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Bitconnect 2.0, the First Bitcoin Bot on Whatsapp? – Last Week’s Mistakes in Crypto Journalism


This is our first article of the series ‘The Correction’ in which we correct news that appeared in the crypto space. You can read up here why we are doing this.

Sending Bitcoin Via Whatsapp – New Service or Not?

In the past week, some news outlets in the crypto space suggested that sending Bitcoin via Whatsapp is a new feature on the messenger. Or rather that is the first service to offer a Bitcoin bot on the platform. Titles of some articles read e.g. You Can Now Send and Receive Bitcoin on Whats App. However, Wuabit launched its service more than a month earlier than

The service is still new but saying on the 20th of May that you can ‘now’ send Bitcoin via Whatsapp suggests that you could not before.

Bitconnect 2.0 – the Scam of the Scam

Last week an ominous Twitter account claimed that Bitconnect would relaunch in July as Bitconnect 2.0. An obscure claim that received way too much attention by crypto media. Especially, since the trick behind this was rather easy to see through. The ‘announcement’ – that Twitter has deleted by now along with the account – included a referral link to Binance. While it is not a scam in that way, it was still a shady attempt to profit from an artificial hype.


Friedman LLP – Law Firm or Accounting Firm?

A small mistake occurred in one of our last articles about Tether and its relationship to Bitcoin. We called Friedman LLP a law firm. However, it is an accounting firm. One of our readers kindly pointed us to the mistake:

Thanks, Jeannette Russell-Shepherd!

If you also noticed mistakes in one of our articles or in crypto journalism in general. Please do not hesitate to tell us. You can tell us in the comment section, email me or via twitter @zeeko76.

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