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Apollo Price Prediction For 2022-30 | APL Forecast


If you’ve been an avid investor, we bet you’ve heard of the Apollo (APL) token. Introduced in 2018, the token has been making rounds of the internet for all the right reasons. Relax; we won’t be surprised if you’re eager to invest. But, before you add the token to your portfolio, we suggest you read this blog. In the following sections, we’ve discussed the price prediction for the token for 2022 and beyond.

Apollo Currency (APL): At A Glance

Project Name Apollo Currency
Crypto Symbol APL
APL Market Cap $ 14,029,636
Current Supply 10000000000
Circulating Supply 21,165,096,531 APL
Current Price (As of July 1st week) $ 0.00051430
All-time High Rate $0.05699 
Official Website

Apollo Currency (APL): Overview

The Apollo Foundation is an innovative FinTech approach to the future of the crypto industry. The business is focused on designing developing solutions that will design and develop solutions that far surpass what the fintech industry currently offers and combine those offerings into a single universal ecosystem. 

Fintech’s primary aim is to push the limits of what the current technology has on offer. Together, with a team that boasts significant development accomplishments and active collaboration with 12+ Fortune 500 companies, the FinTech provider has developed its decentralized platform that focuses on eliminating the sustainability issues over the Blockchain platform. 

With its unique appeal towards decentralization, the company is working towards simplifying transaction speed, reducing the load to 1-2 seconds on its Hermes Blockchain. The platform is devised to speed up the rate of transactions, as opposed to the general theory of exchange getting slower as it ages. Apollo improves the rate of transactions with more users on the exchange as its database can expand to any size, thanks to the incorporated technologies like node time synchronization, sharding, and adaptive forging.

Besides, the company has also designed a crypto token (Apollo Token) to be the center of different operations carried over the Hermes Blockchain. For example, it would be used for cloud storage, voting, and private or peer-to-peer transaction, among other activities within a decentralized exchange, its decentralized marketplace, and its asset-backed system. 

Looking at the overall aspect that the company offers, it’s evident that Apollo FinTech has a unique approach to the entire crypto ecosystem. But the question here is whether or not it matters in the long run. If you look at it, the crypto industry has had a history of powerful promotions and marketing strategies, even if there wasn’t much actual functionality of the platform.

That said, the fundamentals of the company look strong and promising. Therefore, we’re majorly positive about Apollo FinTech. The firm is making significant efforts to realize the future of a decentralized ecosystem by partnering with several companies for mass adoption. Additionally, Apollo FinTech’s social media accounts are active and well-managed, making it a robust approach in the marketing department.

APL Token Fundamental Value

APL is the native currency used over the Hermes Blockchain, developed on a proof-of-stake consensus based on NXT’s technology. It was introduced as a pre-minted token with a circulating supply of 10,000,000,000. The token has several privacy-oriented features like an asset system, IP masking, and smart contracts, among other related features. 

Here’s an overview of the APL Token’s fundamental value: 

World’s Fastest All-In-One Cryptocurrency.

The token is designed to offer equal to or better features than every other crypto token currently in the market. Over the years, the APL token has evolved into one of the leading crypto tokens with the fastest settlement rate over its feature-rich sustainable Blockchain. It is to eliminate the numerous niche currencies with a singular platform. With such aspects, the APL token will be able to make the most of all the available features on the market. 

Hermes Blockchain

The team behind the APL token claims that its decentralized exchange, the Hermes Blockchain, is among the most secure and agile token infrastructures with indefinite stability. Moreover, its protocols are designed to cut transaction rates effectively and give users faster transaction time, from 20 – 30 to 2 – 3 seconds. This way, the token has established dominance around the microtransactions framework, financial services, decentralized banking, and more. 

Olympus Protocol 

The Olympus Protocol is a significant aspect of the Apollo ecosystem. This feature adds to the token’s fundamental value by integrating its most competitive privacy features. It helps integrate the decentralized exchange with IP masking for the Apollo wallet, allowing seamless and untraceable use of the wallet and its additional features and functionality. Besides, it also keeps track of the different private and public transactions taking place over the exchange, thereby maintaining secrecy over the decentralized environment as there’s no need for identity proof or transfer fees.

Listed above are the core fundamentals of the APL token that make it unique! Now that you know its fundamental value let’s look into the token’s overview and historical price movement. Once done, we’ll have a better idea of the price movements the token might make in the future. 

APL Token Price History & Overview

The APL token was launched on 01/11/2017 by a team of 20+ innovators. However, it wasn’t until a few months later when the token was finally registered under an exchange on 30th July 2018, at a price tag of $0.001813. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the way for APL tokens as they failed to make a significant bull run at its launch. 

The token faced a fall right from the day of its launch, coming down to $0.001614 by the arrival of August 2018. However, it was considered normal at the time as the whole market was suffering from a bad phase, and it was evident that the cryptocurrency market would be bullish for the next few months. 

