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UAE Regulator Invites Public Participation Ahead of DeFi Regulation

UAE Regulator Invites Public Participation Ahead of DeFi Regulation

UAE’s financial center, the Abu Dhabi Global Market, invites discussions regarding decentralized finance. According to Emmanuel Givanakis, CEO of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), there is a need to identify and address risks associated with the adoption of DeFi.

The discussion is expected to create a comprehensive guideline that will streamline the adoption of DeFi. The FSRA recognizes that this new technology has the potential to deliver efficient and tailored financial services.


FSRA Is Focusing on Identifying DeFi Risks

The FSRA invitation is anchored on risk reports from leading financial institutions. For instance, the World Economic Forum has outlined financial, technical, and operational risks as a major concern regarding decentralized finance.

Key concerns include:
·      Money laundering, crime, and terrorism financing fears because of anonymity features.
·      A dynamic user composition where some users are not fully informed about DeFi.
·      Ecosystem stability.
·      Confusion over terminologies such as DeFi Tokens.

By addressing these risks, the FSRA will be able to give a detailed framework to regulate decentralized transactions. The goal is to protect users and promote the growth of DeFi.


What This Means For Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The FSRA recognizes that DeFi platforms support the use of Stablecoins and other digital tokens. Therefore, the discussion pertaining DeFi is expected to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology in facilitating peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency transactions.

Research shows that more people are opposed to the centralized systems of finance that are shrouded in mystery. Further, the long chain of parties involved in conventional financial transactions and the government’s tight control of the financial ecosystem are widely unpopular. Hence, blockchain tech firms like Lightning Labs that offer decentralized financial solutions are set to experience organic growth.

Additionally, service providers like ESPN are increasingly offering non-fungible tokens (NFT), which are supported by DeFi ecosystems. The FSRA policy formulation program will address risks that impede the adoption of digital assets like Cryptocurrencies.


The Paper Is Not A Guidance But An Invitation To Share Ideas

The discussion invitation highlights some positions of the Abu Dhabi FSRA regarding DeFi and digital assets. For instance, the paper outlines the definition of key aspects of decentralized ecosystems such as Utility Tokens, Stablecoins, DeFi protocol, and network participants.

However, the conclusion statement indicates that the FSRA aims to “better refine” its understanding of DeFi to “adjust” its regulatory approach. This is an indicator that the policymaker recognizes that DeFi, which supports Cryptocurrencies, is here to stay. As per the document, a major disruption of the traditional financial system is in the offing.


Industry stakeholders such as Crypto investors, Blockchain developers, and the public have until June 30, 2022, to submit their input. The contributions to the ‘Discussion Paper No. 1 of 2022’ should be made to the below address.
Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Abu Dhabi Global Market Square
Al Maryah Island
PO Box 111999
Abu Dhabi,

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