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Axie Infinity Price Prediction: 2023, 2025, 2030 Forecast


Digital currencies have taken the finance world by storm with their growing popularity in the past couple of years. Today, we have over 19,000 crypto tokens based on different principles and models. 

Of course, not all these tokens and currencies have stood the test of time, but many have managed to thrive despite the growing competition. Axie Infinity is one such token that has defied the odds with its play-to-earn model. 

Metaverse and enhanced utilization of blockchain technology paired with the advent of NFTs has presented many opportunities for people. Axie Infinity is one of the largest and most popular players in this game of new and advanced technologies. Even though Axie Infinity was a victim of a hack in 2022, it does not seem to make much of a dent in Axie Infinity’s popularity. 

Of course, things are going all fine for now, but how does the future look for Axie Infinity? How much will Axie Infinity be worth in 2025 and beyond? Continue reading to answer all your questions about Axie Infinity and determine if it is the right investment for you.

Axie Infinity (AXS): At a Glance

Project Name Axie Infinity
Crypto Symbol AXS
ACH Market Cap $1,150,509,740
Current Supply 270 million tokens
Circulating Supply 82,475,673.61 AXS
Current Price (As of July 1st week) $13.95 
All-time High Rate $165.37
Official Website

Axie Infinity (AXS): Overview

Before getting involved with Axie Infinity, you must understand what its platform is all about. Axie Infinity is a game that Sky Mavis’s brainchild, a Vietnam-based company, launched in March 2018. The game allows you to compete against each other through battles. Whoever wins the contest can collect individual cards that represent animated monsters. 

The cartoon monsters are Axies, who fight amongst each other, and the winner gets the rewards. But what rewards? Well, they’re very different from an average game as these rewards are available in two different native tokens. These tokens include Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP). 

What makes AXS so valuable is the rare availability of the token. All these cards are individual NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that you can trade on the marketplace of the Axie Infinity game. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is based on the ERC-20 network, and users can use the token for varied purposes within the game. 

For instance, you can choose to stake your tokens, participate in governance votes, and simply play the game to earn rewards in AXS. In addition, user-generated content within the game allows you to earn appealing rewards in AXS. 

According to Axie Infinity’s official website, the primary goal behind the launch of Axie Infinity was to align incentives between developers and gamers more innovatively and excitingly. This quality sets Axie Infinity apart from most of its competitors. 

AXS Token Fundamental Value

Axie Infinity Shards, commonly known as AXS token, is what governs the AXie Infinity universe. This game has been one of the most popular blockchain games for quite some time, with its current market cap ranging around $1,146,630,528. AXS operates on the ERC-20.  

However, AXS migrated from Ethereum to Ronin in April 2021. Ronin is an Ethereum-linked sidechain explicitly curated for Axie Infinity. This blockchain migration further benefitted Axie Infinity, allowing it to reach an increased value in the market. 

AXS yields a fundamental value, some of which include:


Players in the Axie Infinity Universe have the liberty to stake their rewards and receive newly formed AXS in exchange. But remember, as a staker, you must vote and play to claim the rewards. 


AXS is accepted as a currency in the Axie NFT marketplace. You can use the currency to pay for additional purchases in the Axie Infinity universe. Besides that, you can also use Axie Infinity to determine eligibility for participation in certain auctions and sales conducted on the platform.       


Axie Infinity is one of those few platforms making great strides to enhance decentralization within the platform. In 2021, the platform started receiving revenue generated within the network, including specific percentages of the staking rewards. This is a part of Axie Infinity’s initiative to enhance decentralization governance within the platform.    

All the information above gives you a nuanced idea of the fundamental value of AXS. But this information alone does not give you an in-depth idea of AXS. Thus, the next section will walk you through the comprehensive history and overview of AXS. 

AXS Token Price History & Overview

After its launch in 2018, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) started trading at a nominal market price of just $0.1798. Since the initial stages are challenging for almost every platform, it did not become Axie Infinity long before it plunged into its all-time value at $0.1234 in November 2020. But bad times do not last forever, and it AXS just two months to reach the value of $1 for the first time in January of 2022. 

The token again saw an appreciable spike in its value in April 2021. This spike can be mainly attributed to the shift from the Ethereum network to Ronin we discussed earlier. Since then, Ronin has been the backbone of the AXS token, and even the gameplay rewards are now claimed through Ronin. This shift took AXS’s price to an all-time high of $10.85 within the same month of the shift. 

Things went fine for a while until the token succumbed to the consequences of the Great Crypto Day Crash on the 19th of May 2021. This resulted in a $4 dip in the token’s value until it bounced back again in July of the same year. This improvement was significant, with AXS closing at $23.96 on the 15th of July. The rest of the month was fulfilling for Axie Infinity as the token reached its highest value on the 27th of July at $53.28.       

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This was followed by an update on the 10th of August to prevent SLP from becoming too expensive. The results were fruitful as the token reached a value of $64.05 from $43.52. By the end of August, Axie Infinity’s price reached a staggering $72.20 on the last day of the month. 

