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AvaTrade – Is This the Right Broker For You?

There are infinite opportunities for investors to make profits on a daily basis while trading in the global markets. In order to take advantage of these lucrative online opportunities, you will have to register a trading account with a broker who will provide you with direct access to an investment platform which enables you to access the financial markets. However, it may not be that easy to choose the right broker. A quick search online will provide an endless array of choices for brokers. But you should realize that not every broker is the same with some offering all-inclusive trading platforms while others may only offer the bare minimum. Therefore, you should seek out the brokers which offer a user-friendly software interface, powerful trading tools, educational resources, safe banking options and responsive customer support.
There are infinite opportunities for investors to make profits on a daily basis while trading in the global markets. In order to take advantage of these lucrative online opportunities, you will have to register a trading account with a broker who will provide you with direct access to an investment platform which enables you to access the financial markets. However, it may not be that easy to choose the right broker. A quick search online will provide an endless array of choices for brokers. But you should realize that not every broker is the same with some offering all-inclusive trading platforms while others may only offer the bare minimum. Therefore, you should seek out the brokers which offer a user-friendly software interface, powerful trading tools, educational resources, safe banking options and responsive customer support.

Who is AvaTrade?

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 as an online investment platform by a group of financial trading professionals and web-commerce experts with the aim of providing a safe and responsive trading platform for retail investors. It only took a few years for the broker to experience enormous growth to over 200,000 registered clients worldwide. The firm now has offices and locations in Dublin, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney. AvaTrade is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The AvaTrade platform facilitates more than two million trades on a monthly basis. This amounts to more than $60 billion in trading volume per month.

AvaTrade – Know the Facts, Trade with Confidence

It is important to note that no matter how large AvaTrade grows, the company will always remain committed to its original mission which is to empower as many everyday retail investors as possible to make profits in the financial markets. The platform puts usability first which is apparent in the intuitively designed software interface and the website. Beginner traders, as well as advanced professional traders, will find AvaTrade to be an effective platform which maximizes profits. The broker offers a comprehensive set of tradable assets, including stocks, Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, ETFs and commodities.

Let us continue to look at AvaTrade and provide further details into the broker’s advantages and disadvantages for investors looking for a reputable platform to trade on.

AvaTrade Reviews – What Features Should You Consider When Choosing a Broker?

What Makes AvaTrade Unique?
The needs of each investor are unique which means that when selecting a broker, you need to make sure the broker will offer the features that provide solutions for your individual needs. This may mean having a wide array of tradable assets to choose from, powerful trading instruments, strong customer service and more. Also, many times, brokers will provide valuable educational resources to improve trading knowledge. This can also be a significant factor in deciding on a broker to trade with. There are even more features you should consider before deciding on which broker to register with. We will now take a close look at the features offered by AvaTrade.

AvaTrade Regulation

AvaTrade Experience Test

It is important that a broker provides users with a safe and secure trading environment. A large part of this lies in how the broker is being regulated. The broker should adhere to all applicable rules and regulations as laid out by the regulatory bodies. Part of this usually means holding user capital in segregated bank accounts. Also, a broker should implement the latest in security technology which protects all transactions and trade executions.

AvaTrade is regulated in various countries around the world:

Adhering to the authority of all of these various regulatory systems ensures that AvaTrade is providing users with a safe trading environment. You can rest assured that your money is safe with AvaTrade.

AvaTrade Security Technology

Avatrade Broker Review

Along with following regulatory guidelines in order to keep the platform safe, AvaTrade has also implemented top security technology. This will help keep your account safe from being hacked. Also, you can be sure your personal data and financial information will be fully protected from any fraudulent activities.

AvaTrade Reputation and Reliability

AvaTrade Regulation and Safety of Funds

Now that we have made sure that AvaTrade is properly regulated, we will now examine the broker’s reputation and the platform’s reliability. Does AvaTrade provide good service on a consistent basis? Does the broker offer the most advanced trading tools while also upgrading its platforms to keep up with the latest in technological advancements?

Since AvaTrade was established, the broker has won many industry awards which recognize AvaTrade’s high-quality platforms as well as its superior customer service. The website, The European, named AvaTrade the No.1 Broker, Best Forex Broker, Best Bitcoin CFD Trading Provider of the Year and the Best Affiliate Program. also awarded AvaTrade with the title of Best Forex Broker, while International Business Magazine gave the firm the title of Most Innovative CFD Broker, UK. Rankia has named the firm The Best Forex Broker, Portugal, while awarded the firm Best Affiliate Programme and Best Trading Experience. Additionally, FXEmpire awarded AvaTrade the titles of Best Forex Broker, Best Broker: Most Reliable and Best Educational Broker. These are just a few of the many awards AvaTrade has been awarded throughout the years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The financial industry’s recognition of AvaTrade is a testament to the firm’s user-friendly platform, secure trading environment, the wide array of trading tools and reliable customer service. During our test run with AvaTrade’s platforms, we did not encounter any technical issues. The trades were executed quickly with little to no sign of latency.

