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Golem (GLM) Token Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030


Golem was established in 2016 in Switzerland by Andrzej Regulski and Julian Zawistowski. In April 2018, Golem launched the Brass Golem implementation, which allows Requestors to pay Golem (GLM) for available computing power and Providers to earn GLM by providing computing power. Additionally, the Golem Network will be used to spread the execution of any Blend or LuxRenderer scene in the initial target use case for computer-generated imagery (CGI) rendering.

Flexible tools aid software developers in creating, distributing, and monetizing their products. All these services are offered for a price far lower than that of rivals. The goal of the Golem ecosystem is to make the future of internet blockchain technologies—software innovation, machine learning, and scientific calculation—available and approachable for everyone.

Think GLM is the right token for you? First, let’s figure out this detailed blog that walks you through the price predictions for the token in the coming years.

Golem (GLM) Token Price: At A Glance

Project Name Golem
Crypto Symbol GLM
GLM Market Cap $229,633,973.31
Current Supply 1,000,000,000
Circulating Supply 990,670,000
Current Price (As of July 1st week) 0.2237
All-time High Rate $1.25
Official Website

Golem (GLM) Token Price: Overview

The Golem Network is a decentralized computing network where users can engage in peer-to-peer trading of computational power with other users. Ethereum smart contracts are used in the construction of Golem as the network’s internal transactional framework for nano-payments. The secure medium for all Golem Network transactions will be Golem Network Tokens (GNT).

The company that created the Golem platform, Golem Factory, was launched in 2016 by Andrzej Regulski, Aleksandra Skrzypczak,  Piotr Janiuk, and Julian Zawistowski. The Golem project is based on Ethereum and intends to develop a decentralized network that enables users to pool and share computing resources to build a worldwide supercomputer.

With effect from 19 NOV 2020, the Golem Network Token became an ERC20 token, mainly because the new transaction structure is based on Layer 2 of Ethereum, and this scaling strategy necessitates ERC-20 tokens. A small team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts under Piotr Janiuk developed Golem. They wanted to create a protocol that wouldn’t require proxies and would be censorship-proof so that everyone could access computing power.

Membership to the Golem Networks is granted via the utility token GLM. It is the currency used in peer-to-peer transactions to rent unused digital resources, such as extra processing power. Uniswap, major centralized exchanges, and other exchanges presently provide GLM.

People can hire their equipment for Golem tokens as compensation (GLM). A decentralized market can be used to purchase this extra capacity from those who need resources to finish demanding jobs, such as CGI rendering. Almost everyone can contribute to the network, from a single PC to an entire data center, thanks to the way Golem aggregates resources when doing computing tasks.

For a brand-new cryptocurrency at the time, GNT showed an abrupt run to $1, which was unexpected and an overbought condition. The ecosystem consists of suppliers, requestors, providers, and freelance and employed computer programmers. The GLM native coin of the Golem project was transferred from the GNT.

GLM Token Fundamental Value

The Golem team is establishing a network to exchange resources to give software developers an alternative to centralized cloud services like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. A peer-to-peer market for surplus computer power operates on the network.

In exchange for payment in Golem tokens, customers can rent their equipment (GLM). A decentralized market can be used to purchase this extra capacity from those who need resources to finish demanding jobs, such as CGI rendering. Almost everyone can contribute to the network, from a single PC to an entire data center, thanks to the way Golem aggregates resources when doing computing tasks.

Golem is a global network of top software developers who create software and technological solutions. The availability of computer resources across the platform creates a large market for computing power. Decentralized microservices are offered, as well as asynchronous task execution.

By the end of February, the price of GLM, the peer-to-peer (P2P) coin used by the Golem P2P network for wanting to share digital resources, surged significantly. However, since then, the coin has shown signs of bearishness and has fallen 36% from its high of $0.38. This erratic behavior has no apparent cause, which raises the possibility that bears and bulls are disputing the price of coins for separate reasons.

GLM Token Price History & Overview

The Golem platform’s most recent iteration, which has a new structure, was released in 2020. In November of that same year, its former native crypto, GNT, gradually transitioned to the GLM token. GLM now has a market capitalization of $462 million due to its identical max supply of one billion coins that are all in use.

Golem introduced Thorg in September 2021, a mining application with Layer 2 payment based on the Polygon system. In addition, beta IV of Golem, which supports its updated Polygon main net payment engine, was published on December 8th. 

The statement mentioned that Polygon has several benefits over ZkSync, the prior payment driver. Depending on the gas price, transaction fees on Polygon are 100–200 times lower than those on ZkSync, which charges about one GLM for each transaction. 

While transactions on ZkSync can remain pending for hours, transactions on Polygon are completed after 128 blocks or about five minutes. The cheapest way to leave ZkSync is changing GLM to USDC, although Binance and accept USDC directly from Polygon without requiring a bridge to Ethereum.

