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Gimmer ICO: Why You Should Consider Investing In It

Why Gimmer?

It’s rare to find an advanced trading bot that is easy to use. A tool that can work for you so you won’t need to watch the market all day. Developers imagined your busy schedule and came up with a concept that can aid you in the snowballing Cryptocurrency, a tool that can keep tabs on your busy day, the Gimmer ICO.

The Gimmer Initial Coin Offering tool, assure traders of customization, flexibility, high efficiency and most of all reliability. Gimmer ICO is such a tool that will help you fast-pace your crypto trading.
Crypto trading has proven to be incredibly fast and volatile. This factor has forced the development of tools and software to allow strategy optimization. But not every tool and platforms for trade is effective. You will find many scams online that target gullible traders with a ‘guaranteed win’ promise. Perhaps that is the reason advertising platforms like Facebook and Google are banning ads related to crypto.

Gimmer TokenThe Token

Token – GMR
Price – 1 ETH -2500 GMR (plus applicable bonus)
Platform – Ethereum
Accepting – ETH,
Soft Cap – 4800 ETH
Hard Cap – 4800 ETH
Pre-sale start 17th January 2018
Exchange rate 1 ETH -2500 GMR

Gimmer Technology

The gimmer application is decentralized and has crypto exchange capabilities all aimed at creating a platform that is simple and easy to comprehend. This technology also makes it possible to transact in multi cash digital currencies hence enabling users to have a wide variety of currency sets for the robotized bots and make exchange run smoothly.

Benefits of GimmerMore About Gimmer

The objective of Gimmer is to make it easy for traders while also providing a variety of programmable bots. It is made in such a way that you would not need any advanced programming knowledge or experience to use. Users with different levels of expertise, beginners, intermediate or advanced can comfortably use Gimmer.

If you have dealt with ICO trading bots before, then you know complex they can become. With most, you cannot work well without an understanding of different programming languages and some experience as well.
However, with the Gimmer platform, you do not need the knowledge to get started. The Gimmer ICO platform will sure help expand the crypto market by eliminating existing barriers between high-frequency trading and crypto investors.

The fact that you can earn even while you sleep ends the need to function throughout the day and is one of the reasons why Gimmer is a must have for crypto investors. In addition to this, the ICO has a future objective of integrating the social element into the system to enable traders to share perspectives on the trading strategies. What more would you want?

How It Works

Gimmer allows the trader to create advanced strategies in the Cryptocurrency market. What makes Gimmer stand out is the easiness in use. Of course, the fact that it supports multi-currencies in the trading arena is also a significant plus for the diverse currency users.

You will also find that with Gimmer, you can borrow trading strategies from the bot store. This technology makes it possible for users to scroll different strategies and gauge their effectiveness. There also exist proven strategies available that are Gimmer and user created and available for review and rent.
Customization options are also available and provide the user with an unlimited number of alternatives regarding strategy.



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