NextPakk: Built for Last-Mile Delivery

What is NextPakk?

NextPakk is a highly innovative company that is trying to do for the logistics industry, what Uber did for the transportation industry. With NextPakk, customers can schedule delivery of their items for a one-hour window. This helps customers to ensure that they will actually be there when their packages arrive. The purpose of this service is to prevent package theft, which is a major problem in the United States. It also dramatically increases convenience for customers.

The Token

Token Name: Pakka

ICO Date: 9/1/18 – 9/30/18

Price: 1 Pakka = $.32 USD

Goal: $32 million



How does it work?

NextPakk depends on freelancers working on their own time, just like Uber, Lyft, and other sharing economy companies do. People who would like to earn some extra money on the side, or potentially even full-time can register to deliver packages for NextPakk. People who deliver for NextPakk are paid for every single package that they deliver.

One of the ways that NextPakk is able to provide such fast delivery times is by partnering with local businesses. NextPakk works out arrangements with local businesses so that NextPakk is able to use extra storage space at the businesses for temporary package storage. NextPakk drivers wait for delivery orders to come in, they then pick up the package at the local business and then deliver it quickly to the customer’s home. The result is that NextPakk is able to conduct last mile delivery in a way that is completely streamlined, efficient, and fast. Customers benefit, NextPakk delivery people benefit, and businesses who partner with NextPakk benefit. It is a win-win-win scenario, and it is revolutionizing the logistics industry. All of the data for the package delivery is stored on a blockchain. This helps to increase customer privacy, and to boost trust.

NextPakk has a network of merchants who accept Pakka tokens. Customers who would like to make purchases through the Pakka system can use Pakka tokens to buy the items. Using Pakka tokens and the NextPakk system will enable the customer to select his or her one-hour window for delivery.

Why NextPakk?

The ecommerce industry is projected to be grow to $2.4 trillion by the end of 2018. This industry is only likely to grow, thanks to online retailers such as Amazon and Ecommerce is a major commercial trend that has a lot of power behind it. It is completely changing that way that entire industries do business. This trend is only likely to continue into the future, which means that the need for efficient, fast, and convenient last mile delivery is only likely to get stronger. This means that NextPakk will be perfectly positioned to help supply last mile shipping services. The business model for NextPakk is very clever.

Why is NextPakk better than existing shipping methods?

Existing shipping methods will still be involved with NextPakk, NextPakk will only participated in last mile shipping. Traditional shippers often struggle with last mile delivery. This is because issues such as traffic, insufficient storage facilities, and package theft are all major problems with existing shipping methods.

NextPakk has more storage facilities, thanks to its partnerships with many local businesses. This helps it to overcome traffic issues since the storage facilities are closer to the actual destinations. Also, because NextPakk allows customers to choose a one-hour window for delivery, it dramatically reduces package theft. Considering the fact that roughly 30 percent of Americans report having been victims of package theft at some point in their life, it is extremely significant that NextPakk reduces package theft.

Also, package theft currently forces roughly 35 percent of Americans to ship packages to alternate locations besides their houses or apartments to avoid having their packages stolen. This results in wasted time, money, and CO2 emissions. NextPakk can help to solve all of these problems by allowing for safer direct delivery to people’s homes. This is another key benefit of NextPakk.


NextPakk is largely focusing on cities. This is because missed effective last-mile deliveries are mainly problematic in cities for traditional shipping companies. Cities have more traffic, it is harder to get warehouse space in them for storage, there is an increased chance of package theft, etc. So, NextPakk will potentially bring a lot of value to ecommerce customers in cities. NextPakk may just overcome all of the problems that traditional shipping companies face with last-mile delivery. If NextPakk proves itself capable of doing this, then it could scale extremely quickly. However, if it is going to scale quickly, the company is going to have to get people used to paying with Pakka tokens. This could be one of the largest challenges that the company could face.

A brand new opportunity for freelancers

Companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb have made it possible for independent freelancers and entrepreneurs to make money outside of a traditional corporate environment in the sharing economy. NextPakk is creating a brand new opportunity for people to do similar things in the logistics industry. This could cause literally millions of people to start working for NextPakk. The aforementioned companies have proven that there is an insatiable demand in the workforce for this sort of independent work that can be done on one’s own schedule.