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Harvest Finance (Farm) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Harvest Finance (FARM)

Harvest Finance is an aggregator platform introduced in September 2020 to help users increase their farming yield. The token FARM powers Harvest Finance.

As the DeFi space expands, yield farming becomes more and more popular. After placing their money in smart contracts, it is the manner that cryptocurrency investors can receive passive income on their investments. For example, one can become a liquidity provider by lending to a DeFi firm that pays interest on the deposits (LP).

Yield farming can offer generous rewards, but there are also some challenges. Yield farmers must utilize increasingly sophisticated tactics for taking profits, shutting off their investments, reinvesting, and other financial operations to obtain the best borrowing costs and cover losses.

70% of Harvest’s revenue is reinvested in agricultural pools to increase productivity. In addition, farmers that staked their FARM tokens into the Incentives pool receive a further 20% as rewards (also denominated in FARM). 

With such excellent prospects, the project looks promising. But is it a suitable investment for your portfolio? Let’s find out in this detailed review.

Harvest Finance (FARM) Token Price: At A Glance

Project Name Harvest Finance
Crypto Symbol FARM
FARM Market Cap $ 35,587,209
Current Supply 690,420
Circulating Supply 680,802
Current Price (As of July 1st week) $42.18
All-time High Rate $5,078.47
Official Website

Harvest Finance (FARM) Token: Overview 

As its name suggests, Harvest Finance is a protocol designed to facilitate yield harvesting from established and emerging DeFi (decentralized finance) systems. Harvest Finance, an automated yield-farming platform, gives consumers access to more than 100 farms where they can invest money. Since its introduction in September 2020, Harvest Finance claims automated farming has saved its 34,654 total subscribers about $211 million in gas costs.

Although the Harvest Finance team has chosen to stay anonymous, their age range may be inferred from the 690,420 FARM tokens that are now available.

Harvest Finance users can earn annual percentage yield (APY) returns based on the specific asset by staking cryptocurrency holdings. For instance, iFARM, a product of Harvest Finance, advertises a 17% APY.

Harvest Finance’s portal offers a sizable selection of assets, including those from the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum networks. According to government statistics, the price-to-earnings ratio is at 52.96%, and there is $206m in total value locked (TVL) across all pools. A recent scan showed a cumulative weekly profit of $106,900 across all pools.

According to a CertiK audit, the coding may be optimized in several places. However, there was just one minor vulnerability found, which the creators said was intended functionality and shouldn’t lead to an exploitable attack vector.

FARM Token Price Fundamental Value

The unique project prospects of the Harvest Finance project make it a budding investment. Currently circulating at a capacity of 672,880.71 FARM, the token is close to its saturation (maximum supply of 690,420 FARM). Considering the token’s performance last week and how it is currently revolving at its maximum potential, it’s evident that the FARM token is a major crypto asset, nearing its full potential. 

However, that’s not all. To give you a better idea of the fundamentals, here’s an overview of the different prospects under the FARM token. 

Updated & Stringent Security Measures

Security is yet another crucial factor for users. Harvest Finance was created from the ground up with security in mind. The protocol uses industry-leading security techniques to prevent user payments from being misplaced or stolen.

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Several independent companies have audited to assure the security of the protocol’s smart contracts. As a result, when utilizing Harvest Finance, users may feel secure knowing that their money is secure.

Right To Vote

Voting on ideas for managing the Harvest Finance network and business operations is available to holders of the governance token FARM. The number of FARM tokens a person holds impacts how much voting power they have. 

Access To Scalability

Scalability is one of the most significant problems that DeFi protocols encounter. There are now high prices and slow speeds due to the Ethereum blockchain’s inability to handle multiple transactions quickly.

Ease Of Liquidity: 

Finally, when users are deciding which DeFi protocols to utilize, liquidity is a crucial consideration. Harvest Finance’s affiliations with significant exchanges like Binance and Huobi Global enable it to provide higher liquidity than competing protocols.

