Memority: Data Storage Revolution on Blockchain

What is Memority?

Memority is a blockchain-based data storage platform. Memority uses ultra-secure encryption to protect the data of its users. This makes Memority an excellent option for securing key data for many people. You can store many different types of files on Memority. For example, you can store documents, audio files, video files, etc. If you want to securely store contracts, confidential company information, passwords, bank account numbers, or other sensitive information, Memority is an excellent choice. This platform is also decentralized which prevents a single authority from having control over your data.

The Token  

Token Name: MMR

Token Price: $0.1

Hard Cap: 85,000,000

ICO Date: 5/1/18-8/31/18


How does it work?

If you would like to use Memority to store data securely, then there are a number of steps you must go through. First, you must download the decentralized application. Then, you create your account. After that, you upload your files to the application. You will be given a unique private key to access your data. The data will only be able to be accessed with this private key. So, be very careful where you store this private key, and whom you allow to have access to it. It will be desirable for some people to share this private key with coworkers, friends, or family members. However, if you do not wish to share the key, you do not have to. Once your data is stored, backups of the files will be created to make sure that you will never lose the data. The data is also protected from forgery and is fully encrypted.

Why Memority?

Memority is highly convenient, highly secure, and very easy to use. It is just a great option for storing files in an optimized and very safe way. If you are someone who has a lot of digital files that you would like to secure, then Memority may be very useful to you. There are other storage applications, such as Dropbox. However, Dropbox does not have the advanced security features that Memority has, and it is not decentralized. It doesn’t matter whether your storage needs are for yourself, your company, or your government or nonprofit organization. Memority will be able to accommodate your storage needs. It will encrypt all of your data, back up your files, and make it so that only you will have access to the private key. This creates an optimal data storage solution.