As a part of the review process, we also took a look at the various testimonials we found posted online by users. The testimonials were overwhelmingly positive. Many people remarked at being impressed by how easy the software is to use thanks to the smart design of the interface. Also, we did not encounter any real negative reviews and there was no talk about the broker being a scam from any legitimate reviewers.

AvaTrade Trading Platforms

AvaTrade - Account Types

The value of a broker is centered on the platform which the broker provides. You will not be disappointed with AvaTrade which provides you with a comprehensive trading environment that has everything you need to succeed in financial trading. AvaTrade’s software has a wide array of platform options, including web-based and mobile. You can also choose between PC or Mac versions. MetaTrader compatibility, both MT4 and MT5, is available with AvaTrade’s trading environment.

Below we examine the various platforms in further detail:

The wide range of platform options for AvaTrade users makes the broker an ideal choice for those looking for a trading experience customized for their own individual needs. All of the platforms are easy to use which makes AvaTrade perfect for beginning traders as well as advanced investors.

AvaTrade Automated Trading

AvaTrade Automated Trading Tools

Account holders with AvaTrade are able to integrate automated trading strategies with AvaTrade. One type of automated trading strategy is copy trading which is to copy the trades of more experienced traders. AvaTrade users can accomplish this with DupliTrade, which is a platform that is compatible with MT4 and allows you to follow the trading activities of other traders of your choice. Another copy trade platform is ZuluTrade which can be integrated easily with your AvaTrade account. Also, MQL5 is the MT4 programming language which means you will be able to subscribe to trade signal providers from all over the world. Additionally, you have the option of using your own expert advisor (EA) trading bot via MT4.

AvaTrade Review – What Tradable Instruments Are Available?

When you have an account with AvaTrade you will have a comprehensive list of tradable assets to choose from. This includes cryptocurrencies, Forex, ETFs, stocks, bonds, indices and commodities. Some of the Forex currency pairs included are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and more. The cryptocurrencies available for trading with AvaTrade include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, IOTA and more. Also, AvaTrade is known for having generous spreads and high leverage options. For trading CFDs, AvaTrade leverage can be as high as 400:1, depending upon the asset class.

With AvaTrade’s large menu of tradable assets, you will surely be able to easily build a portfolio which fulfills your trading goals and risk tolerance.

AvaTrade Trading Education & Customer Service

Investors can be sure to receive a comprehensive and all-inclusive trading experience with AvaTrade. This not only includes a responsive and powerful trading interface, but you will also have access to a large variety of educational resources aimed at increasing your knowledge of trading the financial markets. These educational resources are designed to help beginner traders as well as expert investors.

The AvaTrade website offers a Trading for Beginners section which provides beginners with all the basic information required to start trading. If you are just starting out in the world of trading the online financial markets, then this section should be the first place you go to before making any trades. Here, you will learn the basics of how the financial markets work and what all of the tradable assets are and how to trade them profitably.

Learn to trade with AvaTrade

The Professional Trading Strategies section will go deeper into trading knowledge. It will cover more advanced topics such as how to analyze price charts, technical indicators, chart patterns and advanced trading strategies and techniques. Here you will also be provided with market analysis updates from trading professionals. This is the type of knowledge and tools you will need to be successful in your trading endeavors. Users of AvaTrade also have the ability to access a free Forex eBook, titled Trade Forex Like a Pro.

However, not everybody learns the same way. Therefore, AvaTrade also offers numerous instructional videos on a wide array of aspects related to trading the financial markets. The topics covered are comprehensive, ranging from beginning trading topics to advanced market analysis. Some of the topics covered for beginners include basic trading mechanics, such as describing what a pip is or how chart times and time frames work. AvaTrade’s collection of videos, titled Assets & Tools Tutorials, covers market indices, how to calculate commodities price movements, an introduction to the oil market, economic indicators and central banks. The Trading Strategies Tutorials section provides videos focusing more on technical analysis. The Advanced Trading Tools section covers more advanced trading strategy concepts, such as momentum trading, reversing markets, moving averages, Fibonacci levels, the intricacies of Japanese candlestick charts and more. AvaTrade also has a section, titled Trading Platforms Tutorials, with videos teaching you how to use the various platforms available as an AvaTrade account holder. The Trading Safely Tutorials section teaches you about risk management and how to develop a trading plan, so you are not just making random and irrational trading decisions.

Forex Broker

You can contact AvaTrade via email and you will usually receive a prompt response. In conducting this review, we contacted customer service via email and were given an immediate response. The support representative was knowledgeable and eager to assist. However, if you prefer to speak directly to a live person, you can also contact the customer service team by calling one of the various help hotlines offered by the broker. AvaTrade provides various phone numbers for customer service centers all around the world that will offer assistance in a variety of languages.