Harvest Finance provides both lenders and borrowers with a variety of feature choices. For example, lenders can choose between three primary categories of risk profiles: safe, balanced, or risky.

Each profile’s interest rates and ROI vary (return-on-investment). However, based on their circumstances, borrowers can choose between 4 different loan terms: 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days.

Overall, FARM tokenomics are pretty simple: holders stake their tokens to earn interest by providing liquidity; as more users of the protocol services use FARM, demand rises, and the price climbs. In addition, a quarter of the FARM tokens are staked into multiple pools, secured via ETHs PoW (Proof-Of-Work) method.

So if you’re interested, now might be the time to make it to the remainder of 3% of the token’s total supply. 

FARM Token Price History & Overview

The FARM token was first listed on September 1, 2020. The token started off the market with great pricing above the $2,000 mark, reaching its all-time high at $2,236.04 right after the following day of its launch. However, the price movement for the token didn’t go like other traditional launches, following a sudden drop right after it was listed. 

The token’s journey was rapid as it moved from the $2,000 mark to a mere $100 in a few days (September 8th, 2020). Following this, the token was able to make its recovery to the $200 mark by the end of the month. 

However, the run was shortlived as investors’ trust in Harvest Finance was seriously damaged by a flash loan attack in October 2020. As a result, the price of the FARM token dropped to about $100 the following month after the project’s launch.

However, the FARM price was able to recover when the Bitcoin bull run picked up steam at the beginning of 2021, reaching as high as $425 at one time in February. After that, the price of Harvest Finance started to lose some momentum, gradually falling to the levels just around $100 before the May market meltdown, then dropping even more and trading at $50 to $60 for the first half of the summer.

The coin declined following a six-month peak of $285 in the last days of 2021, fueled by the continuing crypto winter. As a result, FARM experienced sideways trading following a low of $88.20 on January 22, followed by a steeper rise starting on February 4.

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Into March, the coin traded in a sideways fashion between $90 and $110. Finally, on March 20th, a monthly peak closing price of $114.31 was established. Almost 5% higher than the previous day’s closing, FARM is currently trading at $112.34.

For the FARM bulls, the end of July brought some excellent news: the Harvest token was listed on Coinbase, sometimes seen as a vote of confidence. Then, beginning in August, FARM was trading above $250 more; with the market rising, this might have been a cue for some people to start farming.

By the end of 2023, the FARM price will be between $288 and $320, predicts Walletinvestor. A token can cost as little as $150 or as much as $221 at the end of the year, according to TradingBeasts. The estimated average price for the end of the year, according to the experts at DigitalCoinPrice, is $291.

As of 2021, it was possible to determine that the average price of the FARM token may be $534 at the start of 2025 and drop to $402 by the end of the year.

The highest value ever: $2,236.04 (Sep 02, 2020) lowest price ever: $38.60 (Jun 22, 2021). FARM was traded at $420 per token in September 2020. The cost was then changed to $132. Then it quickly soared to $265 once more. The site was hacked in October 2020, and the cost was reduced to $80.

FARM Token Price Forecast

Harvest Finance has been a project like no other. The native ‘FARM’ token, which serves as the platform’s foundation, opens several possibilities for the platform’s investors. Not to forget, the fundamentals backing the project make it a reliable option among all the possible lists of tokens. 

But is the FARM token worth adding to your portfolio? Let’s find out as we explore more about the project. To help you better, we’ve made an effort to divide the project’s profile into two main components, notably on the technical and fundamental fronts, to provide you with a complete picture of the project. 

Although it is difficult to perform a technical analysis of Harvest Finance cryptocurrency that is 100 percent accurate.

One unique selling point of Harvest Finance compared to other protocols is its use of flash loans, which allow borrowers to take out loans without any collateral instantly. Overall, we believe that FARM has good growth potential and think it could be a wise investment for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

Besides, per the latest news, strategic corporate alliances and seed investments into cryptocurrency initiatives were recently approved and proposed. But on the other hand, the idea of carrying out a token burn was rejected.

