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We are introducing a new category to It will be called: The Correction. Under that name, my colleagues and I will publish corrections and clarifications in the crypto space. It will concern simple mistakes, missing information but possibly also plain lies or manipulated information. It will clarify information that we published here on or that others published in whatever medium.

Why Mistakes Happen

Journalism would be the perfect workplace for an all-knowing entity. But unfortunately me and my colleagues are not even close to being all-knowing. We try to publish news, analyses and opinions based on the former to our best knowledge. However, sometimes our best knowledge is not enough to cover the facts. We are humans like everyone else. Of course, we always should research everything perfectly and meticulously. But our day has just 24 hours as well as everyone else’s. Journalism is not our only obligation. At, some of us have several jobs, families, their own companies etc.
This does account to many other journalists that I know as well. Therefore, mistakes, unfortunately, happen every now and then. Even though they should not.

This is why we are introducing this category. To deal openly and honestly with mistakes in crypto journalism. These corrections will not only concern our own mistakes (unless, we make a lot) but also wrong information of others. We do not do this to discredit others but for the sake of factual reporting.

Decentralization: Principles that We Apply to Journalism as well

Journalism just like cryptocurrencies work best when they are as decentralized as possible. As many sources, as many journalists, as many different opinions as possible. Just like in the crypto space, this can lead to much discord. However, the way to deal with this is not to discredit others. The crypto space should become more mature. Tribalism and them but to provide productive and thoughtful content. Of course, we usually do not see our own mistakes. You can tell us in the comment section, email me or via twitter @zeeko76.

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