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Blackhawk Network And LibertyX Launch Cash-Crypto Solutions In US Stores

Blackhawk Network And LibertyX Launch Cash-Crypto Solutions In US Stores

Some investors prefer to invest in bear markets. The main advantage is that they can get a good bargain for assets that they deem valuable.

As the crypto bears persist, Cryptos are becoming more affordable, and buy-orders are rising. Blackhawk Network and LibertyX have launched cash-crypto solutions to meet the growing demand.

In a press release to the public, the joint partners revealed that users of LibertyX accounts would be able to log in on Blackhawk Network ATMs and purchase cryptos. In the initial rollout, the service will be available in select US stores such as; Harveys Supermarkets, Fresco y Más, Tops, Southeastern Grocers, Weis, and Winn-Dixie.

Investors Can Now Buy Cryptos in Stores

According to the Blackhawk Network global strategy and business development VP Tristan Roffey, the new venture will offer value for retailers. They will now be able to offer their clients more product offerings which will accelerate the growth of their business.

Moreover, Blackhawk aims to increase the accessibility of Cryptos, especially for first-time investors. The organization believes that access to Crypto-exchange solutions is a key determinant for the growth in Crypto adoption.

Blackhawk Network specializes in digital wallets, mobile apps, and contactless payments. These solutions simplify the investment of Cryptos and encourage new users who may prefer to transact in digital assets.

Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Traditional Finance

LibertyX offers the infrastructure that supports Bitcoin ATM networks. It further collaborates with the NCR Corporation and offers retail and digital banking and payment solutions. Currently, the fintech platform has an extensive network of 14,000 Bitcoin ATMs in 20,000 locations across 45 US states.

One of the best features that the LibertyX ATMs offer is the ability to pay for BTC using cash or debit cards. Chris Yim, the co-founder of LibertyX, is confident that the company offers unparalleled Crypto-exchange services. He adds that buying Cryptos at trusted locations gives investors the confidence to join the Crypto community.

How Users Can Get Started

The first requirement for using the LibertyX ATMs is to sign up for a LibertyX account. Users need to be over 18 years of age and complete the KYC verification process. The second requirement is to ensure that the debit card is funded or to have the cash to deposit at the ATMs.

At the initial stage, the ATMs are only offering the option to buy Cryptos and not sell them. Therefore, an investor can choose to hodl the tokens in anticipation of a rally or transact on platforms that accept Crypto payments.

In the meantime, BTC has established a support level of $30,000. The new correction point balances sharp plunges and price rallies as BTC matures like other financial instruments.

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