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Zeepin ICO Review

Founded by the former CEO and CSO of Arting365, Zeepin is a decentralized Blockchain whose aim is to develop a creative platform and economy. Zeepin use cases include the provision of crowdfunding and networking services for people in the creative industry, copywriting (via time-logging of data or ideas on the blockchain) and making payments. This new disruptive platform seeks to increase the efficiency of the new creative economy.

Zeepin’s Goal

The platform is based on the Neo-Contract smart contract system open source framework. Creating an opportunity for creators to operate in a trustless system is what the Zeepin founders — Zhu Fei and Shenbi Xu — had in mind. Each individual or organization on the Zeepin platform has a reliable digital identity that facilitates the conversion of any creative or innovative resources to digital assets. All the assets and applications developed by the Zeepin team, both digital and real-life will launch on the Zeepin Chain and will be used to facilitate the development of the global creative industry.

ApplicationThe Token

Token: Zeepin
Presale Start Date: 18th January 2018
Total Zeepin Sale: $62,580,000
Price: 1 NEO for 500 ZPT
Soft Cap: $12.6 Million
Hard Cap: 420,000 NEO
Country: Singapore

Zeepin-Token-sale-planZeepin Features

Zeepin will provide services similar to those provided by other major platforms serving the digital economy such as Shutterstock, Basecamp, Kickstarter, and Upwork. The Zeepin team is in the in the process of adding several features to the platform to help them realize their vision. These include:

• ZeeTalent. This feature provides a digital identity on the Zeepin platform to match real-world Know Your Client standards.

• ZeeCreate. A matchmaking program for creative services. It helps users look for design ideas or services without a middleman making the interaction within the platform purely peer-to-peer.

• ZeeCrew. A quick, low-cost way of finding new team members with the necessary skills to make projects become a reality.

• ZeeFund. This is a crowdfunding platform. The Zeepin foundation or a third-party auditor will verify a project’s request for crowdfunding. If the project is approved, it will be open the community to fund the project in ZPT tokens.

• ZeeProof. A feature that works hand in hand with ZeeRights to undeniably shows the existence of the copyright sans the disclosure of its contents.

• ZeeRights. A Blockchain based copyright solution that provides irrefutable proof that copyright belongs to the person or organization that holds the signature.

• ZeeSure. This feat

ure provides insurance for all the digital assets in the Zeepin Platform.

The traditional copyright process is associated with high transaction costs. That and the lack of trust in the process involving distribution mechanisms for copyright assets are some of the hurdles that the Zeepin blockchain seeks to eliminate. Additionally, the platform also provides a solution for one of the biggest problems in the creative market that is copyright protection and confirmation.

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