MERITT – Open Protocol For Decentralized Issuance of Bespoke Tokens on The Blockchain

MERITT is a project that will disrupt the token creation process by making it easy for merchants to develop their Cryptocurrency. The project will decentralize the creation and distribution of the virtual currencies for companies, communities, and individuals.

Meritt Token


Token Symbol: MTT
Standard: ERC20
Exchange against ETH: 5,000 MTT = 1 ETH
Total tokens available: 1.2B MTT
Tokens available for sale: 504M MTT

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Creation Of Different Tokens Using MERITT

Meritt will allow the creation of different types cryptocurrencies with no fee and middleman. One kind of such coins is the utility tokens. These tokens will be created and distributed by merchants in the form of vouchers for a discount.

Meritt will also enable the community to create service tokens. In this case, a trusted community will develop its own coins and allow members to buy them to finance a wind turbine project to be used for communal benefit.

Meritt will allow individuals to create trusted networks composed of communities, close friends, or family. A person can then request for a loan by creating his or her loans token and selling them to their network.

Small companies will also be using Merrit to create equity tokens that are used as financial instruments. A firm that discloses its Merrit rating will be able to create virtual currencies that it then sells in the marketplace.

Trusted Community In MERITT

It will be possible for any individual, community, or company to create or join a trusted group on Alpha. One can support the community by creating and selling tokens or by buying those that have been issued by trusted members. The system will depend on the trust within a community.

Meritt Platform

The Role Of MERITT In Creating Cryptocurrency

Although Cryptocurrencies have become very popular recently, creating one is an expensive process as you to pay for the services of developers. Consequently, small projects have no way of launching their coin. Merrit will make it easy for businesses to create their virtual currencies at a low cost. Furthermore, the merchants will be free to select the features of their coin.

Creation of a Cryptocurrency involves consulting with contractors, getting permission, and paying a fee for issuance. The whole process is not transparent at all. Merrit will revolutionize this process by creating a dApp marketplace where the merchants will be able to list their virtual currencies for sale.

There is no standard and tool for the merchants to use to deploy and distribute their Cryptocurrencies once launched. The introduction of dApp marketplace by Merrit will make this process easier. Moreover, it will now be possible for businesses to sell their coins through a trusted social network.

MERITT on Social Media

MERITT also uses social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to reach more people. The company communicates important updates through this network. Given the high number of social media users today, the firm has been able to reach more people from around the globe.