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XAPO Review

What is XAPO?

XAPO claims to be the first real Bitcoin debit card on the market. It’s not entirely accurate, as Bitwala was the first business to use the service. XAPO was. Nevertheless, the very first company to connect Bitcoin to their card Being a pioneer in any field includes advantages and drawbacks. The benefits are that you’re ahead of the curve. The disadvantage is that you have to make all the mistakes. XAPO did undoubtedly make a lot of errors, including sending unbranded cards to their clients. They’ve gained from these errors, nevertheless, and is now one of the leaders in the area. Let’s have an appearance at a few of the specifics.

Benefits of XAPO

There are no maintenance costs during the first year of using the XAPO card. XAPO also positions a strong focus on security, and there are several layers you can activate as a user. There are likewise no costs associated with topping up your card, which stands in sharp contrast to their competition.

Downsides of XAPO

The card is presently out of service, due to XAPO no longer working with Visa. The card will be re-launched in 2019; however, for now, it’s not readily available. The card is also reasonably pricey to deliver if you do not wish to wait nearly a month to get it. Before ceasing operations, the company did not service US people, which is unwise for Americans. XAPO utilized to use anonymity to those who wished it; brand-new rules appear to need rigid verification.


XAPO charges

The physical XAPO card costs $20 to release. Once you have the card in hand, you’ll be charged $1 monthly in upkeep. New users will enjoy finding that the first year of usage is free. You can select between totally free delivery or express shipment. Free shipment takes 25 days and does not consist of parcel tracking. Express delivery costs $55 and will get you the card exceptionally rapidly. Withdrawing cash from an ATM with the card needs $2.5 domestically and $3.5 worldwide. Transforming from one currency to another comes with a 3% conversion cost. There are no POS charges if you utilize the card’s native cash. If you use the card abroad, nevertheless, it’ll cost you an additional 3%. It costs $1 to alter the card’s PIN, and getting a replacement will cost you $12.

XAPO details


Some Bitcoin debit card issuers ran out of luck with Visa recently. Their card isn’t currently available, which is an embarrassment. Stay tuned for updates on when the card is available again.

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