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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Jobs in the Market

Just like any other industry, the growth of the cryptocurrency industry has resulted in more jobs and revenue for companies that have ventured in this industry. If you are interested in working in this industry, here are the top 5 cryptocurrency jobs that you should be on the lookout for in the market.

Top Cryptocurrency Jobs

1# Blockchain Developer

As the name suggests, a blockchain developer mandate is to design the network, architecture, and set up security measures that will ensure that the blockchain platform is hack proof. The typical tasks that the developer does include designing and creating blockchain protocols, designing network architectures, as well as coming up with consensus protocols.

Advanced cryptography knowledge and experience in data structures is required to qualify for this position. You should also be able to use certain hash functions such as KECCAK-256 and SHA-256.

2# Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Data Engineer

As a data engineer in the cryptocurrency industry, one of your roles will be to create and maintain an optimal and accurate data architecture. You will also create the entire infrastructure that is needed to carry out data transformation and extraction. More importantly, you will work with other members of the organisation such as design teams and executives to resolve any technical issues related to data.

cryptocurrency jobs

3# Software Product Manager

Every company that is involved in provision of cryptocurrency services needs to have a software product engineer. One of the roles of this expert is to ensure that the product is design, created, and delivered within the agreed timeframe. The manager is also tasked the role of pinpointing product gaps and filling them as well as coming up with new ideas to spur market growth.

A good understanding of the various marketing strategies as well as software development strategies is required to qualify for this position. You should also be able to work with cross-functional teams seamlessly.

4# Chief Blockchain Scientist

As a Chief Blockchain Scientist in a cryptocurrency company, you need to have advanced hands-on skills of identifying and resolving attack vectors, token standards, consensus algorithms, forks and many other parameters. Ability to code in solidity is also needed as well as good understanding of taxanomies, cross chain protocols, and ontologies. Note that is a high paying job that is very competitive, so you need to be hands-on on everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks.

5# Data Analyst

Data analyst role in a crypto company is to interpret and analyse data as well as generate reports form the other teams including the executive. To do these tasks, you will need to develop and implement databases that are in line with the needs of the company as well as come up with ideal strategies of promoting statistical quality and efficiency.

More importantly, as a data analyst, you should be able to identify trends and interpret them accordingly irrespective of the complexity of the data sets.

Closing Remarks

These are the top five cryptocurrency jobs in the market that you can apply for if you have the required skills. Be open minded and ready to adapt to the changes in the work environment and cryptocurrency industry in general to stay ahead of the curve. Take time to read trending cryptocurrency news daily.

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