MetaMask Unveils New User Licenses And Has New Versions Of Wallets

Earlier this week MetaMask shared how it has launched new versions to their product agreements. They clarified how for the majority of user groups, this would not have any direct consequences. These user groups include charitable organizations and end-users. MetaMask also confirmed how they would still supply and update their API for open-source use. The firm also related how they would still be deploying all code to the public domain free of charge.

The Implications Of MetaMask’s Licenses On Commercial Use Cases?

The press statement discussed how in future external companies would need to sign contractual agreements with MetaMask. This will apply to companies if they meet certain conditions. The requirement is that the commercial product needs to be viewed by at least 10 000 users. This needs to be met every month.

Should these criteriums be met, then the organization will be requested to partake in a commercial partnership with MetaMask. Some may have felt this to be an unfair step on the company’s part, but sound reasoning was provided. MetaMask declared how they wanted to continue with product innovation. In order to achieve continuous new development, funding mechanisms will be required.

Their commitment to innovation can be seen with the fact that they have just recently given a new update. This was in the form of the eighth version of their Ethereum wallet. The latest installment featured improvements such as greater security and an updated login interface.

The Wallet Has A New Version Promising Interest Earnings

The Wallet Has A New Version Promising Interest Earnings

The ability to earn compound interest is one of the main selling points of investments for all financially-motivated individuals. This is true even within the world of cryptocurrency. Thanks to the partnership with and Cred, there will be further opportunities for it. is linking its wallet with the CredEarn online portal.

Looking Into The Applications Features

This will allow users to engage with the CredEarn platform from within the wallet. They will also be able to offer up fintech assets as surety. Moreover, they would also be able to gain interest earnings from their stakes in other digital holdings. This is not limited to one type of device and can be done through the mobile or traditional desktop interface.

Further features are instant access to compounded interest. It is important to note that interest is calculated daily instead of a monthly or annual basis. And, the interest is payable in the crypto token of the users choosing. The company has not limited users, and they are free to have either altcoins or stablecoins.

A spokesperson for the companies declared that this allows consumers an easy way to diversify their crypto holdings. They divulged that in the future, further products and news would come as the collaboration continued. This is especially exciting news as Cred is touted as one of the leading crypto lending platforms.

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