Note: Although these are merely projections, keep in mind that with any crypto coin, it is nearly difficult to anticipate outcomes with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, neither the technical nor the fundamental forecasts indicate what will happen in the next few months. 

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Although not entirely accurate, these technical evaluations are meant to help you decide whether to move through with your investments or not. Always keep in mind that you get the last call.

FARM Token Price Prediction 

Currently trading at $52.36 and with a $35,587,209 market value, Harvest Finance is ranked 478 on the list of the most valuable coins. TechNewsLeader Price Index estimates that the 24-hour volume for FARM is $31,538,321. Harvest Finance’s stock worth has decreased by -5.2% over the last 24 hours. FARM’s price has changed 14.25% over the past week. The total number of coins available is 679,706.

Harvest Finance’s value is forecasted to rise in the near term by +31%, from $41.76 to $54.68. The system predicts a +40% increase from $41.76 to $58.65 over the following month, while Harvest Finance predicts prices will reach $84.23 in more than a year. According to the current state of the crypto market, these forecasts frequently alter. Below is the price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Harvest Finance Token Price Prediction 2022 l Potential ROI: 8%

Basic analysis is crucial for making long-term predictions about Harvest Finance pricing. The network offers competitive programmable payment, logistics, and storage choices as DAPPs and stable coins grow. If additional investors are drawn to the concept, the average price of FARM may increase to approximately $66.77 by 2022. The price for 2022 can end the year at a maximum of $74.96 and a minimum of $64.70.

Forecasts for Harvest Finance (FARM) to USD in September 2022. The cost will be roughly $45.95 at the beginning of September 2022. For September 2022, a maximum price of $54.68 and a minimum price of $37.22 are set. For September 2022, the average Harvest Finance cost is $45.95. Harvest Finance’s price prediction for September 2022 is $45.95; this represents a 10% change from September 2021.

Beginning in October 2022, the cost will be about $52.84. For October 2022, a maximum price of $58.65 and a minimum price of $45.97. For October 2022, Harvest Finance will cost, on average, $52.31. Therefore, harvest Finance’s price prediction for October 2022 is $52.84, a 15% change from the previous month.

The cost will be roughly $46.50 USD at the beginning of November 2022. A $54.87 maximum price and a $41.38 minimum price for November 2022. For November 2022, Harvest Finance will cost an average of $48.13. Harvest Finance’s price prediction for November 2022 is $46.50, a -12% drop from the previous month.

Forecasts for Harvest Finance (FARM) to USD in December 2022. The cost will be roughly $51.15 at the beginning of December 2022. For December 2022, a maximum price of $53.71 and a minimum price of $45.01. Therefore, for December 2022, Harvest Finance will cost an average of $49.36. Therefore, the Harvest Finance price projection for December 2022 is $51.15, an increase of 10% from December 2021.

Harvest Finance Token Price Prediction 2023 l Potential ROI: – 52%

Price levels for Harvest Finance (FARM) are predicted to match their prior all-time high by 2023. We could anticipate a price of $98.90 on average by 2023. According to our forecast, Harvest Finance’s highest price in 2023 might reach $115.29 if all goes according to plan. After a protracted bull run, there is a potential that the market will crash, as is normal for the cryptocurrency market.

Harvest Finance Token Price Prediction 2024 l Potential ROI: – 11%

FARM has a lot of promise, and with the right partnerships and advancements, it might gain more users and adoption. The price could increase significantly if investors focus their attention on Harvest Finance. 

By 2024, it can only go up to $166.95. The FARM is expected to veer off course if the market falls significantly. The average price at the end of 2024 might be $145.08, with a minimum price of $141.13 and a maximum price of $166.95.

Harvest Finance Token Price Prediction l 2025 Potential ROI: – 33%

The network developers’ and community investors’ efforts will improve the value of Harvest Finance. The price estimate for 2025 is, therefore, too optimistic. By the end of 2025, analysts anticipated that the price of FARM would rise to its peak level of $244.93. 

