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Coingrid is an upcoming Cryptocurrency exchange platform that is poised to offer Crypto-fiat transactions at real-time conversion rates. It is dubbed as a secure, high performing and reliable trading network. The New Zealand-based network has a user-friendly interface with easy to read but detailed charts that are comprehensive to both experienced and beginner traders.

The network is in its prototype as the developers float an ICO to seek funds for following through with the roadmap. Registration is ongoing.


Supported Coins

There will be three Cryptocurrencies that the initial version will support including BTC, ETC, and CGT. The first two Cryptos are the largest and third largest Cryptos by market capitalization and the CGT represents the Coingrid Token.

CGT is built on the ERC 20 protocol that can allow the coin to be stored on Ethereum-designed wallets that are secure, and versatile.

The fiat currency that the exchange supports is the New Zealand Dollar and investors can buy the three coins and more Digital Assets that will be introduced later on the roadmap.

Coingrid Fees Are Low

To spur mass participation, the exchange will be charging low fees of 0.05% that is payable on CGT. Regarding withdrawals, the fees are varied at proportional rates to the Crypto.

Coingrid Community, ICO, And Roadmap

Ahead of the ICO, there is an active Coingrid community in social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.

ICO Details

• ICO Dates- 23rd November 2018 to 23rd July 2019
• Soft Cap- 10,000,000 CGT
• Hard cap- 70,000,000 CGT
• Expected CGT Supply- 100,000,000 CGT
• Selling Price- 1 Ethereum = 500 CGT

The roadmap started in July 2017 and will be ending in October 2019 with an open public testing, feedback processing, and fully-fledged operation.

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