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How To Buy Dividend Stocks UK – A Complete Guide


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A dividend in its basic essence is a payment received by shareholders, usually in cash, given to them by the company they hold their shares in. The payments are made from the profits a company makes in a particular year. Typically, dividends are paid twice a year. However, they can also be made on a “per share” basis and paid out annually or quarterly. An investor who has 100 shares in a business that has declared a 10p dividend, for instance, would get paid £10.


Additionally, dividend payments may be provided on a special basis. These are essentially one-time payments made after a business has, say, finished a significant transaction. For instance, a company might do this if it has sold off a particular section and wants to give some of the proceeds to shareholders.


Compared to cash dividends, stock dividends are less frequent. Here, a company gives its owners additional shares in exchange for cash. For instance, if a corporation offers a 3 percent stock dividend, each shareholder would receive an additional three company shares for every 100 they now own.


In contrast, a “scrip” dividend is one in which a corporation proposes to pay a stock dividend as opposed to cash. Shareholders are then given a choice by the corporation issuing the scrip dividend: cash or additional shares.

How Are Dividend Stocks Structured?

Companies make decisions every year on how much of any profits they generate will be paid to shareholders and how much will be kept in order to expand the company. Investors in dividend-paying corporations must monitor corporate performance to determine whether the company will continue to generate healthy earnings and dividends, or if they should consider selling. This is significantly simpler when investing in dividend funds because the fund manager or bitcoin billionaire handles that.


Passive Source Of Income

If putting together a dividend portfolio sounds too challenging, you can create a comparable passive income stream by investing in an income fund where the stocks are selected by the fund manager. You won’t need to do anything to get money from this, or you can use Bitcoin Billionaire to pick the stocks for you. Alternatively, you might invest in monthly-paying crowdsourcing initiatives using an Innovative Finance ISA (though these are higher risk).

How To Buy Dividend-Paying Stocks

Here is a list of firms who have consistently raised their dividend pay-outs over many years, or dividend champions. These could form the basis of a dividend investing plan. Considerations to keep in mind while deciding how to purchase dividend equities include:

Dividend screeners are automated web resources that locate stocks that pay dividends. With the remainder of your study, you can assemble a portfolio of five to ten stocks to watch until you’re ready to make an investment.

In What Way Are Dividends Taxed?

All  the income that you earn through dividends are exempted from personal taxation. A dividend allowance is also provided to you annually; any dividend income over this amount is tax-free. Dividends from shares held in a product like a stocks and shares individual savings account are not taxed.


Depending on your income tax bracket, you may have to pay more tax on dividends than the dividend limit allows. Look at table 1 below. The UK government will increase the tax on dividend income by 1.25 percentage points starting in April 2022 to help fund the National Health Service, healthcare, and social services.

Summing It Up!

Certainly not where pay-outs are viewed as exorbitant, not everyone in the investment community is a fan of dividends. Some seasoned investors believe that in an effort to retain shareholders, management boards focus excessively on dividend payments. So all in all we can say that investors have mixed opinions about dividends. Some are adamant that it is a great source of passive income whereas some disagree. If you think buying dividends is your calling then you should definitely go for it.

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