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Alchemy Pay (ACH) Price Prediction: 2023, 2025, 2030 Forecast

alchemy pay

The ACH (Alchemy Pay) is one of the latest additions to the crypto market! Considering the short but comprehensive run, the token has made considerable price jumps over the years. 

This distinctive digital asset serves as a means to link fiat money and cryptocurrency tokens. Despite not ranking among the top 30 global cryptocurrencies by market valuation, Alchemy Pay has shown to be a tempting movement in its charts with the idea of a promising future in its movement. 

Considering the ongoing trend, chances are that you might’ve heard of this token and are looking forward to investing in it. But, while on it, chances are that you might want to reconsider your strategy and know in-depth about the token’s potential, its fundamentals, and most importantly, its price prediction. 

Therefore, to help you better, we’ve curated a blog that helps you predict the prices of ACH tokens for 2022 and beyond. Continue reading as we explore the token’s price history, fundamentals, and other essential factors in the following sections.

Alchemy Pay (ACH): At A Glance

Project Name Alchemy Pay
Crypto Symbol ACH
ACH Market Cap $55,883,813.65
Current Supply 10000000000
Circulating Supply 4,710,928,000 ACH
Current Price (As of July 1st week) $0.01256
All-time High Rate $0.20
Official Website

Alchemy Pay (ACH): Overview

Founded in 2018 in Singapore, Alchemy Pay (ACH) is a leading payments platform that is designed with a unique concept. The solution provider bridges the gap between fiat and crypto economies by simplifying payment solutions for merchants, global consumers, developers, and institutions. 

The platform currently provides both offline and online merchants with the convenience of accepting digital and fiat payments. This simplifies easy onboarding to Blockchain ecosystems and makes web3 services easily accessible. The platform is currently supported in 70+ countries and brings 300 unique payment channels for its users. In addition, the platform also has access to over 2 million merchants via its collaboration with industry leaders like QFPay, Binance, NIUM, and Shopify. 

Alchemy Pay offers features that not many similar platforms can boast, but the question is: Does it matter? In the crypto industry, marketing and PR often matter a lot more than the actual functionality of different platforms. Many innovative projects never take off simply due to a lack of luck.

That said, we believe Alchemy Pay has what it takes to succeed. They are taking substantial steps to realize their ambitions of promoting mass adoption not only by partnering with crypto companies but also with banks, merchant networks, and payment channels like PayPal. Additionally, Alchemy Pay’s social media accounts seem well-managed, so they are not lacking in the marketing department.

ACH Token Fundamental Value

ACH is the native token used in Alchemy Pay’s hybrid token environment. This ERC-20 token is pre-mined and has a cap of 10,000,000,000 tokens (September 4, 2019). With its seamless functioning abilities backed by Ethereum, the token supports various crypto-fiat transactions, facilitating a seamless exchange between primary currencies and major crypto assets over different exchange trades. In addition, the token was later registered over Huobi on September 7, 2020, followed by Coinbase on August 3, 2021.

Here’s an overview of the different instances where ACH Token holds its fundamental value: 

For Businesses: As B2B and Crypto-fiat B2C payment

We allow businesses to transact with individual retailers and other businesses via crypto-fiat payment gateways. This selection includes e-commerce platforms, offline retail merchants, crypto exchanges, and more.

For Institutions: Crypto investment tool

The ACH token also serves as an investment tool for traditional financial institutions. Bodies like fund management firms and banks are provided with the option to offer crypto investment services to their clientele by brokering the exchange between crypto and fiat.

For Individuals: Crypto-fiat investment & shopping

At the individual level, the ACH token can be like a fiat currency. It allows users to borrow, purchase their tokens and holdings, earn staking interest, and trade crypto assets directly. 

Now that we have an idea of the fundamental value of the ACH token, let’s delve into the history and overview aspect of the digital asset. Once done, we’ll have a better idea of the token type and the future movements that it might make. 

ACH Token Price History & Overview

At its launch in the open market, the Alchemy Pay token opened with $0.02 as its net worth. Over the first few days, it experienced a bull run (typical behavior for every newly introduced crypto token). However, the token quickly fell, and the price dropped to about $0.01 by October 2020. Following this, the coin spent another ten months as an upper limit to the coin’s future potential. During the latter part of 2020 (20 July), ATH witnessed its all-time low at $0.001338 until some good news for the market movement and future projects associated with the token and its native platform. 

