Malaysia’s New Tech Visa Targets Blockchain Talent

Countries around the world are repositioning themselves to be the center of the next epic technological revolution that is set to be driven by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other emerging technological innovations.

In regards to Blockchain, it is fast emerging as the futuristic technology that can be easily remodeled to power different use cases in the enterprise perspective as well as the government institutions.

In light of the benefits of Blockchain, Malaysia is launching a new technology visa that aims to attract international talent in the Blockchain space to the country.

Malaysian Government Is Building Blockchain Powered Projects

The government intends to engage international Blockchain experts in building national Blockchain platforms. The sectors that are targeted include the food supply chain for tracking the origin of food, agriculture, and the energy sector.

The massive scale of these projects require a huge pool of Blockchain experts that Malaysia cannot fill and hence the need to find expatriates in the field of DLT.

The Announcement Was Made In The Tech Week Conference

The introduction of the new short-term visa program was announced in the recent Malaysia Tech Week conference.

Malaysia tech week conference

Norhizam Abdul Kadir, the Growth Ecosystem Development Vice-President of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) told the local media that although the visa program intends to attract freelancers in the many tech fields, the focus as at this point is to fill Blockchain jobs and the visa issuance will run concurrently with job openings in Blockchain projects.

NEM Foundation And Jobbatical Will Partner With The Government

The Malaysian government has partnered with Estonia-based jobs platform Jobbatical and the Singapore-based Blockchain outfit NEM Foundation to manage the short term visa program.

In the first case, Jobbatical will be tasked with linking talents to the Malaysian Blockchain market and also supplying technical human resources to DLT projects.

In the second case, the NEM Foundation will define the standards for hiring by defining the skills to ensure that only the best-talented people are granted the visa to work in Malaysia in the program.

Malaysia Has Been Lagging Behind In Training Blockchain Talent

The visa program highlights the need by countries to train their human resources in emerging technological skills such as Blockchain. Seri Ganesh Palaniapan, the SG Education Group Chairman and Founder, told Bernama that Malaysia has been lagging behind in training its manpower in readiness of Industry 4.0 revolution that is in the offing. Palaniapan further refers to Indonesia and Singapore that have introduced specific programs to train their workforce in readiness for the future.

Additionally, Palaniapan hopes that the new Blockchain professionals that will be brought in through the project will help to train Malaysians so that the country catches up with its neighbors.

International Mobility For Blockchain Talent Is On High Gear

Although other Southeast Asian countries do not have a visa program for Blockchain talent that is similar to Malaysia’s, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, have programs for International Blockchain talents such as Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS) of Hong Kong and Thai’s SMART visa.