Minas Gerais is the first state to use blockchain in public administration

Minas Gerais is the first state in Brazil to have its own blockchain network aimed at the state public administration. The first nodes of this network, installed in the data center of the Information Technology Company of the State of Minas Gerais (Prodemge), are already online.

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The infrastructure supports the logical segmentation of data, which allows it to be used by different systems and applications. In addition, it supports governance practices such as usage models and data encryption. The government of Minas Gerais says that the platform is associated with information sharing, reliability, decentralization and traceability.

As it is a decentralized system, the network will have a dynamic structure and should be expanded with the participation of government agencies and entities. “The more nodes are integrated, the more robust the network will become”, explains Roberto Reis, CEO of Prodemge.

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Image: Reproduction/Envato/iLexx

According to Reis, the company encourages and supports the development of technology in other agencies to make the network grow. “This is a very important project for us, at Prodemge, and for the entire public administration. We are innovating and placing the Government of Minas at the forefront of information technology. This tool is fundamental in the pursuit of the State's digital transformation.”


The first system to use the network is MG Florestas, which electronically controls all stages of the charcoal chain in Minas Gerais. The initiative is led by a partnership between the State Forestry Institute (IEF), Prodemge, the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad) and the State Secretariat for Planning and Management (Seplag).

The objective is for the measure to increase transparency and inspection of actions on the environment. In addition, the project must value the legal product through technology.

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