Following the run, it was in August 2021 when the Alchemy Platform had some good news to increase its market value. This time, it was the platform’s collaboration announcement with the Binance exchange to develop a payment bridge between crypto and fiat in the Binance wallet. This way, users of the Binance platform could pay crypto tokens from their Binance wallet to a range of companies, including Ce La Vi, Shopify, and Aldo.

At the time, Alchemy Pay’s CEO, John Tan, explained how Alchemy Pay’s partnership with Binance to develop their Binance Pay wallet will significantly improve the operational expertise of the applications and will be a great bridge between the crypto and fiat worlds. The news helped ACH put itself on the crypto map. 

Post the news of the collaboration, the token registered a steep growth of over 4,000% in four days, going from $0.004263 (beginning of August 2, 2021) to its all-time high of $0.1975 (as of 6th August). However, the price was a short spike as it soon went down again. 

During the middle of August 2021, the ACH token’s price settled around the $0.08 mark before rising and finally settling at $0.09805 by the end of the month. However, September declined as the token reported its closing price at $0.06284.

Following this, ACH witnessed great stability around the October 2021 phase, hovering at a price around $0.06 before it could witness an upsurge and settling to a finish at $0.07166. November 2021, on the contrary, was a good start, and the token made a breakthrough, going all the way up to $0.1127 post its run last August 2021. However, that movement was short-lived as the market witnessed concerns over the Covid-19 Omicron variant. ACH was caught in the slump, closing at $0.09196 for the month. 

Concerns surrounding the pandemic were further a part of the market till 2021, when the ACH token marked the year’s end at $0.06356. While the token marked a downsized market from its recent heights, overall, ACH presented a healthy market movement. The token presented a 1,000% surge throughout 2021. 

ACH Token Price Forecast 

The Alchemy Pay token has been unique, being one of its kind and possibly the first initiator in such a hybrid network. Since its inception in 2020, the ACH token has been an active performer in the market, adjusting its price as per the market while backing its core exchange platform with new and better updates.  

Therefore, to give you a fair idea of the project, we’ve tried to distribute the project’s profile into two different factors, primarily on the Technical and Fundamental front. Let’s check it out:

Based on its market movement since early 2022, it won’t be wrong to say that the token has made a significant jump in terms of its intrinsic value. The token has already marked a 1000% growth in its short but comprehensive run. 

Now, comparing the market’s current position as per the chart from TradingView, the token shows strong market movements so far (at the time of writing). Therefore, if you’re looking for an entry into the market, now would be a good time to invest. 

Being an avid investor, we’re sure you can’t overlook the significance of having a fundamental view of your investments. After all, it plays a crucial role in highlighting the importance of any token while determining future prices. 

Besides, the price is bound to shoot up if more developers and investors continue to see the possibility of having such a token in their portfolios. In addition, with Binance’s latest unveiling of the $ACH staking special, it’s pretty evident that the price of the project will be going up in the coming weeks. 

Note: While these are just predictions, remember, it’s almost impossible to make 100% accurate calls with any crypto token. In addition, none of the technical or fundamental predictions suggest what’s upcoming in the next few months. These technical analyses’ aren’t accurately correct but are made to give you an idea of whether or not to proceed with your investments. Remember, your call is always the last one to make. 

Now that we have an idea of what’s next for the ACH token let’s look at the crypto token’s long-term outlook in the following sections.  

ACH Token Price Prediction

ACH Price Prediction 2022 | Potential ROI: 142%

The ACH token continued to present a stable run throughout the beginning of January 2022. The token started the year with a $0.06 rate, eventually barring a spike as it briefly reached its high of $0.09293 on 10 January. However, the token slumped later that year, falling to the price of $0.03934 at the end of the month. 

The ACH token witnessed a more encouraging uptrend in its price. There was a general uptrend in February, marking a monthly high of $0.06824 (as of 16 February 2022). But it was short-lived as not even Alchemy Pay’s news of entering into a partnership with the Spanish football club Real Betis could keep the market from going down (due to the rising concerns over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine). However, the token continued to stay afloat at a price of around $0.0485.

Since then, the ACH token has gone down, falling to $0.041 (as of 22 March). The price continued to go down following the news of China’s crypto ban before the token could revise its price to $0.04447 on the 13th of April. However, this was short-lived as the token continued to fall until it hit a floor price of $0.022 on 9 May 2022.

However, the price movement wasn’t done yet as the token continued to go down following the collapse of LUNA and de-pegging of TerraUSD in the second week of May, falling to an intraday low of $0.01328. However, after being listed on the KuCoin exchange on 24th May, ACH marked a new high of $0.03593 on 24 May. 

