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Golden Markets Review 2022 – All You Need to Trade Currencies Effectively

How thousands of traders from all over the world are making fortunes trading currencies online

All new forex and cryptocurrency brokers have to contend with the harsh reality of stiff competition with their peers and a lingering mistrust among many investors of the security of their funds and safety of their information. As a result, few even survive past their first six months of operation.

A notable exception to this rule is Golden Markets, a leading forex and cryptocurrency broker that was founded by a team of experienced financial analysts and which has grown from strength to strength since it welcomed its first trader.

The Many Benefits of this Broker


One of the reasons for the success of Golden Markets as a trusted broker is that it offers much more than traditional currency trading. It also opens up the new and lucrative world of cryptocurrency trading, such as Bitcoin, to its customers. What’s more, it allows people to take advantage of margin trading.

Signing up as a trader on the broker’s site is easy to do, and the offered leverage and spreads are varied by account type and asset traded. Everyone who signs up to trade on the Golden Markets trading platform has access to a dedicated account manager, personal trading sessions and the latest market reviews on a variety of available forex assets in order to ensure that one has all the information and tools to trade cryptos and forex effectively and profitably.


When it comes to the actual trading platform, Golden Markets is the picture of innovation and inclusivity. As the web-based platform is supported by all popular browsers running on computers, laptops, tablets of mobile phones, there is no need to download anything onto your device or to carry out complicated software installations. If you can access the Internet on your device, then you can trade in the forex market with Golden Markets with ease.

The selection of assets that you can trade, when you sign up to the Golden Markets broker, is vast – it includes all the major currency pairs, a good number of minors and exotics and, to top it all off, a selection of cryptocurrencies. This means that, regardless of the prevailing financial climate, you can be sure to find a potentially profitable trade at any time.

Golden Markets boasts a highly skilled, responsive and knowledgeable customer support team, while offering you the chance to access a variety of trading eBooks, videos, tutorials, training courses and articles. With all the help offered to traders, Golden Markets truly lives up to its motto: “Master the Crypto-Currencies Markets with Ease”.


Golden Markets Scam or Legit?


Regardless of how accurate your analysis has been in the past, if you want to make continuous profits trading forex or a relatively new asset, such as digital currencies, then it is vital that you partner with a reliable and trustworthy broker to invest your money with. This is because the online forex trading space is full of fly-by-night operators that only offer fraudulent services and are only out to scam unsuspecting traders.

To ensure that your funds and personal information are safe and to prevent the misuse of the platform, Golden Markets has not only implemented the highest standards of data encryption, but they also strictly adhere to industry best practices, such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. In this way, each one of their clients can have peace of mind that their investment capital is safe, allowing traders to focus on what matters most – trading forex and cryptocurrencies in the financial markets.

A quick glance at the Golden Markets website reveals more proof that the broker’s operations are all above board and that you can trust the broker with your trades; you will find the registration details of the company clearly listed, alongside its fixed physical address so you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm. The people behind Golden Markets seem to be genuinely excited about the service they provide and appear to have the best interests of traders at the centre of what they do.


Account Types


One of the trickiest aspects of successfully entering the volatile world of forex trading is picking the right account type to fit your trading style, budget and needs. However, trading forex and cryptocurrencies cannot be easier than with Golden Markets that gives you a choice of three account types:

By offering three account levels, Golden Markets has ensured that it has something for all traders, both newbies and experienced investors. In addition, it clearly understands that no two traders are the same and so they have tailored their accounts to match the needs of all trading preferences.


The Intuitive Trading Platform


The Golden Markets platform was built from the ground up by professional investors and market analysts to enable traders to take advantage of the profit-making opportunities in the forex and cryptocurrency markets. In addition, the platform enables a trader to trade with a high level of accuracy, and to be able to execute their trades as quickly as possible to ensure trading success.

The platform offers a whole host of tools and features that are designed to help one achieve the best possible performance from trading various global currencies in a safe and secure environment. It provides access to a choice of forex pairs and also provides a detailed trading chart for each currency pair, allowing a trader to analyse the movements in the financial markets. Detailed information on each pair is also available giving a trader access to information on the trading hours, the leverage, the spread, the minimum and maximum volumes and much more.

The trading platform also offers a Trader’s Trend gauge for each currency pair, enabling you to get a clear indication of the market sentiment. That is, you can see if more traders are buying or selling a particular asset.

The large collection of tradable financial assets at your disposal when you sign up to Golden Markets, complemented by the use of the latest in trading technology, ensures that you get the quickest, most exciting and most enjoyable forex and cryptocurrency trading experience, all from the comfort of one trading platform.


Golden Markets Trading Resources


Trading in the money markets, particularly digital currencies, could be your gateway to riches and financial freedom, so it is vital that you get in as soon as possible. However, you need to be cautious, since the volatility that makes this market so exciting and profitable, also makes it extremely risky. You, therefore, need access to reliable trading resources such as those offered by Golden Markets.

Some of these include:

Every experienced trader knows that access to these features and services will help to boost trading success. Golden Markets puts their clients first and this is evident in the exceptional services they provide.


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Customer Care


Thanks to its large team of experienced personal account managers and skilled market analysts, Golden Markets is able to offer traders the most satisfying and profitable trading experience available in the world of online forex and cryptocurrency trading.

Additionally, the broker has an expert customer support team available around the clock to provide you with assistance should you experience any issues. The team can be reached in a number of ways, including live chat on the broker’s website, email, telephone and a contact form. The Golden Markets support team is quick to respond and is always eager to help arrive at a solution.

The broker also offers a comprehensive Glossary section on their site, covering a wide range of important forex, trading and cryptocurrency terms.


Payment Methods


A major reason why thousands of traders from all over the world trust Golden Markets is due to the convenience that the broker offers. It is hardly ideal when you sign up to a broker that forces you to make use of deposit and withdrawal methods that are inconvenient or have exorbitant charges.

Golden Markets accepts your deposits and processes your withdrawals through a range of convenient methods that include wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, and PaySafeCard. The banking processes are streamlined, allowing a trader to easily deposit and withdraw their funds.


Final Word

“Master the Crypto-Currencies Markets with Ease” is a motto that the Golden Markets team has had as its mantra since the brokerage was launched. The broker’s commitment to offer – and stick with – a simple but powerful platform, provide an extensive list of major and minor currency pairs, including a range of cryptocurrencies, has seen it stand the test of time, and it should continue on its upward trajectory in the future.

With its strong customer focus, security of funds and personal information and reliability of order execution, signing up to Golden Markets is vital if you want to gain direct access to trade forex and cryptocurrencies in an all-inclusive trading environment. This is a broker we highly recommend.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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