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TrustFX Broker Review 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Like its name suggests, TrustFX literally wants to earn your trust by providing the ultimate trading environment, with all the right conditions set for your trading success. This leading and reputable European broker provides numerous, reliable trading services that have been designed to meet the individual needs of diverse traders. From multiple platforms and ingenious trading accounts, to handy trading resources and excellent support, TrustFX really raises the standards of financial brokerage services offered to the modern trader.To ensure you understand the entire trading offering that TrustFX provides, we decided to test them out with real money. We also sought reviews of other real account holders at the broker and online so as to provide a detailed review for any trader that wants to make them their brokerage partner. Indeed, to earn the trust of the modern trader is a bold endeavor, but is it a challenge TrustFX can take on? Find out below in this detailed, honest and unbiased review of TrustFX.

TrustFX Broker Review – Know the Facts, Trade with Confidence

TrustFX Broker Review – Know the Facts, Trade with Confidence

The table below gives an overview of the trading features at TrustFX. Read below for a more detailed assessment of the trading experience at TrustFX based on our own live testing and reviews gathered from other real account holders.

  • Fast trade execution ensuring no trading opportunity is lost
  • Safety and security of funds and personal information
  • High leverage of up to 1:100
  • 500+ tradable instruments including stocks, currencies, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies
  • Innovative account types tailored with a choice of features and services
  • Comprehensive trader support and training
  • Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Automated trading available
  • Free trading signals
  • No US traders accepted
  • No eWallet banking options currently available

What Makes TrustFX Unique?

What Makes TrustFX Unique?

TrustFX has gone the extra mile to gain the confidence of the modern trader. It is not just about offering access to the world of online financial assets trading; it is ensuring that traders can indeed take advantage of the money-spinning opportunities available. TrustFX provides extensive individual trader support that includes handy analytics, numerous trading resources, such as free trading signals, as well as dedicated training regimes to ensure traders of all levels continually increase their knowledge and skill base.

TrustFX also has appropriate account types for all types and levels of traders. It also provides multiple platform types to ensure traders are able to conveniently speculate on the prices of their favourite financial assets. Combined with their efficient payment systems and excellent customer service, TrustFX is a unique modern broker that you can well and truly trust with your trading career.

TrustFX Experience Test

To deliver a definitive review, we tested the entire trading experience at TrustFX with real money. The account opening process was simple and smooth, and we were ready to fund our account and to start trading in less than 3 minutes. As new TrustFX account holders, our first test was their customer support because we sought lots of clarifications and had many questions. The support team was very helpful and extremely patient with our incessant inquiries. They handled us professionally at all times and provided detailed solutions to all our issues.

The second test was their multiple platforms. We enjoyed the seamless transition between the 3 available platform types; you can open a trade position on one platform, track and manage it on another, and close it on a different one, flawlessly. All platforms are stable and powerful, with best execution guaranteed on all order types.

Our final test, and perhaps the most important one for traders, was the withdrawal process. Churning out trading profits is a daunting task; enjoying your profits should be as stress-free as possible. Because we had already verified our trading account during the account opening process, TrustFX processed our withdrawal request within 24 hours and our funds reflected on our end within 3 business days.

Based on our fundamental experience tests, we highly recommend TrustFX to traders who want an efficient and reliable brokerage partner.

TrustFX Scam Test

TrustFX Scam Test

To beware of scams is very prudent, because you have absolutely no chance of carving out a successful trading career with a rogue broker. It is also important to be objective when assessing any broker, because sometimes bad reviews may have been left by traders who may have had bad experiences due their own faults or lack of trading knowledge. We performed an extensive scam test on TrustFX to ensure that your foot does not get burned even before your trading journey begins.

The most common scam in Forex is platform manipulation. Scam brokers may interfere with the workings of their underlying trading platform such that only losing trades are generated. This may be in the form of slippages, widening spreads, stop hunting, and even the occasional ‘freeze’ of the platform. We sought to establish if TrustFX is one of these brokers but were pleasantly surprised. All their platforms are stable and very reliable, and we enjoyed perfect execution on all our orders.