The staking function came into being the following month of September, allowing players on the Axie Infinity Universe to earn revenue by staking their digital currency. This also was a beneficial decision for the token as it helped it further reach a value of $110.54 on the 1st of October 2021. 

This bullish trend continued as people could now trade their AXS tokens with other prominent digital currencies such as the USDC, WETH, and SLP. As a result, AXS reached the $150 mark by the 5th of November 2021. This trend continued, with the token reaching $165.37 on the 6th of November.

However, things began to go downhill by the end of the year, with AXS reaching a value of $93.30. While the token marked a downsized market from its recent heights, overall, AXS presented a healthy movement. The token presented an overall surge of 18,000%. 

AXS Token Price Forecast 

There are many blockchain games in the market, but barely any can match the offering of Axie Infinity. The platform has been through many ups and downs since its inception in 2018. One primary reason behind this is the continual updates that Axie Infinity offers to keep its users more satisfied. 

But words alone are not enough to give you a genuine and transparent view of what the gaming platform offers. So let’s look at two critical factors in the technical and fundamental view to help you get a better idea.

With a current market value of $1,150,509,740, things are looking better for Axie Infinity. Of course, the platform suffered extensive damages after the hacking event in 2022. But with a current market value of $13.95 and the increasing popularity of NFTs, things are looking good for AXS. 

The current circulating supply is 82,475,674 AXS coins, and according to many news reports from the founders of Axie Infinity, things will change for the good. Besides, one must not undermine that Axie Infinity is still one of the most popular blockchain games with a great following.   

No investor in their right mind can undermine the significance of the fundamental analysis. This is understandable, given the importance of fundamental analysis when determining the future price of any token. 

Also, no investor can undermine the significance of Axie Infinity’s offerings, which have garnered many followers in the past few years. Not many platforms allow you to have fun while earning generous revenues with minimal hassle. The vote and play mechanism of Axie Infinity will help it jump back and reach for more significant strides in the future.   

Note: While these are just predictions, remember, it’s almost impossible to make 100% accurate predictions with any crypto token. In addition, none of the technical or fundamental predictions suggest what’s upcoming in the next few months. So these technical analyses’ aren’t accurately correct but are made to give you an idea of whether or not to proceed with your investments. Remember, your call is always the last one to make. 

Now that you have a generic idea of what’s in store for Axie Infinity’s future, it is time to leverage a more profound analysis of what’s in store for the long-term future of AXS. 

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AXS Token Price Prediction

AXS Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: –4%

The AXS token flashed a negative during the closing of 2021. However, things were no different for 2022 as well! The token continued its downtrend and followed a further dip, with the value reaching $49.58 by the 25th of January in 2022. This sudden dip prompted Sky Mavis to relaunch the game under Axie Infinity: Origin. 

The update for the game was to be started in February and built in phases. Nonetheless, the update was live by April 2022, but unfortunately, this did not positively impact the market. There was a little peak in its worth on the 24th of March, with its value reaching $71.18, only to stop at $38.24 on the 26th of April 2022. 

Things took a turn for the worst with hackers stealing $625 million worth of cryptos from the Ronin network. This was followed by more downfall, with the token’s value falling further below on the 11th of May 2022 with value at just $17.16. Then came even more updates which helped increase the token’s value to $23.70 by the end of May. 

Then came the month of June, which also was not very great for ASX as its value fell further down to just $11.92 on the 18th of June. However, there was some recovery after that when the token reached a worth of $18.46 on the 25th of June. Yet the token could barely recover from the implications of the hack in 2022, with its current market value being $13.95.

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Given the current market trends, it would be safe to say that 2022 will not be a very significant year for Axie Infinity. Nonetheless, there is still room for diverse speculation because no one can predict the future accurately. 

For example, WalletInvestor expects a downturn of $2.021, while TradingBeast expects it to remain around $12.902 by the end of 2022. But no matter the case, chances are high that Axie Infinity’s value will average at about $26.71, with chances of hitting a minimum value of just $23.38 by December 2022. 

AXS Price Prediction 2023 | Potential ROI: 62%

For 2023, the price predictions for Axie Infinity are likely to exceed the value of $26.184 according to TradingBeast’s prediction of the performance of the tokens. But again, you must be open to diverse opinions with future price predictions of digital assets. For example, experts at say the growth is on the way that will take AXS’s price to $39.2 by 2023. Furthermore, there are experts at WalletInvestor making contradicting predictions quoting its prices will further decrease to just $3.664 in 2023. 

AXS Price Prediction 2024 | Potential ROI: 121%

Chances are high that 2024 will be a better year for Axie Infinity, as most experts seem optimistic about this year. According to experts at and TradingBeast, the price of AXS will range anywhere between $33.76 to $59.21. This is quite an optimistic view that fills in hope in many’s hearts. But before you get all optimistic, experts at WalletInvestor take a more pessimistic view of Axie Infinity’s price in 2024. According to them, the price will drop to $2.482 by December 2024. 

