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Frontier (FRONT) Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

frontier coin

The crypto industry has been moving at a random pace. Today, we have crypto projects that resolve many problems in the industry. However, with every token launched, there comes a question in the mind of investors.

Should I invest in this project? This can be a complex situation, especially if you’ve encountered a unique project revolutionizing the DeFi space. Recently, Frontier was also caught in a similar situation with the investors. 

Continue reading as we explore the different aspects of investing in the Frontier project. At the end of the blog, you’ll have an idea of whether or not to invest in the token. Let’s get started.

Front (FRONT) Token: At A Glance

Project Name Frontier 
Crypto Symbol FRONT
FRONT Market Cap $19,159,625
Current Supply 100000000
Circulating Supply 87,456,250
Current Price (As of September 1st week) $0.3285075
All-time High Rate $2.93
Official Website

Frontier (FRONT) Token: Overview 

Frontier is a compatible or chain-agnostic platform for multiple networks, including Ethereum, the Binance Chain, BandChain, Harmony, and Kava. Users of the Frontier cryptocurrency and DeFi wallet can transfer, store, and buy crypto assets and receive passive benefits. In addition, Frontier is a DeFi aggregation layer that works across Blockchains.

The project is the brainchild of Ravindra Kumar, President, and co of Frontier. Kumar was formerly the CTO of InstaDApp and Woodstock. Ravindra is also an Android developer who specializes in smart contracts. Besides, the team also has Vetrichelvan Jeyapalpandy, CTO and co-founder of Frontier, & CMO, co-founder Palash Jain. 

As a Chain-agnostic DeFi Aggregator layer, Frontier gathers data from many DeFi systems into a single Chain. As a result, users can access platform functions through an application, including tracking administration, staking, liquidity provision, cross-chain token swap, CDP construction, and more Dex functionalities.

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The project is the first step toward unifying the DeFi globe on a single platform, not simply a notion. We know that DeFi wallets are the most crucial component, and the project will support a variety of wallets, including Coinbase, Metamask, Trust Wallet, imToken, and more web4 mobile wallets, thanks to wallet composability and integration of TxLink. 

In line with current trends, Frontier will increase support for the Polkadot Ecosystem alongside BSC and Ethereum Network. The largest DeFi aggregator, Frontier, may include top protocols, staking networks, dApps, and networks in a single, straightforward application. 

Soon, Frontier will launch its on-network chain and add Kusama, Solana, Edgeware, and StaFi to their extended support. Uniswap, Compound, bZx, and Synthetix are the protocols already supported by the platform.

We’re aware of crypto projects increasing the hype of their upcoming ventures with paid promotions and PR. But unfortunately, such projects often fail to deliver the said results. However, in the case of Frontier, the project has been active in terms of its collaborations and results. 

Not to forget, the project has an alluring social media presence as well. All the aspects of the project make it genuine and worth the hype. 

FRONT Token Fundamental Value 

The native token of the Frontier platform (FRONT) serves the crypto by providing governance rights to the investors and managing the protocol’s key management system. 

FRONT token offers liquidity to the Automatic market makers (AMM) and the Decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Moreover, it allows users to access incentives within the Frontier ecosystem to use Decentralized financial services. 

Apart from acquiring non-fungible tokens (NFTs), when the Frontier chain is live, the holders of FRONT tokens can earn rewards by securing the network. However, you can’t simply invest in a token by only knowing about the project brief. When thinking of investing in the long term, you must have an idea of the core fundamentals of the project. 

Similarly, let’s look at the core concepts that define FRONT.

Aims to remodel DeFi in Web 3.0

Frontier focuses on resolving the difficulties and complexities associated with using encryption in DeFi. By staking with DeFi apps and accessing web 3.0 through a single spot, the tool aims to increase passive cryptocurrency revenue. The updated Frontier V2 comes with the following feature sets:

NFT fans can use Frontier, which supports NFTs on many chains, to send, store, receive, and track NFTs while on the go. The frontier platform integrates with decentralized applications (Dapps), Blockchain networks, and crypto-wallets, whether EVM compatible or not. The crux is that native integrations, like Frontier, stay within the crypto wallet, unlike non-native integrations. 

