PAYERA – Simple Shopping And Safe Pay

PAYERA is a platform promising an online marketplace where consumers can make a purchase for any product using a single wallet that will be able to hold all forms of Cryptocurrencies and have the wallet be able to do transactions between Cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform has assured investors that this site will be utilizing the latest strategies in security in order to protect the information of users shopping on the site. Possibly the best part of PAYERA, is their additional component of CARDERA featuring a physical bank card which a person can use to access their online wallet and draw physical fiat currency from any ATM.

Payera Token


Token: PERA
Price of Token in ICO: $0.02 US
Total Number of Tokens: 2 100 000 000 PERA
Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH and BCH
Softcap: $4 000 000
Hardcap: $21 000 000
Pre-sale End date: 20 June 2018
Public Sale Start Date: June 20th 2018
Sale End Date: 18 July 2018

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Logging into PAYERA would enable you to see the total balance of your wallet – for all the respective Cryptocurrencies, to engage in transactions using the coins within the wallet, for example, exchanging one coin for another. In addition, you could share the link to your wallet so that someone can send you money without incurring any banking charges by generating a link or QR code. Finally, you can use the money stored within the wallet to pay for items at stores anywhere in the online world or in the real world.


Both large companies and small businesses can access the marketplace, all they have to do is upload an image, a bit of information and a price. If they add a location, then a user can choose to purchase online or to go into the physical store and buy the item there.


A crypto-payment-card that will be linked up directly to your PAYERA wallet enabling a person to potentially shop at any retail store, restaurant or business place even if that company is not as yet making use of Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, individuals will also have the ability to withdraw physical currency from any ATM, this process works the same as with an ordinary banking account when funds are withdrawn the balance goes down and this is the same for the PAYERA wallet.

Reasons To Use PAYERA

The main benefit, of course, is the fact that all Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged directly for one another within the wallet on the platform, and no fees will be incurred for the conversion of one Cryptocurrency to another. Customers who log on to the platform simply to buy things, and who are not selling anything on the platform will not have any charges leveled at them by PAYERA.

That being said though, businesses and individuals who are selling through the platform will only pay a very minimal fee and the platform has stated that companies who routinely receive good reviews from customers will lessen or waiver the fee. Following that, you can also send Cryptocurrency to relatives and acquaintances without having to pay any charges towards PAYERA.

The site is built primarily with security in mind, using all of the newest innovations within Blockchain in order to keep user information safe and secure. Add to that the fact that the development team has promised that the site will be optimized for speed, with transactions occurring in less than a few seconds at a time. More importantly, though, this platform provides a single spot to conduct all of the online transactions within your life and to manage all of your Cryptocurrencies in one secure and easy-to-use place.