d want to HODL. Since BNB is PancakeSwap’s s currency pair, you’ll need BNB to buy HODL on the exchange.

As a result of the work of the network’s engineers and the community’s investors, HODL assets will appreciate in value. It follows that the projected price in 2022 is optimistic. Analysts predicted that the highest price for HODL will be $0.00000000 before the end of 2022.

On the other hand, there is substantial faith in the long-term success of HODL. The average price of HODL is forecast to be between $0.0000000 and $0.0000000 in 2022. According to the same motto, the highest possible HODL price in 2022 is between zero cents and zero dollars.

HODL Significant Events

On September 29th, 2021, HODL released HODL Hands, a set of 10,000 NFTs. The firm has made an art pack accessible, which showcases a small fraction of the whole NFT range’s artwork and includes useful details on the many NFTs on offer. In addition, HODL has incorporated a state-of-the-art payment system, which allows users to pay with a credit card to purchase an NFT without needing a wallet to store the NFT.

The business has stated that the NFT sale will be conducted in Ethereum (ETH). Individual customers are not restricted in their ability to purchase NFTs. In any given transaction, however, clients can only purchase a maximum of 20 NFTs. To buy between one and twenty NFTs, customers simply go to the NFT page, link their cryptocurrency wallet to the site, and shop as usual. Each customer will receive a unique NFT selected randomly from a pool of 10,000. Incredibly uncommon NFTs can be purchased by customers, increasing their worth and potential for resale on secondary markets. The NFTs may be purchased in one of five rarity tiers (common, rare, epic, legendary, or mythical).

Since this is HODL’s first foray into the NFT market, the business claims it set out to make artwork that captures the spirit of the HODL coin and its user base. Images from the ‘HODL Hands’ series are said to represent solidarity, power, and defiance in their raw, unrefined depiction of a clenched fist. The company’s signature 10,000 NFT series features a collection of hands and styles chosen to reflect the group and the numerous manifestations of this mindset.

The company stated, “Our objective at HODL token has always been to empower our customers’ financial freedom. We’re trying to make it simple for people to get passive income by giving them the means to invest their money. As soon as we went live on PancakeSwap in May 2021, we had a market valuation of $230,000,000. We knew we were on our way to significantly impact the lives of people who had leaped at the chance to join our community.

With the introduction of HODL Hands, we hope to recreate that boom by providing everyone given a chance to put money into a resource that not only serves as a symbolic reminder of the great strides we made in 2021 but also appreciates over time, providing those who seize these NFTs with real, tangible returns that can transform their lives. The release of HODL Hands is a huge deal for us. On September 29th, 2021, we will take the HODL token to the next level.

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HODL (HODL): Price Prediction for 2023-24 

The crypto market is fueled by volatility. Predicting and maintaining familiarity with today’s pricing is a challenging task. We can confidently say that the price projections for the years above are accurate. Consumers of cryptocurrencies continue to fret over the recent prohibitions and limits imposed on them. In the event of a significant market upswing in 2023, the HODL price might rise over $0.00000000. Investors are likely to hold onto it for the long haul, so its average price in 2023 will be near $0.00000000.

Several factors point to a new era for the cryptocurrency sector. Expectations for HODL’s long-term price increase are high since investors believe the cryptocurrency will continue to get a lot of interest. To sum up the year 2024, we may assume an average price of $0.00000000 and a minimum price of $0.00000000. Forecasts put the highest possible value of this asset somewhere around $0.0000000.

HODL (HODL): Price Prediction for 2025-29

Predicting the future value of your HODL holdings requires some basic analysis. The native token does have several useful industry applications. To sum it all up, the decentralization of the digital economy is ideal. As decentralized applications (DApps) and stable currency mature, the network will provide competitive programmable payment, logistics, and storage choices. If more people decide to put money into HODL, the average price may reach $0.00000001 by 2025. The range of possible values for the final day of 2025 is $0.00000001 to $0.00000001.

In 2025, the value of 1 HODL is forecast to be no less than $0.00000004. For 2025, the HODL price has the potential to reach $0.00000005, with a mean value of $0.00000005.

The price of HODL (HODL) is expected to rise to a level not dissimilar to its previous all-time high by 2026. The median estimate for 2026 is a price of $0.00000001. We estimate that in 2026, the highest price of HODL might reach $0.00000001. It is common for the cryptocurrency market to have a dump following a prolonged bull run.

Many investors might be interested in HODL’s current price range. Therefore, assuming the following conditions are met, HODL can reach $0.00000001 by 2027 with major help from financial institutions. With a predicted average price of $0.00000001 for 2027, it has the potential to outperform the current price trend. The price tag might shift in either direction because there is a chance of another upward trend in the cryptocurrency market until 2027.

In 2028, the price of HODL is expected to increase as more people start using blockchain technology and as collaborations form amongst other major blockchain networks, perhaps bringing the maximum trading price to $0.00000002 by then. If we maintain these ranges, the pricing will be extremely on-trend. A best-case scenario for 2028 would have prices averaging $0.00000002 and peaking at $0.00000002.

There is great potential for HODL, and its number of users and adoption rate might expand with the help of specific collaborations and developments. The market’s focus on HODL investments might drive the price considerably higher. Its highest possible value is $0.00000003 in 2029. If the market drops, HODLers are anticipated to reverse their position somewhat. There is a range of prices for 2029, from $0.00000003 at the low end to $0.00000003 at the high end.

HODL (HODL): Price Prediction for 2030

People will start to perceive HODL as a superior choice, and the coin’s price will surge thanks to the massive support base. Price swings are difficult to forecast, especially whether the market is bullish or negative. The cost of HODL is expected to approach $0.00000004 by 2030. The most we can ask for is 0.00000004 dollars. The average price for those who hold until 2030 is expected to be roughly $0.00000004. Within the boundaries set by the crypto market, we may anticipate a massive swing in price. By 2030, the value of HODL is expected to have dropped to a bare minimum of $0.00000032. From now until 2030, the HODL 2.0 price has the potential to range from $0.00000033 to $0.00000038.


Is HODL a wise investment?

HODL can also be shorthand for the Binance HODL coin, which is used on the exchange's Smart Chain. Users that contribute tokens to a liquidity pool are rewarded in Binance currencies. Numerous cryptocurrency traders have been drawn to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) due to its low costs and fast transactions. The HODL token isn't a particularly solid investment. The coin is still in its infancy but has ambitious aspirations for future development.

What Does It Mean to HODL?

A Bitcoin early adopter accidentally spelled "HOLD" with an extra o in an online post, giving rise to the now-ubiquitous "HODL" culture. However, "HODL" has evolved to imply "hang on for dear life" among cryptocurrency fans. Like buy-and-hold stock investors, crypto HODLers take great delight in "hanging on" to their cryptocurrency holdings through thick and thin.

What is HODL?

The HODL (HODL) token's name was inspired by the widespread use of the phrase "HODL" throughout the cryptocurrency industry. With the Binance Smart Chain, the HODL token can function, and its owners are rewarded with Binance Coin.

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