Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System & More

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System

MasterCard and R3 are partnering to build a decentralized payment system for cross border payments. The platform which is powered by the R3 corda blockchain will be a milestone in the digitization of the finance industry. The project guarantees MasterCard a place in the fast paced and dynamic industry of cryptos. The implementation of the project will enable MasterCard deal with issues such as high processing overheads and the lack of standardization. The upgrading of liquidity management and domestic clearing processes will also steer MasterCard ahead of rivals Western Union. The project’s pilot will be deployed to test financial clearing and processes settlement.

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What Not to Do When Bitcoin Is Going Down

Investing in cryptocurrencies can seem like psychological warfare, the enemy being yourself. It requires a lot of mental discipline especially during extreme conditions in the volatile market. So, how do you survive in such circumstances? First you have to vow to keep your emotions out of trading. And then, there are things you should not do, especially when bitcoin is going down. First you have to wake up to reality and realize that you may never catch the exact bottom, you miss out of great opportunities when you try. Second, never abandon for coins that are going up and last but not least, try not to stare at the charts the whole day.

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Ripple and Coinbase Stumble as Bitcoin Rises on LinkedIn chart

Top 10 U.S startup list of 2019 ranks user preference in emerging US companies. In 2018, leading players in the crypto economy have come out strongly to signify the importance of cryptocurrencies in a futuristic digital economy. However, in 2019, pressure has mounted on Ripple and Coinbase, which are the top performers on the list and caused a drop. Experts believe the change has a toll on the market prices. The ranking by LinkedIn is determined by three key variables; Member engagement, job seeker’s interest in working for the company and the number of employees. The threshold being at least 50 employees in the US and at headquarters.

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