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Amon Review

In regards to Cryptocurrencies, the biggest challenges that users face is volatility and real-time conversion that affects liquidity and practicability of using Cryptos as currencies.

Amon is a next-level multi-platform and multi-currency network that incorporates the convenience of using a traditional debit card, and a smart Crypto exchange platform based on Artificial Intelligence protocols, It practicalizes the use of Cryptos as currencies.

Features Of Amon:

Crypto Debit Card

BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, AMN, and XLM are some of the Cryptocurrencies that the platform offers to Card holders. However, in the initial beta version that is on trial, users will be able to use the card for BTC, LTC, and ETH purchases. It is important to note that AMN is Amon’s native Token.

Most interestingly, Amon Card is the World’s first Crypto debit card to integrate Artificial Intelligence in wallet management. The functionality is ideal in helping users leverage on Crypto market volatilities through acquiring Cryptos that are rallying to spend them in the marketplace.

Further, the Amon Debit card will also allow users to spend fiat currencies at points-of-sale for ultimate user experience.


Artificial Intelligence System Real-Time Payment

This feature will automatically upgrade individual Cryptocurrencies’ value on a Card holder’s portfolio to determine the best exchange rates based on real-time value computation. Hence a card user at a merchant shop is guaranteed that the volatility of Cryptos will work on their favor.


Amon Exchange, Wallet, and Security

The Amon exchange platform allows users to buy Cryptos with Visa and Master Cards which are secured in hack-proof Amon wallets. Further, the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) ensures that the network of has state of the art Cybersecurity Architecture to support secure payment solutions.

Amon Fees

Amon Crypto card issuance and delivery charges are free. Holders with AMN Tokens are eligible to further discounts such as 0.5% AMN cashback, free monthly fees are AMN exceed 100 Tokens.

The Roadmap is being actualized, but the project is already promising to revolutionize the World’s perspective of the liquidity of Cryptos and security.

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