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How Does a Loyalty Program on Blockchain Work?

A loyalty platform is developed by retailers to motivate consumers to return and purchase their goods or utilize their services. A standard reward platform would need a consumer to enroll with the seller giving the platform so they can gather loyalty points. According to the kind of firm and terms of the reward platform, the loyalty points can permit consumers notable entry to getting new services and products.


Loyalty platforms assists firms save costs. Depending on the field, it costs firms between 5 and 25 times a lot more to get a new consumer. Furthermore, repeat consumers purchase up to 33% more than startups. Using these numbers, businesses should offer loyalty platforms as incentives, to keep their genuine consumers happy. Reward platforms assist firms to get beneficial information concerning their consumer’s behavior.

Valuable points

There are so many reward platforms that have made it hard for an ordinary customer to scan every reward platform they join. Furthermore, because of the several platforms, consumers take like forever to gather adequate points to benefit from reward platforms. A report released confirmed that customers deserted loyalty platforms because it took more than seven months to collect sufficient points.

With customers discovering reward points not worthy and making them not always to return as expected, possibilities are it innately costs firms more to sell their services and products. To make these platforms keep their pledge of better consumer keeping rate, we need to create loyalty points more beneficial to the customers.

Loyalty Program on Blockchain


Blockchain can add merit because being a suburbanized network; it can merge and decentralize the damaged rewards, making loyalty points more worthy. Elements, which is the latest cryptocurrency is missioned to do that. Element used as evidence of task calculations is to become a globally accepted cryptocurrency for loyalty given and welcomed by various sellers.

Elements can be acquired online by any individual who has a computer with the managing potential needed to excavate currencies and they are compensated with Elements for the task done. Individuals can utilize reward points for daily purchases.


Giving consumers reward points that they can spend or even exchange for a specific currency, makes a seller worthier to consumers. Rewards should assist in keeping consumers. Another advantage of loyalty points to sellers is helping them mitigate their loyalty accountability. Since reward points contain a promise to provide consumers with incentives, which amounts to cash, it has to be recorded as accountability.

The orthodox reward points have no profit to the seller after its spent.  Blockchain makes it a win for sellers because it’s based currencies can be exchanged for real money, assisting them to recover.


Colliers in the elements network are compensated with 50 coins of element for every block decoded, and the system permits them to excavate more. Element coins can be traded for other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain allows a consumer to store all reward points in a single wallet. Consumers can do shopping with the points they get. Loyalty platforms make it easy for merchants to retain customers.

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