The high was short-lived as it went back to $0.015 on 7 June, and the downward momentum continued till June 22. By that time, over 4.65 billion out of the total 10 billion ACH were in circulation. This pushed the token’s market cap over $58.66m, ranking ACH as the 326th largest crypto per the cap metric.

Now, talking of the movement of the token in July and the remainder of 2022, we’re expecting the token’s price to recuperate and rise. But to sum up the tokens market movement for the year, chances are that the token will continue its bearish run. Investors might witness a price fluctuation between the $0.025-0.035 range. Besides, the prices might also hit a floor at $0.02 per token.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2023 | Potential ROI: 228%

Talking of the token’s movement in 2023, experts decrypting the market expect the price to shoot up. According to forecasts, the ACH token might double in one year and hit $0.088 in March 2023. 

However, it’s a future assumption, and it’s impossible to comment whether or not the token would double its price. However, considering the current market movements and the rate at which the token is moving, we can expect the average price of the ACH token to round up around $0.07 in 2023, with its high going to $0.09 and lows at approximately $0.04 or less.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2024 | Potential ROI: 322%

2024 is expected to be the decisive year that decides the fate of the ACH token! The token’s movement in the next two years will heavily influence its movement for 2024. It is during this year that we’ll get to see whether the coin has some potential or is simply another failed utility token.

However, as per the research and market movements, we are hopeful for positive price dynamics. As per our long-term price prediction, 2024 may witness an upward trend for the token, and it may be able to cross the $0.1 line to reach its settlement at an average of $0.095 by the end of the year.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2025 | Potential ROI: 412%

Looking forward to our 2025 price prediction for Alchemy pay, we expect the token to multiply its current price by 3x. While there’s no solid understanding of where the token might land in the next three years, we’re optimistic about its movements, reaching a maximum price of $0.2. However, the token is also expected to make massive leaps by the end of the year.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2030 | Potential ROI: 1260%

The market is currently flooded with predictions for ACH tokens’ price in 2024. Experts suggest that the token might go up to the $1 mark, adding over 1000x returns for its investors. 

However, it’s almost impossible to say which prediction to settle with as the token can either reach the $1 mark or collapse to zero; there’s no specific way to predict the price rather than wait for the year 2030. 

To give you an overview, here’s a tabular representation of the token’s price movement in the following years:

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025
Expected Price 0.021 0.045 0.095 1
Potential ROI 142% 228% 322% 1260%
Type Of Run Bearish Bullish Bullish Bullish
Singal  Buy Buy Strong Buy  Strong Buy

Looking at it, there’s no fixed approach to the price movements of the ACH toke. In addition, the movements primarily depend on the regulator’s approach to the token. Therefore, the best way to understand whether or not to invest in it is entirely related to your understanding of the token’s analysis and the fundamentals backing it.

Is Alchemy Pay the Best Crypto to Buy Now?

Being an investor in 2022, we’re sure you’d be confused about investing in the ACH token. Besides, it’s evident! Considering the token’s solid projected movements and use cases, you might be tempted to start immediately. However, this is where we suggest you hold. 

The market is too bearish for investors to enter a trade in Alchemy Pay. A smarter investment strategy would be to wait for a solid re-entry when the token hits a solid rejection from support. 

But if you’re a potential investor with high price potential, you could check out the other market options that would provide you with similar returns on your investments. Not to forget, the entire market is bearish (at the time of writing in July), and there is not much positive news concerning the market to influence the movement. Therefore, when at it, ensure that you have an idea of the token before you invest in it.

Is Alchemy Pay The Best Crypto to Buy Now? 

With this, we come to an end of our comprehensive summary of the ACH token’s run from the year 2022-30. Considering all the details put into the research and market movements for the token, it’s evident that ACH is currently a hot investment project. That said, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and we can never be sure what the token will perform soon. Therefore, it’s always a wise move to trust your research before making any investment.

Although ACH crypto continues to be an exciting project with future potential, we suggest you be very specific about your investments in the project type. Remember, while the returns might be very tempting, there’s always some uncertainty surrounding the crypto markets. 


Yes, the project does have the potential to hit the dollar mark, but it won’t be anytime soon! If the token continues bullish movement, we are unlikely to see the price going anywhere around $1 in the coming years.
There’s a 50/50 chance to make the statement. The token is backed by strong ethics and backed by the likes of large-scale investors. However, we can’t ignore that the token has been somewhat bullish since the second half of 2021.
It might be a token to invest in the future, but it isn’t now! The token’s performance over the past year has already increased by over 5x since its movement last year. Therefore, if you’re an avid investor, you might want to invest in this token.
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