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TenX Review

What is TenX?

TenX isn’t strictly a Bitcoin debit card, although it likewise supports BTC. Instead, the card is primarily known as an Ethereum debit card, of which there aren’t a whole lot around. That already makes TenX an attractive solution for individuals who are interested in more than one cryptocurrency. TenX started as an ICO in 2015 in 2017 and released PAY tokens to its many investors. It was a roaring success, and TenX is now one of the most flexible cards on the market. The company is currently experiencing some problems, as are most other Bitcoin debit card issuers. That suggests the card isn’t offered at the moment but will be back on the market again in 2019.

Benefits of TenX

Among the main benefits of the TenX card is that you aren’t restricted to Bitcoin only. You can use Ethereum and Litecoin. What’s more, the company does not charge you anything for making transactions. The best part about the TenX card is that there are numerous benefits to be received from ordering it. Among these are a cashback rate of 0.01% whenever you use it in the shop. There are also extra rewards you can get depending on how often you use it. Holders of the native PAY token will receive additional benefits as an incentive. Lastly, there is a 0% forex charge, which is the only card we’ve seen with this function.

Downsides of TenX

It needs to be stated that the lack of availability is a substantial disadvantage. If the card isn’t available, we can’t really review it properly. So until TenX fixes that, users will be left disappointed.


TenX charges

The physical TenX card costs a flat rate of $15 to be provided. The virtual card costs one-tenth of that, being available at $1.50. There is no yearly fee if you spend less than $1,000 annually. As soon as you review that quantity, the annual service charge is $10.

TenX details


Overall TenX will be a powerful competitor to the existing Bitcoin debit cards once it’s available again. That said, the reality that the company didn’t have a contingency strategy is a little bit of a disappointment. With no cards readily available, it’s difficult to make a precise assessment of how well it works. The company has nevertheless received a good endorsement from none other than Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin. In addition to the support from big names like Buterin, the company has likewise developed some waves in the blockchain circles. We’re therefore quite delighted to see what 2019 has in store for TenX.

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