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How to Choose An ICO To Invest In

Looking for expert tips on how to choose an ICO to invest in? Blockchain technology has grown immensely in the past few years. As a result, the use of cryptocurrencies has been adopted by major players in the financial services industry. ICOs enable companies to raise capital for funding product development while buyers get access to whatever services that the digital currencies confer. ICO is still an emerging trend in the financial markets. You will always hear success stories of how individuals reaped large returns after investing early in specific tokens.

With tens of ICOs offered every day, prospective investors can easily get confused since it is difficult to pinpoint one that will guarantee maximum profits. ICOs are highly speculative yet unregulated investments. There are also hundreds of cryptocurrencies in circulation.

How to choose an ICO to Invest In

Look Out for Supporting Communities

The best way to tell whether an ICO is reliable is by evaluating its support community. ICOs that have an open support community that brings together investors are likely to be credible. When checking out an ICO’s support community, you should keep an eye on bounty posts and threads.

This is a marketing strategy that involves asking people to spread information in support of a product. A reliable ICO that has a decent marketing campaign won’t rely on such types of deceiving strategies to attract investors.

Look at the Documentation

A credible ICO is likely to have proper information presentation layouts and documentation. When looking to invest, you should look at ICOs’ social media influence, business plans, white papers, and websites. Also, ensure that their documentation for tokenized assets is intact.


You should carefully look through the documentation provided besides reading their press releases. You also need to establish what major cryptocurrency news sites and bloggers are saying about an ICO.  Positive reviews show that an ICO is credible.

Evaluate an ICO’s Smart Contract Contribution System

When assessing an ICO that you intend to invest in, you should look at the strategies that it uses to crowdfund and the smart contract that plans to use to safeguard investors’ funds. In case an escrow is used, find out what their previous experiences are and whether their reputation has a credible score.

Use Case Parameters

While evaluating different ICOs with the aim of choosing the right fit for you, it is good practice to research the ideology and concept behind each offering. You have to keep in mind that some developers offer ICOs as a way of discovering crypto versions of their actual products.


Another factor to consider when looking for tips on how to choose an ICO to invest in is that a successful ICO doesn’t necessarily mean that a coin will be successful. In this regard, ask yourself whether what the product is, and the competition that it faces from other coins


Every ICO that you will find out there promises quick returns for prospective investors. Before spending your hard-earned cash on an ICO, it is advisable to undertake a thorough evaluation so that you choose a project that best suits you.  We hope that this tips on how to choose an ICO to invest in will help you make the right decision. Read more about ICOs here.

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