Only 1.3% Use Crypto As Currency & more

Chainanalysis: Only 1.3% Use Crypto as Currency

The blockchain analysis company has recently reported that only a minority of cryptocurrency users really use it as cash. That is to buy or sell services and goods with it. Only 1.38% of all users use it in that way. The primary use remains trading or speculating with the currency. A striking majority of 89.7% of cryptocurrency users use it for that reason.

Bitcoin Broke 9000 Level & Crashed Down

Bitcoin has broken through the 9000 level yesterday. However, the price dipped immediately after. We stated yesterday that Bitcoin would likely retest the $8000 zone. Currently, the price of Bitcoin sits at around $8300.

Coinbase Listed EOS

The US-American exchange EOS has decided to list EOS. The cryptocurrency is currently the fifth largest by market capitalization. EoS is a delegated-PoS coin and tries to create a scalable solution for smart-contracts and dApps.

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Barclays Leads Crowdfunding Series For Blockchain–Based Invoicing Platform

According to an official press release, Crowdz, a Silicon Valley-based fintech solutions provider has received a major boost after Barclays Bank led a crowdfunding series to raise capital for the development of a Blockchain-powered invoicing platform. Other contributors in the first series of the crowdfunding round include BOLD Capital Partners, First Derivatives, Techstars Ventures, and TFX Capital Partners. The participants have been able to raise $5.5 million that will cover the costs of sales, marketing, and product development.

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Technical Analysis: 10k Resistance Level – Really that Significant?

We questioned in our last technical analysis whether or not the often mentioned 10k resistance is really that significant from a technical perspective. Data from the last bull run and the recent chart give us important insights to estimate chances and risks in the current market.

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