Many Are Talking About the Warning by Anonymous

The Internet makes it easy to reach mass amounts of people, and the warning by Anonymous has used it effectively. By releasing videos and making their messages widespread, they hope to stir the population and enforce radical change. This constant radical movement is essential they believe to out those who are damaging to our society and its members.

Who Is Anonymous Group?

The Anonymous group has been around since the early 2000s as the Internet gained speed worldwide reaching millions of people. There are significant events that the Anonymous groups have claimed responsibility for, creating a loyal following of similar minded people. There have been many ways to describe them, including:
• A cyber-based lynch mob
• Cyber terrorists
• Noted as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world by People Magazine
• Freedom fighters
• Digital Robin Hoods

The most common mantra of members claiming to belong to the Anonymous group is:

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us.”

This can be seen as a warning by Anonymous for those important entities on their radar to remain proper. From government agencies or churches to large big businesses or racist groups, Anonymous follows many facets around the world.

Warning by Anonymous

Fundamental Beliefs of the Anonymous Group

There are several fundamental beliefs that the Anonymous group adheres to and maintains. Acting as an anti-cyber-censorship entity and anti-cyber surveillance group, they consistently attack those who they feel disregard these fundamental values. Using Internet activism and vigilantism, they give a warning by Anonymous to let those attacked they are in the wrong.

How Anonymous is Helping

More recently, the Anonymous group has announced a large donation of $75 Million Bitcoin to help protect anonymity online. This is done through a fund known as the Unknown Fund who will distribute funds. These funds cater to those who will help protect or support anonymity online either directly or indirectly.

Startups that help by working on personal data protection, designing or evolving tools to aid online anonymity are key. Anonymous believes that blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies help the public in these ways and want to support those actively involved.

The Most Recent Warning by Anonymous

Lately, the warning by Anonymous has touched on some modern factors including the 5G towers and radiation issues. Another issue recently is the Coronavirus and how it has been handled through the World Health Organization and local governments. They periodically will post a variety of these videos on social media websites, including Facebook to get their message heard.

Causing a stir with many organizations and the public lately, a warning by Anonymous has talked of an upcoming revolution. Without any specifics listed online, many speculate what the Anonymous group is capable of achieving when focused on their goals. Even with dozens of arrests worldwide of those claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous, they continue to gain momentum. The popularity of the Anonymous group is not declining anytime soon with the power of the Internet as their tool.