AvaTrade Banking – Withdrawal and Deposits

Deposit Slip


You will have a variety of methods to choose from when making a deposit with AvaTrade. This will include credit cards and wire transfers. Also, AvaTrade accepts most of the popular eWallets, such as WebMoney, Skrill and Neteller. However, eWallets are not an option for traders located in the EU and Australia. Additionally, credit cards are not offered as a deposit method for those located in Canada.

How long the deposit process takes will depend on the method of deposit you have chosen. For credit cards and debit cards, the deposit will usually be credited to your account instantly, unless it is the first time making a deposit with a card. In that case, the process takes as long as one business day. Deposits with eWallets will be credited within 24 hours. Wire transfers can take as long as 7 business days, depending on what country you are located in and what banking institution you use.

The minimum required deposit to start trading is only $100. This makes trading financial markets with AvaTrade accessible to almost anybody. The broker also offers a choice of trading accounts including an Islamic account which is based on the rules of Sharia law

Verification Process

The verification process requires that you provide some basic identifying documentation. This will include a valid and current government-issued identification document. A passport, ID card or driver’s license are acceptable forms of identifying documents. The documentation must include your full name, a photograph of yourself and your date of birth.

You will also have to verify your place of residence. Usually, a utility bill, such as electricity, water, gas or phone bill, will suffice as proof of residence. Again, the proof of residence must include your full name as well as your address. These details must correlate with the personal information you used to register your account.  Additionally, the utility bill cannot be more than six months old.

If you made your initial deposit using a credit card or debit card, you will have to send a copy of the front and bank of the card used for the deposit. Your full name on the card along with the expiration date must be clearly visible. Also, the last four digits of the account number on the card must be shown. However, you may block the middle eight digits on the card along with the security code usually located on the back of the credit card or debit card.

Also, if you have made your deposit on behalf of another party, you will need to provide verification documents for this third party. You will also be required to provide a power of attorney form. This will ensure that you legally have the right to make deposits and financial decisions on behalf of this third-party entity.


The withdrawal process with AvaTrade is streamlined and easy to navigate. Once your account and your identity have been confirmed and verified, you will be able to withdraw your invested funds along with your profits earned from trading activities. As a regulated financial firm, the broker is required to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines. This means AvaTrade must not only verify the identity of clients, but it must also determine if there is any risk of fraudulent intentions. This is also covered by their anti-money laundering process.

The withdrawal process only takes one or two business days to be finalized. The money will then be refunded back to your original deposit method.

AvaTrade Review – Is This A Scam Broker?

In no way is AvaTrade any type of scam. AvaTrade is a reputable and professional financial firm which provides a legitimate platform. The broker adheres to the authority of a variety of regulatory agencies around the globe. AvaTrade provides top quality trading tools and features which traders of all experience levels will benefit from. The intuitively designed software interface is easy to navigate making it perfect for beginners as well as expert traders.

The wide choice of tradable instruments available with AvaTrade is quite impressive and is superior to many other brokers in the market today. All of the major currency pairs are available to trade along with many minor currency pairs. In total, there are more than 50 currency pairs to choose from. Also, the broker offers more than 100 different stocks of major companies for you to trade. Most of the popular cryptocurrencies are also tradable with the AvaTrade platform. You can also invest in bonds, commodities and indices. During our review process, we tried executing trades with all of these asset classes and encountered no issues.

  • Accepts multiple payment methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • Supports various trading platforms including MT4, MT5, and mobile trading
  • AvaTrade is a multi-award-winning broker
  • Demo accounts are available, allowing traders to test their strategies before trading for real
  • Users have access to the markets 24/7
  • Supports over 250 popular financial instruments
  • World-class multilingual support is available on AvaTrade
  • Islamic account is available for Muslim traders on AvaTrade
  • The leverage on AvaTrade is as high as 1:400
    • Broker does not offer a wide choice of educational materials
    • Not available in certain countries like the United States

Perhaps, one of the best aspects of AvaTrade is the expansive collection of educational materials aimed at enhancing your profits earned from trading activities. The website has highly informative pages which you can use as a resource to improve your knowledge of markets. Also, the eBook is well-written and easy to understand and provides both new and advanced traders with a wealth of trading information. The video tutorials are professionally produced and explain trading concepts in a clear and concise way. Even the more advanced topics are illustrated in a way that is simple and to the point. We found the resources quite helpful, even for those who already have plenty of trading experience.

AvaTrade’s customer service team is professional and responsive. As a part of the review process, we contacted the customer support team for various reasons. We also contacted customer support via email as well as telephone in order to test how the experience would be. It turns out that AvaTrade has one of the best customer support teams in the industry. Each interaction with their representatives was pleasant. The representatives were always eager to please and ready to go the extra mile to make sure a solution was found for our issues. Most of our questions could be answered almost right away due to the customer service team being highly knowledgeable about the platform.

Overall, it is clear that AvaTrade is one of the best brokers available in the online trading space. AvaTrade is an excellent choice for anybody, beginner or expert, to choose for accessing the financial markets.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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