However, it was only the start as the token was swift to attain its lowest price below the $0.0010 mark on the 20th day of August. Post this, things started to finally take a positive sign for the token as news about the APLs fundamentals spread, and the Hermes Blockchain was able to bag some meaningful collaborations. The news results were evident as the token started to positively influence the charts, reaching the all-time high record of $0.0025. 

The past few weeks were slow, but the token witnessed a downtrend towards the end of September, settling for $0.0018. Unfortunately, the following month also failed to give potential returns to the APL investors as it was still in its bull run for the rest of the year, settling down at the $0.0008 mark by 31st December 2018. 

APL started the year on a rather negative note, and the token had failed to give a significant return over its initial run. If we look at it, APL kicked off the year with a record low at $0.0007. However, the big breaking off of its recent collaborations on a global scale was good news for the market sentiment. As a result, investors witnessed a significant pump in the token’s prices as it rose to $0.0032 (a record high since launch) in the same month of January 2019.

Sadly the pump was short-lived as it reduced by 60% of its value the next day, and we were back to a bullish trend that brought the APL token to $0.0012 in just six months (starting in June). Following this was another short but comprehensive bullish run that lasted for a month, and the token registered a price of $0.0025 by July 2019. 

But similar to all trends, the token again went on a rough slope, following its negative run throughout the remainder of 2019, as it hit the price range of ($0.0006), with which it started its year. 

Enter 2020, and the market was already filled with the news surrounding Covid-19, a negative market sentiment. The same was seen in the token’s price, too, as it began the year at $0.0006. 

Given how the entire world seized its operations, there was nothing new for the APL token. As a result, it continued with a significant bull run for the next ten months. Finally, however, an exciting development in the token’s run led to the record high of $0.005023 on 22nd November 2020. Until the token was back to its normal phase, maintaining an average of $0.007 for the remainder of the year.  

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2021 marked a significant year in the history of the APL tokens! While the tokens entered the year at a recorded low, the prices never went down in the trend. Instead, the token continued with a slow but steady movement up the price charts, showing price levels like $0.0023 by the first week of February and $0.0021 by 13th March, moving towards the $0.0030 mark by the end. 

Interestingly, it wasn’t long before the token showed up with its all-time high price of $0.00921 on 4th April 2021. Following this was a favorable market influence for the remainder of the year. Overall, the APL token had a bullish run for the entire of 2021 and settled down for $0.0023 by the end of the year, giving out a healthy 1,000% average return.

APL Token Price Forecast 

The Apollo token has been a unique offering, especially for the Hermes Blockchain that it operates upon. Since its inception in 2017 and performance in 2021, the token has provided its investor’s significant returns. In addition, the token has been an active performer in the market, adjusting its ongoing price movements while backing its core exchange with new updates.  

Therefore, to give you a better insight into the project, we’ve tried to divide the APL token’s profile into two sections: Technical & Fundamental. Let’s check it out in the following sections:

Based on its market movement since early 2022, the APL token presents us with a bearish run. Considering the pattern it has created for the first six months, it’s evident that the token will continue its run for the remainder of the year. 

However, we can’t overlook the yearly pattern of the token. Mainly around the market movements that it makes. So if you’re an avid investor, you can either wait for a decent market entry or, if you’ve already invested, wait for the trends to change.  

No sound investor can make decisions relying solely on the technical analysis for any given token. You can’t avoid the significance of adding a fundamental view to the overall analysis. After all, both technical and fundamental analysis plays a significant role in determining future prices

Besides, we’re certain that the APLs price will go up once more users are over its Blockchain. Not to forget, the platform has been active with its collaborations across the different platforms on a massive scale. 

Note: The abovementioned factors are simply an analysis based on the APL tokens’ current and past movements. None of the statements above give you any solid investment plan and aren’t 100% accurately correct. Therefore, we suggest you not solely rely on either of these analyses and focus on delving into the research aspect before investing in a token. Remember, calls based on your research are bound to give you better results. 

Now that we have an idea of the core fundamentals and an overview of the price history let’s move into the historical aspects of the coin listed in the following sections.   

APL Token Price Prediction

Apollo Currency Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: -27%

The APL token has been low after having a record-breaking value earlier last year. The token entered the year with a registered price around the $0.0023 mark (significantly better than its closing for 2020). Following its entry, things went smoothly for the next few days as the token was able to touch its all-time high for the year at $0.0034 before making a significant drop, moving to $0.0019 by the end of the 1st month of the year.

Movements around February weren’t so great for the APL token. However, investors witnessed a small but positive jump to $0.0022 by 15th February 2022. The token continued its journey throughout the remainder of the month, keeping up with the $0.0022 benchmark for its rates. 

Enter March, and the news of the UST losing its peg to the dollar affected the entire month, resulting in a general downtrend for the whole market. Following this, APL also went down, closing at $0.0014 by the end of the month. 

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Post that, there have been no corrections on the token price. The charts have presented us with a dominating bullish run, with the token’s price falling off to the $0.00050 mark in mid-May. And while there were price corrections in between, the run hasn’t been so significant as the token lies around the same price range. 

