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Where To Shop With Ethereum

Where can you shop with Ethereum? Now that you know how to store, buy and sell Ether, you might be curious where you can spend it. As mentioned in previous articles (Read “How To Buy Ether“), Ether is not as popular as Bitcoin. At least not amongst merchants. However, Ether does have some advantages over Bitcoin.

First of all, a Bitcoin transaction can take anywhere from ten minutes to several hours to process. A transaction made with Ether can be processed within a minute. Secondly, many merchants abandoned Bitcoin in December last year, because the transaction fee rose to $50. That made it untenable to accept Bitcoin, and many merchants switched to Ethereum as a result.

Places you can shop with Ethereum

1000 EcoFarms – buy fresh farm products with Ethereum.

Amagi Metals – buy gold with Ethereum.

Bitgild – buy silver with Ethereum.

Chicago Gem Shop – buy jewelry with Ethereum.

CoinPayShop – Ethereum e-commerce store.

Cryptoart – buy handmade art with Ethereum.

Cryptopet – buy pet accessories with Ethereum.

FlokiNet – buy domain names with Ethereum.

Laptop Power Bank– buy power banks with Ethereum.

Overstock – buy furniture with Ethereum. – Ethereum e-commerce store.

PizzaForCoins – buy pizza with Ethereum.

QHoster – buy web hosting with Ethereum. – buy VPS hosting with Ethereum.

Ujo Music – buy music with Ethereum.

shop with ethereum

Store directories for merchants who accept Ethereum

There are quite a few websites that provide lists of merchants who accept Ethereum. However, the most complete directory I’ve managed to find is This directory not only covers Ethereum, but any cryptocurrency token you can possibly think of. With this directory, you can filter your searches based on the kind of store you’re looking for and the cryptocurrency you want to pay with.

Use an Ethereum debit card

You are not limited to paying merchants directly in Ether. There are ways to circumvent the fact that not all places accept your cryptocurrency tokens. One of these ways is to acquire an Ethereum debit card. Much like a Bitcoin debit card, an Ethereum debit card will allow you to store, convert, and spend Ether. It works like a prepaid Visa/Mastercad, and usually comes with a mobile app. Through the app, you can acces your Ethereum wallet and instantly convert your Ether to cash. Once your Ether has been converted to the currency of your choice (usually, USD, GBP, or EUR), the card works as any other Visa or Mastercard.

Third party websites

If you don’t feel comfortable with using an Ethereum debit card, there is also the option of third party sites. is a website that allows you to purchase anything online with Ether and other cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t require you to create an account or enter any personal details. Simply copy and past the URL of the product page and you can purchase with Ether in a matter of minutes. third party sites like these open up the possibilities to spend yourt cryptocurrency in any online store like Amazon and eBay. Although these e-commerce stores don’t accept Ether themselves, sites like TheBigCoin can work as an intermediary.

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