Over 30,000 New Shops in the US Accept Crypto, Bitcoin Moves Over $8000 & more

Flexa Network Over 30,000 Shops Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto has gained a huge boost in adoption as the Flexa Network in the US starts to accept Bitcoin. The network includes popular brands like Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Lowe’s and many more. Customers can pay now with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Gemini Dollar at stores of these brands. Through this step, the Flexa network is able to save payment costs. The number of shops within the Flexa Network that will participate is cited as 30,476.

Bitcoin Price Entered Parabolic Price Action – What’s Next?

Bitcoin has moved above $8000. Obviously, there is a lot of FOMO going on which led prices for weeks now higher and higher. Some articles on the price movement that we have written in the last weeks became outdated fastly when we published them as Bitcoin’s price rose quickly higher. All by itself, this is of course very positive news. However, price development has gotten a bit unhealthy lately. The price is rising parabolically during these last few days. Parabolic price action is fun to ride. However, finding the right exit point(s) is crucial as the pullback is usually as severe as the surge.

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60,000 Bitcoin Enthusiasts Are Participating In A Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt

The International Satoshi’s Treasure hunt has so far attracted 60,000 Bitcoin enthusiasts. Each one of them is aiming to scoop the $1 million worth of Bitcoin Tokens.
The game has been initiated by Bitcoin and other Crypto investors who are targeting to raise interest in BTC not only among the veteran investors but also prospective buyers. Satoshi’s Treasure is a game that is divided into the scavenger hunt and logic puzzle parts. The logic part requires the Bitcoin enthusiasts participating in the game to think and solve physical and digital puzzles. On the other hand, the scavenger hunt is purely odds-based which gives the game its casino/betting thrill and atmosphere.

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Cryptocurrency Mobile Banking Taking Over the Financial Industry

As the number of smartphone users increases across the globe, the tech industry grows and competition among mobile manufacturing companies increases. According to a recent report by CACI, 60% of the population in the United Kingdom is expected to use mobile banking applications by 2023. At the end of 2018, the number of mobile bank application users was 22 million. The need for secure platform has resulted in the inception of cryptocurrency mobile banking apps and solutions. They are powered by blockchain technology and have gained traction due to the security detail and convenience.

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