New Blockchain Protocol And Bitcoin Heads Towards $11 000

The newest edition of the blockchain protocol will allow the DeFi Bond System to operate. This would give viability to the generation of the trading of debt instruments. In other news, Bitcoin is batting on up giving hope to investors for a new surge of growth.

The Latest Blockchain Protocol Opens New Doors For Crypto Loans

The blockchain house, Mainframe, has taken hold of Sablier, a fintech firm based in Ethereum. The announcement stated that they plan to integrate Sablier’s product with their project for new lending opportunities. According to the press release, Mainframe believes that these new financial products could provide avenues for increased lending opportunities.

They further stated that at present cryptocurrency debt instruments require personal assurance of 150% of more. Therefore, there is limited access to these loans. However, Mainframe has a new concept, known as Guarantor Pools. These crowdfunded assurance groups will act as security for loans. Therefore the ratios on personal loans can be lesser. Yet, the firm itself will not have any greater risk on loan provision.

This system works fairly simply, someone in need of finance will insert proof of assurance and mint tokens. Those who would like to engage in lending will purchase the crypto tokens of debt. These tokens can be redeemed at face value upon the end of the loan agreement. Mainframe believes, that this process will help to ensure against catastrophes such as MakerDAO’s Black Thursday.

As the CEO of Mainframe, Doug Leonard, has postulated, debt provides new opportunities to any economy. Therefore, these types of innovative ideas should be encouraged, especially ones that ensure resource allocation more efficiently.

Bitcoin Gains Ground In The $11 000 Level

Bitcoin Gains Ground In The $11 000 Level, Giving New Hope For A Bull Market

According to a technical analyst at Oppenheimer, Ari Wald, Bitcoin has a large pathway for upward mobility. On Monday, the 27th of July, Bitcoin defeated it’s year-long slump and hit past $11 000. It managed to stay on this price level well into early Tuesday morning.

Ari Wald, further added that prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, could be powerful tools to beat inflation. The earlier that Bitcoin bulls get into the Bitcoin market, the sooner they can benefit from future growth. The crypto token has been hard at work, hitting against the downward trend from 2017.

Yet, the recent developments in the general cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin itself, suggest positive growth is imminent. For those who are planning on holding out for the long-run, this is the exact news they want to hear. Ari added that most are looking at holding onto gold due to the US Federal Reserve unexpectedly loosening monetary policy.

However, he added that major cryptocurrencies could provide both good yields over time. In addition to beating out inflationary growth. One thing is for certain, the extreme excitement over Bitcoin’s growth and beating out the $11 000 mark is long overdue. Where will it go next and how soon will we be seeing major growth?

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