More Cryptocurrency ATMs In Argentina To Boost Crypto Market In The Country

Cryptocurrency traders in Argentina will now be able to buy and sell the virtual currencies in more places as more Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in Buenos Aires. Matías Goldenhorn confirmed the installation of more ATMs during an interview with Cripto247 news outlet. The Director of Latin America of Athena Bitcoin, the American ATM company said they are expanding their operations in the country.

Athena To Install More Bitcoin Atms In Latin America

Athena Bitcoin has announced to plans to install Bitcoin ATMs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The American ATM company said the new move will help in enhancing Cryptocurrency trade in the region. The virtual currencies users will now be able to buy and sell the digital assets in an easy way.

According to Matías Goldenhorn, the director of the company in Latin America, there are about 3500 Cryptocurrency ATMs in America while there is practically none in Latin America. The company is moving to fill this gap and provide the local Cryptocurrency enthusiasts with more trading options.

He added that they are planning to install Cryptocurrency ATMs throughout the South American region. In Colombia, the company has already set up operations in Medellín, Calí, and Bogotá. Plans are underway to spread to Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Bucaramanga.

Matías Goldenhorn And His Bitcoin ATM Company

Matías Goldenhorn was previously working in Argentina before leaving the country between 2001 and 2002. He first moved to Brazil and has since then moved to several other countries. When he got to the United States, he started his own traditional ATM company.

Around 2017, he saw an opportunity in Bitcoin ATM and started a research to establish companies and manufacturers of these adapted machines. At the same time, he met with other people who were opening such businesses in the United States and decided to work together and expand to the Latin America.

In his words, Goldenhorn is optimistic that the ATMs and blockchain technology can enhance the use of Cryptocurrencies especially among people without access to the traditional financial system. The two technologies can act as a financial inclusion tool, creating a level playing field for the people in Latin America.

The Move Is Expected To Enhance The Growth Of Athena

The decision by Athena to venture into the South American Crypto market will help in boosting the growth of the company and use of Cryptocurrencies in the region. The company will now reach a market that most of its competitors have not entered thereby allowing it to exploit the opportunity.

The popularity and use of Cryptocurrencies in different regions is increasing every day. Consequently, the demand for the ATMs and other tools that supports Crypto trading is expected to continue growing into the future. Athena is now in a good position to attract more customers and enjoy more profits in their operations.

The decision by Athenas to enter the Argentine Crypto market is in line with its initial plans. Previously, it was reported that Argentina will receive about 4,000 Crypto ATMs. The company has taken this opportunity to become a major player and a leader in the ATM market in the country. The company is working around the clock to ensure it gains a lion’s share of the market.

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