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Capital Seven Review 2022 – All You Need to Know

In order to trade online, you need to partner with a reliable and reputable broker. If you do a simple search online, you might be overwhelmed by the wide choice of brokers available in the market. The truth, however, is that not all brokers are created equally and some are simply scams. The first step in trading success starts with selecting the right broker and this is where Trustedbrokerz has done all the hard work for you and have reviewed, in detail, a wide selection of brokers in the industry.

Capital Seven Review 2022 - All You Need to Know

At Trustedbrokerz, we are committed to providing you with unbiased, honest information about the wide choice of brokers available in the market. Not only do we personally test them with a real, live account to evaluate their services and features, but we also provide access to user reviews so you can get an objective view of what each broker has to offer as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Today, we are going to review Capital Seven, a well-known broker in the cryptocurrency space. Let’s get started.


Capital Seven Review – Know the Facts, Trade with Confidence

  • Offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for trading including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Digital Cash and many more
  • Available for both desktop and mobile device users
  • Advanced charts and analysis tools available to users
  • Offers six different trading account types, each with unique features and services
  • Daily market updates and reviews
  • Daily and weekly webinars available to all accounts
  • Trading academy available for educational resources including access to eBook
  • Dedicated personal analyst
  • Customer support is only available via email and telephone, no live chat
  • No forex, stocks, commodities and indices available


Who is Capital Seven?

Capital Seven is a leading cryptocurrency broker. This broker offers a comprehensive online trading environment to traders from all over the world, while also providing both beginner and advanced traders access to a wide variety of features, analysis tools and services. Capital Seven’s trading platforms are also intuitive and powerful, giving you direct access to trade a wide range of digital currencies.

Traders are able to utilize advanced charting and analytical functions via Capital Seven’s trading platforms. In addition, Capital Seven offers leverage of up to 1:4 for trading of a variety of cryptocurrencies giving traders the opportunity to amplify their profits.

Although trading and charting tools are available through Capital Seven’s platform, it is necessary to understand how financial markets work and how to apply this knowledge through the use of the powerful and intuitive platform tools. This is why Capital Seven provides educational content on various aspects of financial trading. The broker’s academy breaks down trading concepts and market theory into easy-to-understand language that is accessible to all.

Capital Seven also offers various perks, benefits and rewards programs for their account holders. The broker offers monetary credit for traders ranging from 20% to 100% of the invested capital, which can be withdrawn once a trader fulfills the minimum required trade volume. For investors who hold a Presidential account level, they will receive a custom company credit reward. The broker also offers a generous loyalty rewards program.

The broker’s payment processes are easy and safe. Capital Seven accepts various payment forms for deposits including credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer and a choice of eWallets. To top it off, opening an account is simple and straightforward, enabling you to start trading as soon as your account is funded. Also important is the customer support and here Capital Seven does not disappoint; their customer support team is professional and responsive and is available via email and phone.


What Makes Capital Seven Unique?

What Makes Capital Seven Unique?

Capital Seven is unique in its wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The broker has, of course, all the major cryptocurrencies available, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and Ripple. However, Capital Seven also offers more rare cryptocurrencies, such as OmiseGO, Lisk, Gnosis, Bancor, TenX and MaidSafecoin, to name a few.

Additionally, Capital Seven provides investors with a wide variety of educational materials, which can be useful for new traders as well as experienced cryptocurrency investors. This includes access to weekly webinars for all users, while daily webinars are available to Premium and higher-level account holders. Daily market updates and reviews are also accessible to all account holders. With cryptocurrencies being relatively new in the financial markets, having access to educational resources which teach you how to trade these digital currencies is vital and Capital Seven delivers.

Capital Seven is known for giving users access to professional expert advice on markets and trading. Premium account holders will be provided with weekly trade recommendations, while Platinum level accounts will have access to daily trade recommendations. There are even hourly trade recommendations available for Executive level accounts. Presidential level accounts will be provided with a live recommendation feed. With so many account types to choose from, Capital Seven caters to all types of traders.

As part of the Premium account benefits, users will be able to obtain advice from a Trade Expert. Those with Platinum accounts are given access the next level of trading experts, which the broker calls a Premium Trade Expert. Capital Seven provides Executive Account holders with advice from a Specialized Trade Expert’s Team, while Presidential Accounts holders are provided access to the Presidential Expert’s Team.

Simply select the account type that matches your trading needs and skills and start trading with Capital Seven.


Capital Seven – Live Experience Test

Capital Seven – Live Experience Test

Capital Seven utilizes the Frontrader platform for its trading environment. Frontrader provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which offers simplicity for novices as well as various analytical tools for those traders with more experience. Whether a trader utilizes the desktop platform or the mobile app, the various trading instruments are displayed in a clear manner with pricing updated live in real-time.

