Opera Touch-Cryptocurrency Inspired Browser Coming Soon

After launching on Android, Opera team has announced that the team is working on cryptocurrency-inspired browser for iPhone users. What this means is that you will soon be able to use the browser on your iPhone and iPad device. Reports indicate that the new browser will be referred to as Opera Touch and it will enable you to browser a decentralized web that is commonly referred to as Web 3.0.

Introducing Opera Touch- Cryptocurrency Oriented Browser

Opera Touch is currently being developed and will soon be made available to millions of Apple users. One of the highlights of Apple devices is the robust security features. The introduction of this new advanced browser means that users will be able to browse the internet without worrying about their personal information being stolen.

The decentralized web is better than the conventional web since it is more transparent and efficient. At the time of writing, the specific date that this new browser will be launched is yet to be made clear, but the company is already allowing people to sign up for a chance to be an early tester before the official launch.

Opera Touch

One of the features that Opera Touch will have is an in-built cryptocurrency wallet that will enable users to transact and store ERC20 tokens as well as other Ethereum based assets such as CryptoKitties. You will also be able to interact and leverage the various mobile applications available in the popular Ethereum network.

Based on the fact that Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain networks in the world, Opera Touch will definitely get a huge following shortly after its launch. The developers need to make sure that all features are working properly and the browser is user friendly before launching to offer value to its users.

In another tactical move that is meant to enhance growth in the cryptocurrency industry, Opera has partnered with HTC to create another custom browser for HTC Exodus 1, blockchain powered smartphone. This browser is easy to operate but the fact that it is decentralized will motivate the ever-growing cryptocurrency community to purchase the smartphone and use the browser to access information online.

Final Thoughts

 The creation and launching of Opera Touch will be a major event in the history of cryptocurrency. Most experts are optimistic that the browser will contribute positively towards mainstream and widespread adoption of Dapps and cryptocurrencies. Note that most of the decentralized mobile applications are not performing as expected in terms of downloads and users. Get more accurate cryptocurrency news here.