AXS Price Prediction 2025 | Potential ROI: 195%

Things do not change much even in 2025, with TradingBeast still optimistic about AXS’s prices. According to them, the AXS price will reach $38.898 by the end of 2025. Even experts from are sailing in the same boat of optimism but with a bigger sail as they predict the prices will reach $86.87 by the end of 2025. As you might have already guessed, WalletInvestor again has a pessimistic outlook claiming that AXS’s prices are further lower to $1.765 by December of 2025.  

AXS Price Prediction 2030 | Potential ROI: 1324%

A long-term outlook is important for ensuring you make an informed investment decision. But experts here are giving a polarized view on the matter. According to experts at the TradingBeast, the AXS prices will continue to grow and reach a value of $48.6005 by the end of 2030. 

On the other hand, experts at are even more optimistic as they project a notable upward trend that will drive Axle Infinity’s prices to 556.99 by the end of the decade. But there are experts from WalletInvestor adamant about their vision claiming that Axie Infinity will continue to experience a downfall driving its prices down to $1.18255.   

Here’s a tabular representation of the different price predictions to give you a better idea of the price movements as per different sources on the internet:

Experts  2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
TradingBeast   $12.902 $26.184 $33.76 – $59.21  $38.898 $48.6225 $26.71 $39.2 $33.76 – $59.21 $86.87 $556.99
WalletInvestor $2.021 $3.664 $2.482 $1.765 $1.18255

There is no shortage of experts when it comes to speculating the future prices of digital currencies. But a generic view will give you an understanding that the play-to-earn module will remain popular soon. So chances are high that Axie Infinity will enhance its performance shortly unless something unforeseen occurs. 

But the crypto market is where speculators have been proven wrong many times. Thus the best thing to do here would be to conduct your research, get a better understanding of the market and then make your investments. 

The Token’s Correlation With Axie Infinity

No digital asset functions independently, as many other prominent tokens have a direct and indirect correlation. Some of these correlations positively impact the currency, while others can have a negative impact. So before you invest your money in Axie Infinity, it is better to have a nuanced understanding of these correlations. The tables below will give you a better experience of Axie Infinity’s correlation in the last seven days. 

Positive Correlation Currencies

Currency  Correlation 
Theta Token  0.976
Cardano  0.974
Ethereum Classic  0.977
Fantom  0.975
EOS 0.975

Negative Correlated Currencies 

Currency  Correlation 
Quant  -0.393
Lido DAO Token -0.155
Serum -0.525
CEEK VR -0.247
Compound Dai -0.259

Should You Consider Investing In Axie Infinity?

The answer to this question is not easy, as no matter how many analyses you conduct, predicting the future with precision is never possible. But the extensive information gives you quite an idea of what you can expect from Axie Infinity in the coming future. But it is still recommended that you conduct your research to make an informed decision instead of relying on hearsay. 

Nonetheless, one must not undermine that Axie Infinity still has more than 2.8 million players who play the game daily. This further accounts for a whopping trade of $3.6 billion worth of AXS within the game. These numbers are more likely to grow with time, which will positively impact the value of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). Therefore, investing your money in Axie Infinity as a long-term investment can be wise based on the popular predictions depicted above. 

Is Axie Infinity The Best Crypto To Buy Now?

To summarize the detailed information above, you get an in-depth look into the price prediction of Axie Infinity, at least for this decade. This will help you make an informed and wiser investment decision ensuring you successfully capitalize on the new hype around blockchain games. 

You must remember the play-to-earn earning model is not fading away anytime soon. Other crypto-related projects might fade, but anything associated with gaming and earning will stand the test of time. 

But you also need to take a diverse approach to your investment to mitigate risk because the crypto market is and always will be a volatile market to invest your hard-earned. Additionally, make sure to explore other prospects of investments because the opportunity doors are opening in the finance world. You will get more amazing and innovative areas to invest your money in and generate handsome returns as time passes. 


Where can I buy the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) coin?

Axie Infinity Shards, commonly known as AXS, are traded across many prominent crypto exchanges available in the market. Some of the best-known ones include KuCoin, Binance, FTX, Huobi Global, and more. Besides that, you always have the option to sign-up on the Axie Infinity platform and play to earn AXS coins.

Can Axie Infinity reach $1000 worth?

Predicting the future of any cryptocurrency is never easy. Thus, it would not be fair to say Axie Infinity cannot reach a $1000 valuation. The future can make anything possible, and maybe Axie Infinity will make $1000 shortly. But these are all speculations, and it is always recommended you conduct your research before investing in Axie Infinity.

Is it worth investing in Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)?

Determining the worth of future investments is never easy. But given the data above, it would be safe to say choosing AXS for investing on a long-term basis might be worth it. However, it is still recommended that you conduct your research and better understand the token's performance before investing in it.

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