The Golem token first went on the market in November 2016 for $0.015 before surging over $0.726 in June 2017. As part of the larger cryptocurrency market rally, the price rose to its all-time high of $1.09 in January 2018. It then fell to $0.194 in April 2018 due to the market crash. Finally, in May 2018, the price rose once more to $0.911, dropping to roughly $0.10 until the conclusion of 2020.

The end of March 2021 saw a price increase of GLM to $0.69 as the markets began to rise again. However, the GLM price declined again after the May market crash, bottoming out on June 22 at $0.167. On November 28, when Layer 2 coins notably mounted significant rallies, the price again reached a high of $0.934, but it was once more unable to hold onto the gains and concluded 2021 at $0.456.

In January 2021, the coin primarily fluctuated between $0.40 and $0.50. It began to decline in February before a surprise surge in trade caused it to rise 113%, before dropping back to $0.49 on March 8. Its price as of today (April 29) is $0.38.

GLM Token Price Forecast

Using the Golem protocol, users can buy and get resources using Ethereum-based money. In addition, the protocol enables network users to share unused processing power on their computers. As a result, Golem established the first international market for unused computing power. 

The Golem team enthusiastically announced the GLM Rewards Program’s March prize recipients. Future Golem applications will undoubtedly be worth watching as they are developed. The token gained 15.41% last month and is in the lead.

To provide you with a complete picture of the project, we have therefore made an effort to divide its profile into two areas, primarily on the technical and fundamental fronts. Check it out, shall we?

Technical Analysis 

Although the present price of the Golem cryptocurrency is somewhat bearish, according to technical analysis and price predictions for GLM, the greater risk of the GLM token does not provide a reliable indicator or confirmation of a price change. 

Therefore, before making a short-term investment, traders and investors can wait for confirmation that the trend is above the resistance level. According to the Golem projection for the near term, it is anticipated to trade sideways for a brief time in the absence of news or support from the cryptocurrency market.

Fundamental Analysis 

The Golem forecasts are slightly positive for 2022. As a result, Golem would be a worthwhile investment to achieve a high of $0.56 at the lowest GLM price point of $0.49. Long-term projections indicate that the Golem could trade for an average of $0.52.

Therefore, this is a fantastic moment to invest in GLM. In addition, the price will increase if more investors and developers continue to perceive the potential of including such a coin in their portfolios.

Note: Please remember that it is tough to anticipate outcomes for any cryptocurrency with 100% accuracy, even though these are merely predictions. Additionally, neither the technical nor fundamental projections offer any information about what will happen over the upcoming several months. However, despite their limitations, these technical evaluations help you decide whether to move forward with your investments.

GLM Token Price Predictions For 2022-30

A decentralized computation network is the Golem project. It offers a new method of allocating surplus computational power to those who need it immediately. Through a peer-to-peer network, one user sells energy, and the other purchases it. Below are our Golem (GLM) price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Future Golem prices are difficult to forecast since they depend on various variables, including the Golem network’s functionality, the state of the world economy, the stock market, and the cost of other cryptocurrencies.

However, if Golem’s platform growth continues at its current pace, it’s conceivable that the cost evaluation for GLM will quickly return to its previous peak and maybe even surpass it. Even though they are backed up by evidence and other reasonably reliable criteria, please remember that these are primarily conjectures. Let’s go on to the intriguing portion after that.

Golem Token Price Prediction 2022 I Potential ROI: 7%

The Golem projection pricing and technical analysis predict that the GLM price will cross the lowest price value of $0.26 by the end of this year and an average selling price level of $0.27 by 2022. Additionally, GLM might trade as high as $0.29.

Through the end of September, the Golem (GLM) average price may reach $0.25. After that, GLM may trade at a maximum price of $0.26 and a minimum anticipated price of $0.23. Therefore, the cost of Golem is anticipated to be at a minimum of $0.25 in October 2022. With an estimated market price of $0.26 in USD, the Golem cost can go as high as $0.27.

The lowest pricing for Golem is $0.25 in November 2022. With an average forecast cost of $0.27, the GLM price might rise as high as $0.28. The lowest price for Golem is anticipated to be $0.26 in December 2022. With an average forecast cost of $0.27, the GLM price might rise as high as $0.29.

Golem Token Price Prediction 2023 I Potential ROI: 30%

The cost of Golem is expected to keep rising, according to most analysts’ projections for 2023. This is supported by several elements, including the expanding use of the Golem blockchain, the rising acceptance of cryptocurrencies, and the generally optimistic view of the state of the world economy.

While it is difficult to predict the cost of a Golem in 2023, most experts concur that the price has the chance to rise significantly. By the end of 2023, we may more reasonably anticipate that the cost of Golem will be between $0.58 and $0.71.

Golem Token Price Prediction 2024 I Potential ROI: 16%

By 2024, we expect the crypto market to make an impact on a global level. We also expect the token to attract major collaborations by this year and get better recognition. 