The Frontrader platform offers charts for various time frames. As far as charting, the candlesticks on Frontrader are easy to read which helps traders easily identify chart patterns quickly. This can be quite useful on the faster moving, smaller time frames.

During user testing, there were no detectable glitches or unexpected irregularities with the Frontrader platform. Also, there was little to no lag in response times. Additionally, there was noticeably minimal slippage in price fills, especially when trading the rare cryptocurrencies, which usually have less liquidity.

According to a sampling of user reviews, Capital Seven and its integration with the Frontrader platform provides a user-friendly trading experience which most traders find beyond satisfactory. Our personal test of the broker’s platform also revealed that the platform is easy to use and to navigate and offers a wide choice of trading tools and indicators.


Is Capital Seven Legit or a Scam?

Is Capital Seven Legit or a Scam?

Capital Seven is definitely no scam. The broker is highly regarded in the financial industry and is a leading service provider within the cryptocurrency space. Capital Seven currently has 20 employees and is based in Bulgaria. The company has decades worth of combined professional experience in market analysis and trading. A search for reports of fraud or scams related to Capital Seven did not turn up any results.

The broker has also made significant efforts to disclose all essential information to account holders. Capital Seven has made sure to inform traders of the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the various educational materials offered ensure that traders have the proper knowledge in order to apply risk management strategies appropriate to each individual.


Capital Seven Regulation and Safety of Funds

Capital Seven Regulation and Safety of Funds

Capital Seven has done its due diligence when it comes to following applicable rules and regulations for its cryptocurrency trading platform. The broker has implemented regulatory procedures which ensure fair trades while keeping account holder funds safe.

The broker strictly adheres to all applicable laws related to financial markets and trading platforms. The company’s procedures are designed to prevent illicit activity, such as identity theft or financial fraud. Capital Seven’s procedures adhere to the laws of Bulgaria and submit to the non-exclusive tribunals and courts of Bulgaria. The broker also adheres to all applicable Companies Act regulations.

Capital Seven takes all the necessary precautions to verify the identity of all account holders by requiring investors to provide personal information. Traders have the option of requesting a Privacy Statement from Capital Seven if he or she wants to know more about the company’s policies on handling personal information and data.

The company also makes sure that its procedures adhere to anti-money laundering (AML), counter financing of terrorism (CFT) and know-your-customer (KYC) principles. This should give you peace of mind that the brokers takes the safety of your personal and financial information seriously.

Capital Seven – Account Types

Capital Seven - Account Types

Capital Seven offers five types of accounts to investors. The different account types have varying requirements and features. Below is a review of the five account types available from Capital Seven.


Capital Seven Trading Conditions

Capital Seven Trading Conditions

Capital Seven provides investors with an excellent trading environment with a platform that is straightforward and user-friendly. Via the Frontrader platform, Capital Seven equips traders with a wide range of charting and market analysis tools to assist in making high-probability trading decisions. Users have several levels of account types to choose from based upon each trader’s preference, skills and available capital. Also, Capital Seven gives users access to a large variety of cryptocurrencies, including many newer exotic digital currencies.

The broker has a mobile as well as a desktop version of its cryptocurrency platform. The desktop version provides more options and functionalities than the mobile version. However, if you are not able to access a desktop computer or a laptop, the mobile version is an excellent alternative. The mobile platform is fast, intuitive and responsive. This allows users the ability to act in a timely manner when trading opportunities arise, even while on the go.


Fees and Spreads

Fees and Spreads

Capital Seven charges its users modest commission fees on each trade. The higher level the account is, the lower the commission fee charged. Commission fees start at 6 percent for Green accounts and becomes increasingly lower with 3 percent being charged for an Executive account. The Presidential account, the highest level account, offers a tailored commission structure.

For investors not using wire transfer as a method of payment, Capital Seven will charge users a fee for withdrawals. The fee charged is equivalent to the funding costs borne by the broker to make the transaction. This cost is usually 4.5%, which is automatically deducted from the withdrawal amount.


Account Opening Experience

It is fairly easy and straightforward to open an account with Capital Seven. The website will require the usual personal information, such as full name, email address, contact number and residential address. Users will also be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions for using the Capital Seven trading platform. Several different payment options will be presented to choose from in order to make the initial deposit.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Capital Seven makes it simple and fast to deposit funds into a trading account. The broker’s platform supports various payment methods. However, users can avoid some fees charged by using a wire transfer method.

The minimum deposit for a Green account, which is the lowest tier account, is 5,000 euros. However, larger deposits will qualify traders for higher-tier accounts which boast enhanced benefits and features. With 10,000 euros, an investor will be upgraded to a Premium-level account. The highest level account, Presidential, requires a minimum deposit of 250,000 euros.

Capital Seven Trading Platforms

Capital Seven Trading Platforms

Capital Seven offers two different trading platforms, desktop and a mobile app. The desktop platform is designed for desktop and laptop computers. The mobile app platform is an ideal option for investors when they do not have access to their laptop or desktop computers.

