Merchants To Benefit From A New Cryptocurrency Payment Application

A new mobile payment app that supports the use of Cryptocurrencies has been developed. The new app will allow the users to add digital assets and use them to pay for goods and services in various stores. Currently, the mobile app is supporting the use of Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin (BTC) with plans to introduce more coins in the future.

App For Every Merchant

A new mobile app called Flexa has been developed and will allow the users to use their phones when shopping and pay using Cryptocurrencies. The app is user-friendly and easy to use. The transaction will be completed when the user taps a ‘flexcode’ and shows it to the seller’s POS terminal.

Currently, Nordstrom allows users to pay using Litecoin while Starbucks supports Bitcoin payments. The introduction of the new app will allow the customers of these two businesses to easily pay for their services. The users of the new mobile app will be able to use it in over 35,000 locations worldwide where these two businesses have operations.

About Flexa Company

Flexa is a new company that was established early this year. The founders include Kathleen pierce-Glimore, Trevor Filter, Tyler Spalding, and Zachery Kilgore. Previously, Glimore worked at PayPal as a senior executive while Filter is the person behind the creation of UX for American Express. Currently, Spalding works at Raise as the CTO.

Some people have already uploaded videos on Twitter using Flexa application to make Bitcoin payments. A Twitter user, @missnatoshi uploaded such a video and said she bought coffee at Starbucks using the app. In another tweet by @DrPopandLocks, he said that he used the app to pay in bitcoin at Starbucks. The user added that the payment was simple and easy and only took no more than five seconds. The user promised to support this team.

Flexa2Why The New App Is Important

The Flexa app has been developed with the aim of transforming the payment platforms and give the users more freedom to select the payment method of their choice. Moreover, the new app will also help in eliminating fraud, common in most of the other payment methods. One important feature of the new mobile payment app is that it does not use any bank account or cards.

Flexa has said that they are determined to empower the buyers and sellers using Cryptocurrencies. The firm is promising to make it easy for merchants worldwide to use the virtual currency in an easy and secure way. The new app will be crucial in enhancing the global use of Cryptocurrencies as it provides both the buyers and the sellers with enormous benefits.

Flexa is an important project as it will help in providing a simple and easy way for businesses and their customers to use the virtual currencies. Despite the many benefits that come with the digital assets, most people are unable to tap into them due to lack of the right apps to support the link. Projects such as Flexa will make it easy for people to make payments irrespective of their geographical locations.