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Elcurrency Broker – Should You Partner With This Leading Broker?

If you are a fan of cryptocurrencies and are looking for a safe, reliable and reputable platform where you can trade and profit from the crypto market, then you have many platforms to choose from. The important part is selecting a broker that will provide you with an all-inclusive trading environment, including a powerful trading platform, a choice of effective trading tools, secure banking options, professional customer support and much more. Among some of the top brokers in the industry is a crypto trading platform called Elcurrency, which claims that it has been around since the early days of digital currencies. Let’s take a look at everything that Elcurrency has to offer so that you will be in a better position to decide whether it suits your crypto trading needs and if this is the right trading partner for you.


Elcurrency License and Regulation

Elcurrency License and Regulation

Elcurrency does not currently have a license or any regulatory information on its website. It does, however, have a compliance tab where it talks about the procedures that its developers have implemented against money laundering and ensuring the security of its clients’ personal and financial information. Elcurrency also states on its website that the anti-money laundering measures that they strictly follow are aimed at minimizing its compliance burden and also to encourage only legitimate customers on its platform.

The platform also claims that it keeps track of transaction activities to make sure that traders do not engage in malpractices, especially those that might be related to money laundering. Any information deemed to be illegal is reported to the authorities as per the company’s policy. The compliance section of the website states that this approach plays a crucial role in helping the platform to maintain the integrity of its business.


Account Types

To cater to the difference trading needs and preferences of its clients, Elcurrency offers multiple types of trading accounts, each tailored with unique features and benefits. Below are the different account types available on the platform.

Silver Account – This is the standard account that is available at Elcurrency, and you still get significant features, despite it being the lowest account type. They include round-the-clock customer support, and an unlimited 365 trading dashboard, an education center for the basics and one on one basic training. The minimum deposit is $500.

Gold Account – This type of account will give you access to the customer support available at all times, basic education center, one on one training, a personal account manager, the unlimited 365 trading dashboard and full trading signals, although on a limited basis. The minimum deposit for this type of account is $2,000.

Diamond Account – Round-the-clock customer care remains as standard for al account types, and so is the one on one basic training. In this account type, you get access to the full education center, the unlimited 365 trading dashboard, full trading signals without limitations, and you also have access to a personal manager. The minimum deposit requirement for this account type is $10,000.

VIP Account – This is the most premium account type that is available on the Elcurrency platform, and as such, it offers access to all the features as provided in the other account types. It includes the one on one basic training, 24/7 customer support, access to the full education center, full trading signals, unlimited 365 trading dashboard, and an account manager. You also get access to one on one training from a pro-trader. The minimum deposit requirement is $50,000.


Elcurrency Education & Trading Resources

Elcurrency Education & Trading Resources

Elcurrency has a comprehensive education center that contains necessary information on what Bitcoin is and how the platform works, as well as how to buy and sell digital assets. It does not have a lot of information, although it does have videos linked to the section, and they contain detailed information on how Bitcoin works. Most of the educational resources that are available on this platform are delivered through the one on one training segment that is offered as part of the account type features. Note that customers who open VIP accounts with Elcurrency are at an advantage because they gain direct access to the highest educational experience since clients get training from pro-traders.

Elcurrency Demo Trading Account

Demo accounts offer traders the opportunity to do a test run of the system so that they can not only understand how it works, but also so that they can gain confidence and develop trading strategies. Elcurrency does not mention the option for a demo account anywhere on the platform, which might be a bit of a disadvantage to traders. Despite this, their customer care team is always available to assist you on your trading journey, so if you have any questions, or require any assistance, you can contact Elcurrency with ease.


Banking – Deposits and Withdrawals

Banking - Deposits and Withdrawals

Elcurrency gives traders access to a wide range of safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options. Users can deposit or withdraw funds using credit cards, debit cards, and also through bank wire transfers. It also points out that bank wires are the most secure method and that it is also the safer option. However, it does not list the banks that it does business with.

Elcurrency also notes that users can deposit funds through wire transfers in euros, US dollars, and British pound. You will also be required to select one currency type for your account. It also facilitates deposits directly in Bitcoin, which makes it quite convenient for users that have Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallets. One of the significant advantages of depositing money through crypto wallets is that it is hassle-free, there are no restrictions as would be the case with credit cards, debit cards and wire transfer. Deposits with Bitcoin are also instant. If you do not have any Bitcoin, the other payment options are ideal and also easy to use.


Trading Platform

ELcurrency Trading Platform

Elcurrency offers a neat and easy to understand trading platform. There is the chart section that shows the price performance of the highlighted currency pair over a duration of time. There is also a list of currency pairs and price figures as well as the daily highs and lows. Each currency pair row also features Sell and Buy tabs. At the top of the trading dashboard is personal data that includes the name of the account holder, the balance of the account, equity, minimum margin, the profit/loss figure, and the margin usage. In short, this is a platform that is designed to provide a positive experience for traders, with all the necessary information always available.

The company also promises that the trading platform is safe and highly secure. These are characteristics that cryptocurrency traders consider highly when looking for a reliable trading platform, considering that cryptocurrencies have previously been plagued by hacking and crypto theft. The platform also promises to deliver smart and superior trading tools.

Elcurrency’s strategy focuses on the use of data that is compiled from various reliable sources. The developers of the trading platform do this to make sure that the trading strategies and signals offer a high profitability rate. It is in line with its continued efforts to improve its services to continue generating value for its traders.

The trading platform not only focuses on offering trading services but also on providing exchange services. It means that you can use the platform to purchase cryptocurrencies, which you can then send to your crypto wallet and use for other purposes, such as online purchases. As for the trading option, one can opt to trade manually, which means that they would need to learn how to trade. Thankfully, Elcurrency has you covered when it comes to that. However, if you feel that you do not have time to learn new skills, you can have your account fully managed by a professional in the company. A Managed Account requires a $20,000 deposit or the equivalent in BTC.


Platform accessibility

Platform accessibility

The Elcurrency trading platform aims to target users from across the globe, and that is why the developers have made sure that it can be accessed across multiple software platforms. There is a Windows-compatible version of the software, a MacOS version, and an Android version of the trading platform. This variety provides a lot of flexibility and convenience to traders. The availability of an Android app version of the Elcurrency trading platform is a smart move since it aims to take advantage of the portable and always-connected nature of Android devices, such as phones and tablets. In this way, traders can always trade while on the go.

Customer Service

It is an integral part of every trading platform and, overall, every business that offers digital services. Customer service provides customers with guidance and answers regarding any issue that they might be facing. Elcurrency has invested heavily in making sure that it offers round-the-clock customer service. The broker can easily be contacted via telephone and email. The support team is professional and responsive. The site is also available in English and German.


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Is Elcurrency the Right Broker For You?

Elcurrency Broker Advantages

Elcurrency offers the full package when it comes to trading online. From an intuitive trading platform, a choice of account types, quality customer support, a variety of educational resources and much more, this broker is ideal for both new and advanced traders. If you are interested in partnering with a true professional in the cryptocurrency space, then Elcurrency broker should be your first choice.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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