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Monaco (MCO) Review

What is Monaco?

The legendary MCO Visa card has been a long time underway. Monaco released an ICO earlier this year to raise funds for the Bitcoin debit card. They had a lot of interest and delighted in the assistance from numerous investors. The MCO Visa card is a bit different from the others, as it’s not technically on offer yet. It has only been delivered to one country up until now, which is Singapore. However, that is not the only distinction. Monaco has larger ambitions than most other card issuers. That’s shown in their purchase of the domain and their card choice. Monaco has their own MCO token, which ICO investors are in possession of now. At the same time, there has been some debate surrounding whether the card will be a Visa card or not. These scare stories have not had a positive impact on the value of the MCO token. With a lot going on around Monaco, it’s time we had a closer look at the MCO Visa cards they issue.

The Monaco cards

Monaco offers users no less than five different cards. Because they are Visa cards, they can be used in all shops and ATMs that accept Visa. The cards each have distinct advantages, including a personal concierge service.



Midnight Blue Monaco card

Ruby Steel Monaco card

Jade Green/Royal Indigo Monaco Bitcoin debit card.

Icy White Monaco Bitcoin debit card.

Obsidian Black Monaco Bitcoin debit card.

Stay tuned for when the card is introduced in your country by subscribing to their website.

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