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Companies take steps to control employee vaccination

Companies take steps to control employee vaccination

With nearly half of the Brazilian population vaccinated with at least the 1st dose of an immunizing agent against covid-19, many companies have begun a transition between home office and face-to-face work. In this scenario, the vaccination certificate emerged as a way to control the immunization of employees and ensure a safe return to face-to-face work. According to information from the newspaper O Globo, Brazilian companies are guiding employees to follow the immunization schedule. They also carry out research to map the vaccination of employees and ask for a certificate to be sent after the 2nd dose. But this control is not mandatory, and the refusal to take the vaccine does not cause the employee to be fired. In January, the MPT (Ministry of Labor) released a technical note in which it provides guidance on the control of vaccination in companies. According to the agency, if there is no justification for the refusal, the company can apply sanctions, such as warning, suspension and, ultimately, dismissal for just cause. Before any sanction, however, the MPT recommends raising awareness. “In order for the recommended measures to be understood and accepted by the workers, it is the company’s legal duty to inform them and make them aware of the importance and need for occupational health and safety measures”, says the note. . In July, the São Paulo Labor Court confirmed the dismissal of a cleaning assistant who had refused vaccination twice. At the trial, Judge Roberto Barros da Silva, rapporteur of the case, said that the employee’s refusal put the hospital’s patients and workers at risk. to on-site activities in the 2nd half of 2022, while 34% of respondents predict that the return will be for 2022.

Vaccination requirement in big techs

In the US, large companies have already taken tougher measures to demand immunization. Google, Facebook and Uber conditioned the return to face-to-face work to the presentation of proof of vaccination. The Walmart hypermarket chain and Disney have established a deadline for employees to get vaccinated. There, there is less adherence to vaccination than in Brazil. Although the country has enough doses to vaccinate the entire population, only 50.1% of Americans have been immunized so far. The reason is the rejection of the vaccine. Combined with the stagnation of vaccination, the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus has caused a significant increase in new cases in the USA. Several companies, such as the New York Times newspaper, postponed the return to face-to-face activities because of the new wave of covid. continue reading

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