Another common scam issue is the arbitrary closure of trading accounts and refusal to pay traders their profits. TrustFX is clear on their operating policies, and once your trading account is verified, you have full rights to the funds therein. Their withdrawal process is also seamless and so you are never kept waiting when it is time to enjoy your profits.

As a broker who also offers various bonuses and promotions that help traders take advantage of more trading opportunities, we sought to find out how honest they are. Unethical brokers will always provide many generous offers that come with ‘hidden’ conditions, which are practically hard to meet, if at all. All TrustFX bonuses and promotions come with no strings attached and are designed to help traders boost their trading capital so they can seek more profit opportunities in the financial markets.

TrustFX Regulation and Safety of Funds

TrustFX Regulation and Safety of Funds

TrustFX is a European company with a verified physical location at Rue du Rhône 14, 1204 Genève, Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most advanced jurisdictions in terms of the provision of financial services and they are also a member of the European Union. This means that TrustFX operates according to guidelines laid out by the EU’s MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) that is meant to advance greater protection of investor money as well as to promote overall transparency in the industry. And regarding transparency, TrustFX has gone out of its way to publish a risk disclosure and risk warning on every page of their website so traders can truly understand the risks involved when speculating on the prices of financial assets online.

TrustFX has also ensured that its website is safe and secure. All payments are managed through Level 1 PCI international payment service whereas the transmission of sensitive data or transactions are encrypted using the latest 128 SSL encryption. Furthermore, all customer funds are held in segregated accounts that will never be interfered with, even in the unlikely event of the broker becoming insolvent.

Account Types

TrustFX understands that different traders have different investment goals. It is why they have designed 4 different account types that meet the individual needs of diverse traders. These account types include:

I. Starting

The minimum deposit amount for the Starting Account is $250. Traders will enjoy:

II. Development

The minimum deposit amount for the Development Account is $2,000. Traders will enjoy:

III. Progressive

The minimum deposit amount for the Progressive Account is $5,000. Traders will enjoy:

IV. Investment

The minimum deposit amount for the Investment Account is $20,000. Traders will enjoy:

TrustFX Trading Conditions

TrustFX Trading Conditions

Here are the trading conditions that are available at TrustFX:

Fees and Spreads

TrustFX traders can trade their favourite financial assets with spreads as low as 0 pips. TrustFX has multiple, reputable liquidity providers who ensure that traders are able to enjoy minimal trading fees at all times. There are no other hidden trading fees or commissions, and TrustFX does not apply positive or negative swaps on your trades. With trading costs at the minimum, traders can plan accordingly on how to boost their profitability.

Account Opening and Verification Experience

TrustFX has not only made it easy to open your trading account and begin trading, but also to complete the identity verification process for smooth deposits and withdrawals. To get started, simply click on the ‘register’ button on their homepage. Fill out the registration form which requires your full name, email address, country of residence, phone number and your preferred login password. You will receive an email from TrustFX that will confirm the status of your registration. After that, you can proceed to select your preferred account type, and then deposit funds into your trading account so as to begin trading.

You should be able to do all this in less than 5 minutes. TrustFX also allows investors to open multiple trading accounts if they so desire.

TrustFX complies with various international anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC (know-your-customer) guidelines which demand adequate documentation of its customers. To this end, TrustFX will require the following documents for the account verification process:

1. Proof of Identity (POI)

This should be a coloured copy (scan/photo) of a government-issued identification document such ID, passport or driver’s license.

2. Proof of Address (POA)

This must be a document dated not more than 3 months and it must show your full address and full name (which must match your registration details). It can be a utility bill, card/bank statement, or a local authority bill.

Deposits and Withdrawals

TrustFX accepts deposits and processes withdrawals using a variety of safe and convenient payment methods that include: Visa, MasterCard, and bank wire. You can begin trading immediately after you make a successful credit card (Visa or MasterCard) deposit, but it will take a little longer for funds to reflect in your account if you use bank wire. For compliance purposes, TrustFX will only accept deposits made from an account that corresponds with your trading account details. Third-party deposits are not accepted.

