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Voxxo Review

Voxxo is a decentralized Blockchain driven network that seeks to revolutionize how we enjoy our music. The Voxxo team has developed a pay as you go approach when listening to music, meaning that music lovers can enjoy the content they like without having to subscribe to a particular service. In addition to the ERC-Compatible Voxxo token, you will also be able to use Bitcoin and Ethereum to pay for content on the Voxxo platform.

Voxxo is a Cryptocurrency for music. The platform blends music licensing, concert investments, and music player into one. It’s an innovative project that brings entertainment and software together for the betterment of the music industry. Voxxo tokens holders, as a community, have the power to influence the value of music. The project will be able to raise its revenue from crowdfunding large, large-scale live music events.

The Token

Token: Voxxo
Presale Date: 12th November 2017
Price: 1 Voxxo = $0.01-0.05
Total Voxxo On Sale: 75 Million
Platform: Ethereum
Accepts: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: $300,000
Hard Cap: $1.25 Million
Country: Turkey

Voxxo’s Main Aim

Voxxo’s goal is to make people use Cryptocurrency to pay for the music they want to listen to. The Voxxo token is the primary currency here, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are also accepted. The music industry will, in turn, be able to use the Voxxo token to create a good pricing structure for content on the platform. Voxxo wants to become the preferred digital currency for music for artists and listeners alike.

Voxxo’s Components

Motivated by the desire to have the community redefine the value of music, Voxxo is taking music entertainment into a whole new dimension. It’s a music app, but besides playing music, you can also license and invest in it. Voxxo-backed concerts are the biggest profit earner. All the money generated is shared by Voxxo token holders. The best part about the platform is that accommodates both free and paid users.

As a free user, you will be able to stream music free of charge with no limits. However, there will be an advertisement after every two songs. You can skip forward or backward on your playlist as you wish. Paid users, on the other hand, get to purchase as many songs as they wish without a subscription. There is no limit the number of music you listen to, and there are no ads in-between. You can follow your favourite artists and bands.

Voxxo’s Vision

Cryptocurrency, backed by Blockchain, is booming and no industry should be left behind. Voxxo wants to use the power of blockchain to create investment opportunities, change the future of music, and deliver high-quality entertainment at a low cost. Voxxo founders believe that Blockchain can have a lasting positive impact in the music industry, and that’s what the Voxxo team is pushing for. It’s an entertainment, investment, and talent development site all at once.


Voxxo is more than just a music player, it’s an investment opportunity. It’s a platform through which musicians from all parts of the globe can license their content and get paid in the process. Voxxo token holders can get profits by investing in live concerts. But that’s not all, music lovers aren’t left out either. If you love listening to music, you can do that without any subscription on the platform. Voxxo is similar to Spotify, Pandora, and other popular music streaming sites but it offers much more.

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