Because of this advantage, the users of Frontier can get access to the wide world of web3 offerings within a single central interface. For instance, if you are using the Frontier platform, you can easily use the Metamask wallet or Trust wallet, whichever you prefer. 

Has an active referral model 

Frontier is developing a referral program to entice customers to recommend DeFi to their friends. In addition, members that have demonstrated a desire to improve the environment are given FRONT as part of neighborhood projects.

Additionally, FRONT token holders will get access to the governance token gFRONT on the Frontier ecosystem. The holders of the governance token gFRONT will have the right to cast their vote regarding the future of the Frontier chain. As mentioned above, investors of the FRONT token will have the right to purchase or create a non-fungible token (NFT). 

The new Frontier simplifies passive income opportunities by enabling users to stake, access, and lend tens and thousands of cryptocurrency assets across numerous Blockchains through a single interface.

Offers a non-custodial wallet

One of the most crucial benefits of the Frontier (FRONT) token is that it offers a non-custodial crypto wallet. This way, the platform gives users more authority over their crypto, NFTs, and Defi, as they no longer depend on any exchange to store their digital assets. 

Moreover, users can trade, buy, sell, and store more than four thousand virtual assets on the Frontier platform. Investors using the Frontier platform and holding FRONT tokens can earn passive income by staking their digital assets and supporting Decentralized finance apps by supplying crypto assets. 

Hassle-free DeFi platform 

The platform aspires to provide the following using the native token FRONT to follow the different features; 

Accessibility to shuffle between applications

Frontier is a Blockchain aggregator; thus, users who use Frontier don’t have to shuffle between various applications to interact with different assets. For instance, you want to view and take a look at yield opportunities on the Polygon network. In such a case, you can easily explore the opportunity on the Frontier app without the need to shift assets to another platform.

An improved user interface makes onboarding simpler. In addition, the platform aims to create new wallets and store, receive,  transfer, trade, and lend DeFi, Crypto, and NFT assets. 

FRONT Token Price History & Overview

Frontier launched its project in the market with an entire supply of 100,000,000 FRONT. It has been a reliable performer since the project was listed in an exchange on the first week of September 2020. 

The token launched at a price tag around the $0.35 mark but could not keep up with the hype, ultimately taking a downtrend in the first few weeks. However, there was a correction in the token’s price by the end of October, as it was once again seen in its initial price levels of $0.034 on 1st November.

Sadly, this was the only positive from the token for the month as it slipped down to a negative trend for the remainder of the month, ultimately settling at $0.25 by the first week of December. 

Descending triangles show traders and investors that selling is more active than buyers as the price made lower highs. The pattern was finished when the price exited the triangle in the general trend direction.

But, following months of a downtrend, the news of a collaboration with the BSC resulted in price corrections for the token. In the following weeks, the token adopted a complete bullish trend, reaching its all-time high at $0.70 by the end of 2020. 

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Enter 2021, and things seemed promising for the FRONT token. The token kept up with its bullish pattern and even capitalized on it, increasing its price by almost 8x, moving to a new all-time high at $2.53 on 1st Feb 2021. However, this was only a start, as the token showed no signs of stopping. The token registered a $2.93 by the 1st week of March 2021, marking FRONT’s all-time high price. 

However, it would mark the end of the token’s bullish phase as it soon slid to $2.78 on 1st April 21 and continued the downtrend. In the following weeks and months, FRONT lost all the appeal to the investors, sliding down to its initial value of $0.55 by June 21. 

While investors were mostly negative about the token’s market movements, it proved otherwise and descended into another short-lived price correction. As a result, FRONT took a bullish run for the next few months and moved to the price level of $1.148 by 1st August 21.