As per the latest market data (at the time of writing), the Apollo Currency (APL) is currently at $0.00057 and is ranked #706 in the market. Besides, it has a circulation supply of 21,165,096,531 and a market cap of $14,029,636 in the last 24 hours.

However, despite its negative run for the majority of 2022, the Apollo token has presented a good increase of 11.02% over the last 24 hours. 

Now, talking about its movements for the remainder of the year, we aren’t very optimistic about it. While the token has excellent potential, this isn’t the year for the token. However, perhaps if the investors continue to show their faith in the fundamentals of Apollo Currency, the price might be able to reach up to $0.001 by the end of the year.

APL Price Prediction 2023 | Potential ROI: -13%

For 2023, we expect the token to show positive movement on an annual average. Considering all the possible collaborations and the active community that APL is developing, we expect the APL token to touch new highs this year. 

However, the crypto market is unpredictable and accurate movements are hard to predict. Therefore, to give a safe but insightful analysis of the possible market run, price movements for the APL tokens are expected to hit the $0.002 mark as its average high. Besides, we’re also expecting a significant turnover within the defined range of the crypto industry.

APL Price Prediction 2024 | Potential ROI: -12%

Price predictions for Apollo Currency in 2024 are majorly positive. We expect a significant correction from the token for this year, and with more investors and developers in the community, the token is expected to be bullish for 2024. 

As per analysts around TradingView, APL will be touching a maximum price level of $0.003 by 2024. On the other hand, we’re also expecting the APL token to give out a massive turnover in the market. So overall, the predicted average would be around the $0.003 mark.

Apollo Currency Price Prediction 2025 | Potential ROI: 70%

2025 would be a breakthrough for the APL token. After spending some time in the market, we expect the Hermes Blockchain to have expanded far and wide, resolving all the preliminary issues over the traditional Blockchain. 

Considering the token’s acceptance and current annual movement, Apollo Currency might continue the bull run that it would pick up from 2024. By the end of 2025, we expect the APL token to show an average of $0.005. Or, it might also go around the range bound of $0.004 but will continue to be bullish primarily.  

APL Price Prediction 2030 | Potential ROI: 1100%

2030 would mark a decade of APL’s existence in the crypto industry. This year is expected to bring a revolution into the sector as cryptos enter a new age. Rest, we’re sure that the token will be at a soaring high this year, following almost a half-decade bullish run.

Given the elevated prices, the APL token is expected to move ahead in a bullish pattern, and the predicted optimism will attract better investments and attention. As a result, the expected price of the APL token for 2030 would average around $0.026, with the token going up to $0.030 as its maximum.

To give you an overview, here we’ve presented a tabular presentation of the different price movements over the years:

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 0.021 0.045 0.095 1 0.030
Potential ROI -27% -13% -12% 70% 1100%
Type Of Run Bearish Bearish Bearish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Buy  Strong Buy Strong Buy

Looking at it, there’s no fixed approach to the price movements of the ACH toke. In addition, the movements primarily depend on the regulator’s approach to the token. Therefore, the best way to understand whether or not to invest in it is entirely related to your understanding of the token’s analysis and the fundamentals backing it.

Is Apollo Token The Best Crypto To Buy Now?

Considering the present market movement and trends, we understand how complicated it can be as an investor. If you’re looking to invest in the APL tokens, you’ll need all the help you can. Besides, considering the overall market movement that the token has been making over the years, we understand your temptation to invest in the dip and make significant returns. 

If you look at it from the technical aspect, the market for Apollo Token is already suffering, and there’s not much that investors can do about it. However, if you’re a long-term investor, now might be the perfect opportunity to invest with the low prices and wait for the prices to hit the support mark. 

Similarly, if you’re an avid investor with a higher price potential, you could check out other market options to get real-time investment returns. Not to forget, the entire crypto market is going through a red phase (at the time of writing in July). Plus, there’s not much positive news concerning the APL tokens. So before investing in the token, ensure you’re thorough with your research. 

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of our price prediction on the APL token for 2022 and beyond. Looking at all the details we’ve put into the projects, it’s evident that while APL is relatively cool, it is a tempting investment opportunity for long-term investors. 

That said, we can’t overlook the industry’s volatility. No observation can determine the future movement of any given token at any time. Therefore, ensure that you’ve done your research before investing any money.


Would the APL token hit the $1 mark in 2022?

No, looking at the current price movements of the token, it’s almost impossible for the token to hit that mark. However, if it continues to grow investors and has a strong community backing, it might even surpass that benchmark in the future.

Is the APL token legit? Would it collapse in the future?

Yes, the token is completely legit! The Blockchain behind its existence has been operating for nearly 4 years now and has presented a significant return to the investments. However, given the nature of the industry, we can never be sure about which token might collapse and which won’t!

Is APL a reliable investment?

Yes, if you’re an investor in the dip, now would be the perfect time to invest in the token. However, before you invest, understand that it would take some years before the token is in bullish action.

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