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SwissBorg ICO Review

Basically, SwissBorg is a bank. It provides services such as investment management, financial advisories, payment solutions, and more, but there’s a catch. SwissBorg provides banking services for digital currencies. Driven by the Ethereum Blockchain, SwissBorg seeks to re-evaluate wealth management with a neighborhood-centered approach. This is the first Cryptocurrency banking services provider to offer customized banking solutions in the world.

SwissBorg’s Main Aim

This company solely focuses on providing wealth management solutions for users. SwissBorg’s is highly skilled in the management of digital assets not to mention that it’s decentralized, hence democratic. Anyone, whether you are a financial pro, a DAO, of just a curious individual without much knowledge in the tech that powers this innovation, can get the best financial solutions from SwissBorg.

SwissBorg’s aim is to provide high-quality crypto banking services sans any restrictions or frontiers; it’s a bank for everyone. The lack of proper infrastructure, slow services, and errors are the status quo in our current trading, financial, and banking systems. The combination of all these issues — and more — make wealth management difficult and that’s the problem SwissBorg seeks to address. With the power of Ethereum Blockchain, the company wants to be the pioneering ‘Swiss Bank of Cryptocurrency.’

tokensThe Token

Token: CHSB
Presale Date: 7th December 2017
Platform: Ethereum
Accepts: ETH, BTC
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 (53.5 percent available for sale).
Hard Cap: 50,000,000 CHF
Country: Switzerland

Swissborg TokenFeatures

SwissBorg collects funds via the sale of CHSB tokens. These funds are managed by the team of professionals in the company and the profit generated is shared accordingly among investors. Since the bank’s operations are based on Blockchain technology, there is a high level of customization and improved accessibility — facilitated by the combination of digitization and cryptography. CHSB holders get to decide the evolution of the network.

The investment mandate, or the smart mandate, allows transparent access to financial advisors as well as investment services from all over the world. All customers get to own a 100 percent customizable smart mandate which comes with a lot of benefits for him/her. As an investor, the total performance of your portfolio will also be greatly enhanced by the package of additional services that will be available to you.


SwissBorg positions itself as the bridge between on-chain and off-chain world. The company is looking to provide solutions that work for both. At the moment, Cryptocurrency holders can’t get financial services under one roof. Currently, there are many projects that offer solutions such as tokenization of assets, cold storage, and investment management separately; SwissBorg wants to build some kind of a one-stop shop for all Cryptocurrency-related financial services.

CBHS token holders are entitled to a 25% share of the revenues generated by the bank. As the project continues to increase in size, SwissBorg will be able to make more and more in revenue generation since they will be able to serve more clients, both institutional and retail. Its crypto wealth management, and SwissBorg promises a new era. Token holders will have access to a suite of exclusive privileges including various bonuses and early access to services and products.


SwissBorg will be providing B2B and B2C crypto wealth management services, products, and technology. The company wants to be regulated in the different countries across the world. SwissBorg has a lot of features, all of which are meant to empower communities. The company has a strong leadership and an able team behind them and with their help, their dream of empowering communities will come true.

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