Following August, there was a rangebound movement from the token as it continued to move in a similar direction over the $1.40 mark. After that, however, things started taking a turn as the entire market showed early signs of crypto winter before entering 2022. 

In the final month of 2021, FRONT lost its value and sunk from $1.044 to $0.688, finally settling for $0.50 by the end of 2021. 

Overall, in 2021, Frontier (FRONT) was ranked 515th on CoinGecko. Most frequently seen during downtrends, the declining triangle was frequently viewed as a bearish indication. However, the rising triangle pattern was reversed in the falling triangle pattern.

FRONT Token Price Forecast

Researching the basics and development of Frontier is crucial before opting to spend any amount of money for the long run to keep for months or even years because the crypto market is incredibly volatile and difficult to forecast. 

Therefore, considering both technical analysis and fundamental analysis is crucial when attempting to anticipate the price of Frontier in the short or long term.

Technical Analysis: 

Another way to make a Frontier (FRONT) price prediction is by assessing what the project has accomplished or plans to accomplish shortly. Keeping a tab on Frontier (FRONT) news and trying to buy or sell Frontier (FRONT) circulating major events is used by long-term traders consistently. You can buy frontier as there is a good possibility that the value might shoot up.

Fundamental Analysis 

For three, six, and twelve months out, you may reasonably anticipate the price of Frontier by using assistance, trendlines, moving averages, and basic indicators like the RSI. In 2022, we estimate that price to be $15 to $30.

The fundamental analysis of FRONT indicates that the price or value of the border depends on supply and demand and will fluctuate significantly in the coming months. An investment will yield a return. So if you plan to invest, now would be a good time. As the future price of FRONT is rising.

Note: Although these are only predictions, be aware that it is impossible to forecast results with 100% accuracy for any cryptocurrency. Furthermore, neither the fundamental nor technical forecasts provide insight into what will occur over the next few months. 

These technical and fundamental analyses are intended to aid you in deciding whether to proceed with your investments, even though they are incorrect. Remember that you will get the last call at all times.

FRONT Token Price Prediction 2022-30

Frontier Token Price Prediction 2022 l Potential ROI: 48%

2022 had been a year of lows for the entire crypto market, and FRONT was no exception. The token continued its downtrend and followed a bearish pattern for the coming months. However, the coin also showed a strong uptrend as it moved from $0.42 to $0.55 between February and March. 

Following March, the crypto winter affected the token and declined to $0.30 in the following months until August. 

For the remainder of FRONT’s future in 2022, fundamental analysis is crucial for long-term price estimates for Frontier. However, there are a few advantages for the industry that the native token provides. 

The independence of the digital economy makes it ideal. The network provides competitive programmable payment, logistics, and storage choices as DAPPs and stablecoins grow.

If additional investors are drawn to the concept, there is a probability that the average cost of FRONT may increase to roughly $0.35 by 2022. The pricing for 2022 can end the year at a maximum of $0.38 and a minimum of $0.34.

Frontier Price Prediction 2023 l Potential ROI: 22%

The current price range of Frontier may be attractive to many traders. As a result, FRONT can hit $0.59 until 2023 with significant financial institution collaboration if the following conditions are met. 

It can surpass the most recent price trends to reach new highs with an average cost of $0.50 for 2023. However, the price tagline can change if the market experiences one more positive wave before 2023.

Frontier Price Prediction 2024 l Potential ROI: 44%

With further adoption and alliances with other significant Blockchain networks, the price of Frontier would soar in 2024, with the highest trading price possibly reaching $0.85. 

If the token continues to move with the current price range, the results can be multiple times the investment. If everything goes according to plan, we can anticipate a 2024 average cost of $0.75 and a 2024 maximum price of $0.85.

Frontier Price Prediction 2025 l Potential ROI: 79%

Market volatility is what drives cryptocurrencies. Therefore, forecasting and keeping up with the present pricing are difficult today. In this context, several crypto analysts are involved. Nevertheless, the price predictions are accurate for the cited years. 

