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Top 5 Desktop Wallets for 2019 And Beyond

The desktop wallet that you choose goes a long way in determining the safety of your crypto cash. Desktop wallets have enhanced functionalities, which enable you to undertake transactions by creating addresses for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. If you make frequent trades, you will need a desktop wallet that guarantees anonymity and the safety of your cash. 

Top 5 Desktop Wallets

1. Exodus

This is a multi-currency desktop wallet that supports dozens of cryptocurrencies. Exodus comes with a private key that is only stored on your local hardware thus giving you full control over the wallet besides retaining your privacy over those that you transact with.

When using Exodus, you can send money in whatever amount you want, or even select an amount in dollar value. The wallet affords you exchange functionality by allowing you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another thus ensuring fast transactions. Exodus works with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

2. Jaxx

This desktop wallet is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. It supports nearly 70 cryptocurrencies with privacy guaranteed by centralized validation. When using Jaxx to store and transact your cryptocurrencies, you have full control over your private keys. The wallet similarly comes with an exchange feature that allows you to rebalance your portfolio by exchanging one currency for another.

top 5 desktop wallets

3. Electrum

This cryptocurrency wallet only supports Bitcoin transactions. The standout feature of Electrum is its multi-signature support, which makes it suitable for multiple individuals who have shared business interests, and tech-savvy businesses. Since Electrum only supports one currency, it doesn’t have integrated exchange services.

Validation is only done by SV whereby you control your private and public keys but the Blockchain is synced using specialized servers rather than being downloaded locally.  Electrum offers exciting features such as wallet encrypting, address tagging, and fee adjustments.

4. Armory

This cryptocurrency desktop wallet is known for providing cold storage support and sophisticated systems for Bitcoins. The extra security features make Armory one of the most foolproof desktop wallets. A unique feature similarly enables you to separate a business account from a personal account.

Despite the added security features, transacting via Armory is easy since you only need to click on the “Receive Bitcoin” icon to generate an address key. Likewise, sending funds via this desktop wallet is equally easy.

5. Copay

This desktop wallet was developed by BitPay, and is meant to secure BitPay funds. By virtue of being a multi-signature desktop wallet, more than one user can access a Copay wallet at a go. Nevertheless, funds will only be released once the approved number of signatures is met. Even though Copay only stores Bitcoins, it can allow you to compare prices with up to 150 currencies.


Desktop wallets are generally more secure than mobile, and hardware wallets. The aforementioned desktop wallets are some of the best you will find anywhere since they guarantee end-to-end encryption. They can also be used to transact a large amount of crypto cash.  We hope that this information on the top 5 desktop wallets is useful to you. Be sure to keep tabs on the latest cryptocurrency news published here.


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