On the other hand, it is very hopeful that the future of Harvest Finance will eventually improve. The average price of FARM is expected to range from $202.96 to $208.77 in 2025, depending on the market. The FARM’s maximum price for 2025 ranges from $202.96 to $244.93, as indicated in the same phrase.

Harvest Finance Token Price Prediction 2030 l Potential ROI: 158% 

FARM will be viewed as the superior choice, and thanks to the large harvest finance community, the price will reach new highs. However, price movements might be difficult to predict, especially when the market is more bullish or bearish than ever. 

The cost of Harvest Finance in 2030 will be close to $1,279.62. The most we can be charged is $1,562.95. Harvest Finance’s average price projection for the end of 2030 can be around $1,325.69. 

Considering the different price predictions, chances are that you might now be confused with the multiple numbers. So to help you better, we’ve curated a table that gives you an idea of the price movements and the purchase signals for the FARM token. 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 53.71 115.29 166.95. 208.77 1279.62
Potential ROI 8% -52% -11% -33% 158%
Type Of Run Bullish Bearish Bearish Bearish Bullish
Singal  Buy/Sell Buy Buy Hold Sell

The study above shows that Harvest Finance’s (FARM) estimates are based on current market movements and hope for a positive future market. Overall, several variables will affect the potential growth in the future, including announcements and technological advancements made by the Harvest Finance project. 

Therefore, ensure that the right research backs you before investing in the project. 

Is The FARM Token Worth The Investment Right Now?

With over $1B in value locked, Harvest Finance is a leading DeFi protocol in the Ethereum ecosystem. Because of the high APYs, simple interface, and broad range of supported assets, it is one of the most well-liked yield-farming systems. 

Harvest Finance has established itself as a dependable platform for generating income on one’s cryptocurrency assets, even though yield farming is inevitably risky (especially in terms of liquidity).

Harvest Finance (FARM) currently trades at $41.87 and has a $28,714,113 market value. The cryptocurrency coin Harvest Finance emerged as one of the most discussed in the market last year. Given this, it becomes sensitive to conclude that investing in FARM is prudent. 

This year, the average cost of Harvest Finance (FARM) may be as high as $58.62. However, according to projections, Harvest Finance could surpass $272.16 over the following five years.

Overall, the project looks promising with its price forecast and fundamentals. So if you’re an investor who can hold the token in their portfolios for the next few years, FARM could be a good investment. 

Final Verdict

In the next five years, long-term investment in FARM might see its price rise to $272.16 based on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and Harvest Finance. As with any investment, long-term growth is anticipated if you invest in Harvest Finance right now. Therefore, a price increase to $489.89 for the following ten years is possible.

DeFi is growing in popularity daily as investors and consumers hunt for a return on their idle crypto holdings. It is getting harder and harder to tell which ventures on the market have potential and which are just overhyped because there are so many of them.

The Harvest Finance protocol offers risk management tools to ensure users’ assets are secure and enables users to earn interest on their bitcoin by staking it in a pool. As a result, harvest finance is one of the most well-liked yield farming procedures in the DeFi sector.


Is Harvest Finance a good investment?

Several factors determine whether FARM is a wise investment or not. Based on several technical and quantitative indicators, Harvest Finance's pessimistic outlook for 2022. However, considering the analytics and current market movement, the token looks like a promising investment.

Will Harvest Finance go up to its initial levels?

While Harvest Finance is anticipated to increase, we don’t expect the token to reach its initial levels soon. Additionally, the crypto markets' movement over the years might also affect the token's price. Invest wisely!

How to read and predict Harvest Finance price movements?

According to Harvest Finance traders, the FARM market is expected to move in many directions, employing various tools in their analysis. Both indicators and chart patterns can be used to classify these instruments. We suggest you seek help from professionals.

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