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Why Review Sites Need Blockchain, Explained


Analysis shows that almost 93% of consumers say reviews they peruse affect their decisions while buying. In a period where we are purchasing items online without having an actual idea, this can be understood. The individual experiences of other customers can echo more than the salesperson they meet in the market, and that’s why 85% of consumers believe online testimonials as much as counsel from colleagues.

Faking reviews

New firms and those influenced by faulty testimonials from honest customers, occasionally pay individuals to write enthusiastic reviews. It assists beginners make it look like they have happy consumers and enables poorly rated firms to promote their insincerely.

Blockchain technology can privately keep trail of a customer’s products and only allow them to write testimonials for the goods they have purchased and also restrict individuals from leaving several reviews. That’s because a protected data of their buying history could be checked to see if the item a person is trying to testify is something they have purchased in the past.

Product rankings

If you are on site which grades goods according to the testimonials they have received, you should certainly be careful. A senior journalist was encouraged to reveal how these websites can be influenced after he spent time leaving counterfeit testimonials for restaurants a few years earlier.

He designed a hoax restaurant with outright pictures of classy food that was made with shaving foam and listed it online. Then, he requested his colleagues to write amazing testimonials. Finally, the eatery was  number one in the city’s list, even though it had never served  any meal to anyone.



Social media stars

No matter how these stars may appear unbiased, a lot of analysis have shown how firms pay them advertise particular items or share affiliate links with friends and then get a share of the sales. Mostly, these celebs do not reveal this conflict of interest, meaning impressionable and young viewers do not realize that the effective testimonial is not as genuine as they thought. Blockchain could help in tracking down fake reviews and restricting more than one post.

Negative fake reviews

A circumstance known as a review bomb in the gaming sector has seen a joint battle of pessimistic testimonials written against games from certain founders. In some instances, this has influenced beginners who have just delivered their first ever title.

 Such incident happened after Campo Santo, the company owning fire watch, demanded pewdiepie’s streams of their game to be destroyed on ownership measures after the individual used a racial mumble in one of his telecasts. Steam, the site where pessimist reviews were left, has begun ignoring information written during testimonial bomb as an outcome.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain can assist individuals trust the item of the testimonials they see on the site. The technology has the potential to significantly minimize the number of reviews which have been left with a bad aim and reviews which deceive consumers and make them spend their money on services or goods that are not up to standards.


Blockchain programs such as UUNIO are pledging to create spaces where reviews have warning messages. It has the aspiration of bringing together testimonials of every product in the universe.

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