Man Who Made Billions in Bitcoin, Anthony Di Iorio, Pinpoints China as the Next Country to Produce a Leader in the Crypto Industry

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum and one of the earliest people to make big earnings in bitcoin (his portfolio is worth over $1 billion) estimates that China will be responsible for the next big company in cryptocurrency. This statement was given during an office interview in his home office, based in Toronto, Canada:

“The biggest stake for me is in Qtum and VeChain right now, the two Chinese projects. There’s much more opportunity in newer ones if you can identify them.”

About VeChain and Qtum

Both Chinese-based products have quite a large capitalization, despite them being relatively new. VeChain has earned the #17 spot of all the cryptocurrencies. The company has earned $1.61 billion in capital and works in the financial services sector, with a heavy concentration on supply-chain management. Qtum is at spot #20, with an impressive $856,225,786 in capital. They have made their earnings by combining the reliability of bitcoin with the flexibility that is offered with Ethereum.

Bitcoin Has Recently Dropped in Value: Is it Still Worth the Investment?

According to Di Iorio, it would not be smart to give up on the coin now. It is true that bitcoin currency has recently dropped in value, but the many ICOs on the market have made use of the same blockchain technology as bitcoin and have the potential to flourish. This becomes clear as many startups rise to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and more.

Di Iorio believes the despite the sudden drop, the downward trend of bitcoin will reverse soon. This is especially true as more people learn what it is worth. Di Iorio supports bitcoin because of its many features. It has a scarcity that preserves its value and the great number of companies that are establishing themselves using the same blockchain technology as bitcoin makes it very versatile as a spending unit. Like stocks, it also offers great reward to those who choose to invest in the industry and make the smartest moves first. Di Iorio considers himself among those that have benefited it from it—just look at his valuable portfolio.

Di Iorio’s Involvement in Cryptocurrency

Di Iorio’s expertise in the field does not just come from knowing when and where to invest his bitcoin stock. It started when he helped fund Ethereum. Ethereum has a different digital currency than bitcoin, the Ether. However, it has moved up the ranks to earn the title of second-most-valuable digital currency in the recent years. Coinmarketcap reports its value at $49,159,263,743—which is impressive to say the least.

His current project is an innovation hub based in Toronto, which works with blockchain projects and inventing new ways to use it. The company is called Decentral. It already has one well-known product to come from it—Jaxx. Jaxx is a convenient digital asset wallet that securely holds all a person’s cryptocurrencies in one convenient place.