Consumers of cryptocurrencies are nonetheless anxious about the new regulations and bans. If the market experiences a strong bull run in 2025, the frontier price might surpass $1.27. However, its average cost for 2025 will be close to $1.11 since long-term investors are anticipated to hold it.

FRONT Price Prediction 2030 l Potential ROI: 66%

With such a large community, FRONT will be regarded as the superior choice, and prices will reach great heights. However, price swings can be difficult to forecast, especially if the market is much more bullish or bearish. 

The cost of Frontier would be close to $6.46 in 2030. The highest price we can obtain is $7.85. At the end of 2030, the average price for Frontier is predicted to be around $6.69. A significant price fluctuation is anticipated within the range set by the cryptocurrency market.

Given the price movements for the tokens, it’s evident that you can get confused with the movements. So to help you better, we’ve curated a list to guide you with the investment strategy. Let’s get started. 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 0.38 0.45 0.75 1.27 6.46
Potential ROI 48% 22% 44% 79% 66%
Type Of Run Bullish Bearish Bearish Bullish Bearish
Singal  Buy Strong Buy Buy/Sell  Sell Buy/ Hold

Frontier has managed to transform a plethora of industries since its infancy. Several regulators have approved this coin, and a pack of specialized developers is pushing hard to promote this and broaden adoption. This manual is a self-evaluation of FRONT’s previous performance and its prospects for future success.

Is It The Right Time To Invest In FRONT?

One cryptocurrency that is suitable for long-term investment is the FRONT. Additionally, until the breakout path is proven, the FRONT price prediction would be bullish or bearish. However, it stands a decent possibility of doing so this year. However, this won’t occur unless numerous old psychological barriers are removed.

The performance of FRONT also would improve with the improvements made to the ecosystem, soon reaching $3.30. However, if investors think FRONT is a solid investment in 2022, it might also hit $3.50.

Since no one in the DeFi market now offers a one-stop solution, Frontier will stay and may become the largest aggregator in the DeFi market. With the same level of protection and anonymity, users of the Frontier app would be able to follow and control the whole DeFi portfolio. 

Being an aggregator, the project can obtain the best features from the top providers in the DeFi industry. There are several web3 wallets available for selection, giving customers complete freedom. The greatest design from Frontier will enable it to offer loans, staking, liquidity pools, and token swaps, which may draw more CEX users into DeFi.

Risk and reward are essential when determining whether Frontier (FRONT) is a viable investment for you. Both short- and long-term price predictions for FRONT are possible, but both require expectations. However, based on the foundations of a Frontier project and the work the Team is doing toward their plan goals and milestones, we believe that FRONT will gain value over the long run.

Final Verdict

The FRONT token is utilized for various purposes, such as network security for chain staking and generating passive income for users by supplying liquidity to pools for decentralized protocols and platforms.

In a crux, the main aim of the Frontier platform is to integrate the significant services of Web 3.0 for every single person, regardless of the platform. So, for users who prefer having the necessary things, Frontier is a perfect choice for them as it is convenient and offers everything in the same place, including crypto wallets, Decentralized finance (Defi) tools, and a user-centric interface. 


Q1. Is Frontier (FRONT) a good investment?

Frontier’s worth is anticipated to increase as shortages frequently lead to price increases. However, please be aware that every investment carries some risk. Before making any decisions, just invest as far as what you can do and do the most research you can.

Q2. What is the future of Frontier?

The state of the cryptocurrency market as a whole will have a significant impact on Frontier’s future. Therefore, you must be sure that your investment plan is sound whenever it comes to FRONT. 

Q3. How much will Frontier be worth in 5 years?

In five years, Frontier’s minimum and maximum prices per FRONT will be $1.21 and $1.02, respectively. Frontier’s worth varies significantly because it is exchanged according to supply and demand.

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