The mobile app is perfect for instances when an ideal trade set up arises, allowing traders to take advantage of these situations even while they are in the middle of their daily life activities. Both, the desktop platform and the mobile app are powered by the Frontrader platform.

Desktop and Mobile App

Capital Seven’s trading environment is powered by the Frontrader platform. The desktop version of the platform allows investors to trade cryptocurrency markets using a computer. Capital Seven’s desktop platform is able to process large amounts of real-time data while still remaining free of glitches and maintaining responsiveness. The interface is intuitive with a visually pleasing design. The desktop platform also offers a wide array of charting and technical analysis tools.

The mobile app version of Capital Seven’s trading platform is available for iOS as well as Android devices. Due to the ever-changing conditions in the financial markets, it can be challenging for investors to keep up with the latest price action. The mobile app helps to address this challenge by allowing traders to monitor market fluctuations as well as execute trades from their smartphone device. This provides convenience and flexibility and allows one to trade even while on the go.


The bonuses offered on Capital Seven vary depending on the type of account. For a Green account holder, the broker offers up to 20 percent in company credit. At the next account level up, Premium accounts receive up to 50 percent credit. Platinum accounts are offered up to 75 percent, Executive accounts receive up to 100 percent, while Presidential accounts will receive a custom company credit bonus.


Customer Service

Customer Service

Capital Seven’s customer service is excellent. The agents are always responsive, knowledgeable and courteous. The broker prides itself on having a diverse staff which can serve your needs in a variety of languages including English, German, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. Users can reach customer service via email and by telephone. There is no live chat feature currently available.

Education and Resources

Education and Resources

Capital Seven wants to empower users with the best education on financial markets possible in order to help traders manage risk and make profitable trading decisions. This is why the broker offers education through its academy program. This is available for all users, no matter what level of trading account they have signed up for. All accounts will have access to weekly webinars, while Premium and higher-level accounts are provided with daily webinars and an eBook.

The broker also provides users with access to individualized professional advice from market analysts. Every account type will be provided with a dedicated personal analyst. Premium accounts have access to a Trade Expert, while a Platinum account offers access to a Premium Trade Expert. Executive account holders will have a Specialized Trade Expert’s Team to help with trading decisions. The highest level account, a Presidential account, will be provided with a Presidential Expert’s Team.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Capital Seven accepts various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. However, users should be aware that using a wire transfer method will help to avoid certain fees upon withdrawal of funds. Detailed information on their fees can be found on the site’s website.


FAQs – Capital Seven

FAQs – Capital Seven

Is Capital Seven regulated?

Yes, the Capital Seven trading platform is regulated under the jurisdiction of the Bulgarian government. The broker also adheres to all applicable Companies Act regulations. Capital Seven procedures follow AML, KYC and CFT processes.

What is Capital Seven?

Capital Seven is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform based in Bulgaria. The broker provides a trading platform available to investors from all over the globe. The Capital Seven desktop and mobile app platforms are powered by the Frontrader platform.

The broker offers different types of trading accounts, depending upon user preference, skills and available trading capital. Capital Seven also provides a wide array of technical tools and charting capabilities to ensure that traders have an easy-to-use trading environment.

Who has experience with Capital Seven?

Cryptocurrency traders of all experience levels, from novice to expert, have used Capital Seven to safely and profitably trade cryptocurrencies. Capital Seven’s educational program ensures that traders of all levels have the opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of the financial markets. The broker also offers access to various trading experts to help investors make accurate trading decisions.

How does Capital Seven work?

Capital Seven’s platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Following registration, traders will be required to make a minimum deposit to start trading. The lowest minimum deposit amount is 5,000 euros for a Green account. The higher-tier accounts require larger minimum deposits but offer a wider array of features and benefits for investors. Even the commission fees for higher-level accounts is lower, which helps investors save on trading costs. Investors will be able to begin trading immediately after their minimum deposit has been processed and approved by the broker.

The trading platform displays the current bid and ask prices for the various cryptocurrencies available for trading. Capital Seven has a wide array of cryptocurrencies available, including many newer and exotic cryptocurrencies which many other brokers do not offer. Withdrawing funds is a relatively simple process.

How reputable is Capital Seven?

Capital Seven has a strong reputation in the financial markets and cryptocurrency industries as a safe and secure trading platform provider. Reviews among investors and traders have been overwhelmingly positive. Capital Seven’s business procedures and practices adhere to all applicable rules and regulations to ensure the safety of those utilizing their trading platform.

How do I open an account with Capital Seven?

It is quite easy to open a trading account with Capital Seven. This can be accomplished through the broker’s website. Users will be asked to provide the usual personal information before they can start trading on the platform.

Where is Capital Seven based?

Capital Seven is a well-respected cryptocurrency broker based in Bulgaria.


Overall Rating: 8/10


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