As mentioned above, the withdrawal process at TrustFX is very efficient. If your account is verified, and your identity verification documents have been submitted, your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours, and your funds will reflect on your end as early as 3 business days. You can initiate the withdrawal process straight from your TrustFX members’ area, but there is also the option of directly calling your account manager or sending an email to customer support. Ensure you indicate your trading account number as well as your withdrawal amount.
The minimum deposit amount at TrustFX is $250, while the maximum withdrawal amount is the balance in your trading account.

TrustFX Trading Platforms

TrustFX Trading Platforms

TrustFX has 3 platform types that allow traders to speculate on the prices of over 500 of their favourite financial assets that include currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. The platforms are all interlinked, and traders can switch seamlessly between them using similar login credentials.

The platforms available at TrustFX include:


The Status Platform is TrustFX’s proprietary trading platform that is web-based. Status is available on any device (desktop or mobile) with a browser and internet connection. It is very user-friendly and features handy order types, best execution, advanced charts, as well as the functionality to manage multiple trading accounts.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Undoubtedly the most popular trading platform among retail traders, MT4 is known for its user-friendly interface, numerous trading tools, multiple order types, professional charts, as well as the ability to use automated trading strategies. For further convenience, the MT4 trading terminal is also available in mobile applications compatible with both Android and iOS.

Web Platform

TrustFX’s Web platform features all of the functionality of MT4 and was intended to provide a universal solution to trading financial assets online. It allows for the trading of all financial asset classes and features one-click trading, extensive trading tools and resources, an economic calendar, as well as a chat function which is integrated into the platform.

Education and Resources

TrustFX understands that offering access to online financial assets trading is not enough to gain the trust and confidence of the modern trader. There are handy resources to help traders increase their capacity to take advantage of more lucrative trading opportunities. TrustFX offers individual training regimes for all its traders, which include individual lessons, webinars or recorded video tutorials that are available on-demand.

Every trader is assigned a dedicated account manager, who offers professional support and advice at all times. This includes the provision of free trading signals on an on-going basis, as well as risk control recommendations that suit individual trading needs.

TrustFX also has a dedicated ‘Analytics’ page on their homepage. On this page, various in-house and guest trading professionals make market commentaries and give detailed reviews. This is an excellent resource for traders who want to glean from the knowledge and experience of veteran traders as well as obtain relevant and actionable trade suggestions.

Customer Service

The TrustFX support team is available round the clock during trading hours to offer any help traders may require. The team is very responsive, and will handle all your issues professionally and patiently, to your satisfaction. They can be reached through various convenient communication channels including email, telephone. TrustFX also offers their site in English and in Russian while their support is also available in both languages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TrustFX Regulated?

TrustFX is duly incorporated and headquartered at Rue du Rhône 14, 1204 Genève, Switzerland. As a financial services provider operating from the prestigious location of Switzerland, TrustFX operates according to guidelines set out in the European Union’s MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

What is TrustFX?

TrustFX is an online financial assets brokerage firm. Registering at TrustFX gives you the chance to trade the price movement of currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies online.

How does TrustFX Work?

TrustFX streams live price feeds of various financial assets. Traders speculate on the prices and place buy or sell orders depending on their analyses. TrustFX makes money by charging a nominal spread fee (the difference between bid and ask prices) when you open a trade position.

How Reputable is TrustFX?

TrustFX has gone out of its way to gain the trust and confidence of traders. Our thorough scam test gave the company a clean bill of health as a brokerage worth your time and money.

How do I Open an Account with TrustFX?

Getting started with TrustFX is quick and easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘Register’ button on the TrustFX homepage
  2. Enter your full name, email address, country of residence, phone number and your preferred login password
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Log into your trading account
  5. Choose your trading account type
  6. Deposit and begin trading

Where is TrustFX Based?

TrustFX has a verified physical location at Rue du Rhône 14, 1204 Genève, Switzerland.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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