We can readily imagine Golem receiving widespread adoption if its growth pace is maintained.  It is predicted that Golem will cost at least $0.75 by the end of 2024. It would be increased to $0.82 if we indulged in a little more speculation.

Golem Token Price Prediction 2025 I Potential ROI: 6%

Many Golem aficionados expect the price of GLM will grow sharply, around $0.89 and $1.03 in the coming months. However, the most practical expectation is a midpoint of all these pricing ranges. The notion of GLM as just a cheap and practical digital asset might materialize with broad acceptance.

We must consider the possibility of the Golem network significantly growing and evolving for this scenario. Prices could potentially increase to $1.15 in such a situation, but it is pretty ambitious.

GLM Token Price Prediction 2030 I Potential ROI: 94%

Because of the market’s extreme volatility, predicting bitcoin prices is never easy, even more so considering that it will be eight years from now. However, according to some estimates, the cost of a Golem could increase to $2.11 by 2030. This would represent a substantial rise over the price of about $0.27. 

But it’s vital to keep in mind that Golem is expanding and its adoption, usefulness, and potential pace. So, only during the first portion of the decade a cautious attitude might be more accurate.

To give you a better idea, we’ve curated a list of the different price movements over the years. This table helps you analyze whether or not you should invest in the token. 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price $0.29 $0.71. $0.82 $1.03 $2.11
Potential ROI 7% 30% 16% 6% 94%
Type Of Run Bullish Bullish Bullish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

Given everything mentioned above, it would seem that GLM is an extremely good investment. As a result, the price projections for GLM are rather optimistic, largely because the coin has great potential.

Of course, there is no assurance that GLM will achieve the anticipated price points, just like with any investment. However, GLM is something to consider if you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies. We’ll monitor the progress of Golem and its functionality. We’re interested to see what Golem’s future holds, given its potential and our pricing forecasts.

Is GLM Token The Best Token To Buy Right Now?

Per our price estimate, Golem GLM will provide a good yield in the future. Therefore, in the long run, it will be beneficial to invest in the token. However, its prediction is based on several variables; thus, it is not certain that the same values will be reached in the future. Therefore, before investing, traders should conduct their investigation and consult with industry professionals.

Golem is a decentralized computation network that establishes an international market for computer power. The platform makes it possible for developers to distribute their software safely and earn money from it by combining processes of adaptable tools. Golem wants to be a foundation for upcoming software companies and Internet service providers. Accessing computer resources across the platform will enable users and producers to build ambitious software solutions and generate income.

Golem offers Access layer P2P computing services, as was already mentioned. In addition, Golem is an adaptable, open-source network that enables the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange of internet materials, including unused processing power. Data analytics, CAD simulators, machine learning, transcoding services, chemistry simulators, and picture and video rendering are a few projects developed on the network’s modular design.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies this year, Golem has performed better. We anticipate Golem will reach $0.35 in 2023 as the market bounces back from its decline in May. Golem provides good value for its consumers and should continue to be practical in 10 years.

GLM’s price dropped by -11.890% in the past month, subtracting a staggering average of $0.047 out of its current worth. Due to the abrupt decline, the coin is currently in a dip, making it a fantastic opportunity to buy for a quick investment.

Final Verdict

The Golem cryptocurrency’s growth has always relied on new developments, alliances, the crypto community, and numerous other factors. Given that Golem devs were active and achieved a few breakthroughs in 2021. We anticipate that Golem (GLM) will soon make substantial advances because plans are already in place to provide further breakthroughs and developments this year. The growth might be exponential if the cryptocurrency environment is supportive.

Golem established the first world market for unused computing power. The Golem team enthusiastically announced the GLM Rewards Program honorees for March. Future Golem uses will undoubtedly be worth watching. Golem is at the top of the leaderboard and gained 15.41% last month. Let’s find out what this coin has in store.

Overall, the token is a reliable investment for long-term investors who like to enter into projects when the price is affordable. But if you’re an everyday trader or a short-term investor, we suggest going for other options. 


Q1. Will the price of GLM go up or down?

According to predicting websites, the price of GLM may increase, albeit their estimates of the price level it will reach in the upcoming years vary. Forecasters are prone to making inaccurate predictions. Make your study to make wise trading judgments. Remember that past results do not guarantee future success.

Q2. Can the Golem price reach $10?

Many analysts have anticipated that the Golem could trade for over $2 till the end of this decade. Still, Gov Capital is much more optimistic about its GLM forecast and anticipates a price increase to near $10 in 2027. Forecasters occasionally make incorrect predictions. Make your study to make wise trading judgments. Remember that past results do not guarantee future success.

Q3. Is Golem a good investment?

The GLM coin’s suitability as an asset in your portfolio will depend on your unique situation and level of risk tolerance. Cryptocurrencies have a highly risky profile and are erratic investments. Before investing, consider what level of danger you are willing to take, and never put money on the line you will not afford to lose.

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